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Daily Drops Jul 15, 2021

Have you ever convinced yourself you'd hate a genre, then you try it and end up loving it? That's a pretty common occurrence in gamers who find themselves stuck in a niche. However, getting out of that niche will always yield brand new addictive games that you never thought you'd like. Try puzzle games, virtual novels, RPG's, rhythm games, rogue-like games, or anything else you've never done!

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What Do You Meme?


Sony Patent Reveals Possible Tournament Integration

Source: Sony

There are many reasons companies obtain patents. Sometimes it is to reestablish old properties, other times it is to protect possible ideas that may come up. Usually, when a company sets up a patent it may not amount to much. However, this particular patent may provide us with some insight for the what Sony could be planning.

The patent is labeled "Online Tournament Integration". The object of this patent is to help gamers, developers, and third-party participants easily create tournaments. The program allows for either large-scale contests or small competitions with friends. This is intended to be built for a "gaming network platform" that has a tournament coordinator, team management, and an audience. All of this is to help Sony prepare a competitive Esports scene.

EVO is right around the corner. The Evolution Championship Series is one of the biggest fighting game tournaments of the year. This year it will be online starting on August 6th. In March of this year Sony purchased EVO. This was a massive buy for Sony showing their commitment to the the Esports industry. While patents may not mean much, this one shows that Sony is planning to continue to develop the tournament scene. It will be exciting to see what else Sony has in store for the future.


Team USA Wins Intel World Open - Americas Regional Finals

Source: ESLRocketLeague

USA's 'murica' beat Canada's 'jahzo' 3:0 in the grand-final of Intel World Open - Americas Regional Finals #RocketLeague. On the way to the final, the US lost only one map. Once in Group B, the US beat Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay with the same scores 3:0. In the first semi-final, the US confidently beat Mexico, winning twice with a score of 3: 1 and once 5:1.

In Winners' Finals, the US met with Canada. All three maps were played in an equal fight, the second ended in six-minute overtime altogether, but the US still managed to win the opponent's minimum three times and reach the final.

Canada managed to beat Brazil and reach the final to face the US again. To become champions, they had to beat their opponent twice in the best of 5 matches. They coped with half of the task, defeating the US with a score of 3:0 (2:1; 2:1; 2:1). But in the second match, the US simply destroyed the opponent, beating Canada on a dry sheet 3:0 (4:2; 1:0; 3:1).

The Intel World Open - Americas Regional Finals winners are:

1. USA - $22,000
2. Canada - $15,000
3. Brazil - $12,000
4. Mexico - $10,000
5-6. Argentina - $6,500
5-6. Chile - $6,500
7-8. Puerto Rico - $4,000
7-8. Uruguay - $4,000


Netflix Confirms Adding Video Games To Their Streaming Service


After months of speculation and vague posts, Netflix has finally confirmed their entry into the world of video games. The company has recruited a former EA and Facebook executive to take over the project itself. Mike Verdu, the recent VP of augmented and virtual reality content at Facebook, will be the new vice president of Netflix's game development team.

We all know Netflix was aching to get its start in the gaming community, and had first mentioned the potential idea for market growth and expansion at E3 2019 following its Stranger Things mobile game announcement. Since then, there have been bits and piece of both facts and speculation regarding the news, though that has all come to an end with this news.

The company is currently planning on offering games sometime within the next year or so, and will be listed along with the rest of the entertainment as video game streaming. It's also been noted that there are no plans for the game inclusions to cost extra, though that could change. Recall that Netflix never was a streaming service in the first place, and instead a service that would mail movies to your door.

While we're not sure what kind of games will be released, it is likely that they will follow in the footsteps of their choose-your-own adventure predecessors, Bandersnatch and You vs Wild.


Game By The Moonlight(er)

Source: Steam

For those of you unfamiliar with Moonlighter, it is a roguelike RPG where you take care of your shop and village during the day, and go dungeon-diving and solve mysteries at night. The game has similar elements to Rogue Heroes and Recettear. It is very entertaining and the first few days of play will likely have you hooked as you delve around your first dungeon floors and make your chump change from garbage you find in the dungeons. The mechanics are great and very simple to understand, and the game loop is something a lot of people can get behind.

However, it really lacks a lot.

The game is very, very repetitive. Progression is also very linear and it gets to a point where the merchant aspect of it is straightforward and somewhat boring. With a game that has an entire half of the game based on the merchant/village part, you would think the game would have more to it than just selling some stuff and saying the same things to villagers over and over again. For players to get invested there needs to be a lot more to the progression and lore than just getting into new dungeons. Enemies really don't have a lot of new aspects and the healing is so easy anyone could crush through floor after floor with ease.

That being said, the game does still have a lot to offer. While it is a game loop, there are many who enjoy the repetitive nature of games and just like the night and day 9 to 5 sort of gameplay. The art style is very charming and well done, and it's great for anyone just starting in the world of rogue-like games. Finding new items and upgrading your shop can be interesting for those interested in merchant games, and the dungeons are easy enough for those who like rogue-like games but are looking for something easier than Binding of Isaac or Into the Gungeon. Awesome learning curve and really well-made solid controls and animations. Every game hits different for every person, so keep that in mind when considering this one!

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