We've Got No Clue... Jun 29, 2021

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However, we do have news on a game that's just like Clue! We've also got some news on Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Esports, so be sure to keep reading to ensure you don't miss a beat.

Today's Drop is a ~4 min read!


$9m Invested in Indian Streaming Service                                

Source: Krafton

With the rapid increase of the video game industry, there have been massive investments around the world. Asia has been the center of attention. If you follow recent events, companies pump more money in different aspects of the industry all the time.

‌‌Loco, the Indian startup video game streaming service, raised $9 million. The major entity who led this effort was Krafton. Krafton is a South Korean gaming company which helped push PUBG mobile in India. India has never had a big console or PC player-base, but the rise of mobile gaming helped create a player base of millions of people.  Data has shown that 100 million people per month play these games and Loco is looking to capitalize on this prospective audience. PUBG mobile was previously distributed by Tencent, another major tech company in Asia. However it was eventually banned, now that it is returning  after previously being one of the most popular games in the country.

‌‌Loco's viewer base has increased six times and the amount of streamers has increased by ten times in the last year. The company has recognized what has been successful in the video game market and decided to capitalize on it. This area of the world is growing at a faster rate than some might recognize. India is on their way to produce the best mobile eSports players.


Team One Beats Extra Salt To Qualify for ESL Pro League Season 14

Source: teamoneesports

Team One defeated Extra Salt in the final of the upper bracket, carrying a one map advantage into the Grand Finale. On the first map Team One won the first half with a score of 9:6, and despite Extra Salt clutching three wins, Team One managed to beat the opponent on the first card and win with a score of 2:0.

The second map was dominated by Extra Salt. They took a lead and did not give up bringing the series to 2:1. Team One was able to finish Extra Salt off through 16:8 win on the first map, with a final score of 3:1.

Source: HLTV


Clue Just Got A Makeover

Source: Steam

Since the Among Us boom back in the start of the pandemic, social deduction games have risen in popularity. People missed games where they needed to read into actions and emotions in order to win or survive. Konami, being the sensational game company that it is, has come up with a game similar to Clue that we're hyped about.

Crimesight is a game that relies on player deduction skills to understand who the killer and victim will be before the crime actually occurs. One player will always be named the killer, similar to Among Us, and the other players need to figure out who that player will kill in the game. Similar to Clue, the game will take place in an old, snowy mansion where players can explore rooms, find secret passages, and get clues as to who might be the murderer. The characters will then be able to have meeting sessions, similar to both games, and try and give an exact guess as to who may be the killer.

With these games getting more popular, we're wondering if this genre will continue to grow into something bigger. Games that don't require a lot of combat or any sort of fighting are normally a lot less popular than those that do, so this genre is already going to be at a loss there. However, if this game gets as popular as Among Us did, there's a solid chance games like these may be on the rise in the future. Check out their Steam page for more information on the game as well as steps on how to be a beta tester.


Xbox Cloud Gaming Now Available On Apple and Windows 10

Source: engadget.com

Microsoft adds its Xbox Cloud Gaming platform to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on both Apple iOS devices and Windows PCs via browsers. The service, also known as xCloud, used to only be for Android devices through an invite-only beta period. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can access the service through the Xbox website via www.xbox.com/play through any of their devices, including Apple and Windows.

Players will have access to a large selection of games straight from their browsers, though some of them may only be controller based or touch based. Xbox Cloud Gaming streams at 1080p up to 60 frames per second. Microsoft has stated that it's going to also try improving its cloud gaming with "custom Xbox series X hardware." The vice president of cloud gaming, Catherine Gluckstein, said that they hope for faster load times, improved frame rates, and an experience of a generation of gaming.

TGIT (Thank Goodness It's Tuesday). Have a great rest of your day, everyone!

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