Quick Drop Media - Ambassador & Partner Program

The following Ambassador program is designed to be mutually beneficial to both Quick Drop Media and our Ambassadors. Quick Drop Media is seeking Ambassadors to help grow brand awareness and the subscription base to our free gaming email newsletter, “Daily Drop.” We want the Daily Drop to be a recognized product in the industry and through word-of-mouth, we believe it can be with your help. The more people who know about our brand and newsletter, the more likely they are to sign-up.

We’ve heard from our Content Creator partners and community that the recognition that comes with belonging to a brand can be powerful in helping elevate your own personal brand. With this in mind, we want our Ambassadors to be able to leverage our Quick Drop Media brand by incorporating it in their “About me”, stream overlay (optional), and having a timer with a link to our website, where people can sign-up.

We will have a tiered system for Ambassadors and those that are continuing to go above and beyond are recognized and rewarded.

Tier 1: "Quick Drop Ambassador"
Tier 2: "Quick Drop Ambassador II"
Tier 3: "Quick Drop Partners"

Ambassador Program Rules and Requirements:

If you are accepted, the requirements are:

  • Sign-up for newsletter at https://quickdropmedia.com/newsletter/
  • In order to promote the newsletter we would hope our Ambassadors read it and provide occasional feedback to help us improve
  • Follow us and engage on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Join Discord where you will be provided Ambassador role
  • Add Quick Drop Media to a timed chat command (if you stream) with a description of our newsletter, Daily Drop, that we provide and a link to our website so your community can sign-up

In return our Ambassadors will receive:

  • Automatic entry into the referral rewards program
  • Automatic entry into the Quarterly Giveaway with 1 Quick Drop ticket
  • Access to Discord Ambassador channel and content channel where you can post your content
  • Quick Drop Media will monitor socials and retweet when applicable and potentially include spotlights on your content (e.g. clips) - must use #QuickDropMedia so we can filter to find the content

Tier 2 & Tier 3 (Invite Only)

These tiers are for those Ambassadors/Partners who continue to provide high quality content, introduce us to other high quality partners (streamers/gaming companies), and help grow our brand and subscription base to our Daily Drop newsletter. Those tiers will be provided with additional benefits for example: access to use our logo in “About me” or on stream as an overlay and can highlight that you are an Ambassador II / Partner, additional tickets for giveaways, higher likelihood of us featuring your content, etc. Other benefits will be discussed between the Ambassador II / Partner and the Quick Drop Media leadership team.

To become an Ambassador apply below:

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