Get Out! Aug 3, 2021

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...and spend some time with friends! It's National Night Out Day, so be sure to celebrate it by having a night out with your friends, your family, or even just by yourself if you want some 'you' time. (Plus, nobody said a night out couldn't include gaming...)

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Take-Two Publicizes Its Stance on Harassment Policies


First, Ubisoft employees wrote their own letter of condemnation towards their company's executives. Now Take-Two is stepping up and addressing its own issues and policies with sexual harassment, diversity, and inclusion.

"Inclusion, diversity and common decency are of paramount importance to everyone here, and specifically highly important to me for the 14 years we've been around," stated CEO Strauss Zelnick. "I'll say it in as black and white a way as I can: We will not tolerate harassment or discrimination or bad behavior of any kind. We never have... We don't think fostering an appropriate environment is a single set of actions or represents one day in a news cycle. We think it's a constant process of introspection and improvement."

Take-Two, like most companies, has had its fair share of issues as well when it comes to inclusion and diversity. Employees reported a 'frat-like' culture in their work environments. However, the company has been slowly trying to remedy this with removals of some problematic executives and changes to some of their policies. As more companies step up, Activision Blizzard employees are becoming more and more confident in their stances, with people reporting far more incidents than they ever have before.


TSM Wins VALORANT Champions Tour: NA Stage 3 Challengers 2

Source: TSM

The TSM beat FaZe Clan in the grand final of VCT: NA Stage 3 Challengers 2 3:1. Despite the fact that the FaZe Clan lost in the first match, they were able to go through the entire lower bracket and reached the final. TSM, as favorites of the meeting, began to play actively from the first rounds. They were able to win the first half 8:4, but then, unexpectedly, the FaZe Clan was able to win a series of seven rounds in a row, and came out ahead in this match.

TSM got angry with themselves and wiped out their opponent on the next map, 13:6. The same result was repeated on the third map, TSM successfully destroyed the opponent and neutralized the spike. Such devastating defeats overwhelmed the FaZe Clan, and encouraged TSM. Those, in turn, lost even fewer rounds on the fourth map, winning it with a score of 13:2.

Match stats


The VCT: NA Stage 3 Challengers 2 winners are:

1. TSM - $20,000 + Challengers Playoffs
2. FaZe Clan - $10,000 + Challengers Playoffs
3. Lumonosity Gaming - $7,000 + Challengers Playoffs
4. Rise - $5,000 + Challengers Playoffs
5-6. T1 - $3,000
5-6. Gen.G Esports - $3,000
7-8. Version1 - $1,000
7-8. Pioneers - $1,000

VCT: NA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs will take place from 11th until 15th of August. The three best teams will secure spots in VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin.


Gamer Webtoons That'll Have You Hooked

Source: Webtoon

For those of you who've never heard of Webtoon, it's a mobile app where creators can make and release their own comic strips. Comics are normally released anywhere from once a month to 3-4 times a week. Plus, all of the comics are completely free to read. Here are a few gaming related comics that are perfect for anyone who loves reading and games combined!

  • The Gamer - In a world where what you love becomes your power, what sort of power do you think you'd have? For Jihan, it's the power to have life be a video game. He can instantly learn knowledge from books, go into alternate dungeons to fight bosses, and pick up tons of loot! As he continues to level up his strength and abilities, foes from all corners of the earth will try to get in his path.
  • The Strongest Florist - New World is a game where you can travel into the world and be whatever you want to be. For Althea, it's the perfect opportunity to rebel against his father's orders to be an MMA fighter, and become a florist! To do this, however, he'll need to learn the ins and outs of his gaming world. But is there more to this world than meets the eye?
  • Zero Game - Would you risk death if it meant an unimaginable reward? Follow Hanna as she tests this theory by diving into a game where you can restart your entire life. As she risks the loss of her life to avoid more pain and suffering, she learns that the events of her path may be more connected than the thought.
  • Tales of Greed - If you enjoyed the Netflix Series 'Black Mirror', this Webtoon may also pique your interested. See multiple shorts about technology and gaming, and watch as they have unholy effects on those who try to abuse them for their own gain.


Another Arcade Closes in Tokyo

John Andersen on Twitter: "SEGA Ikebukuro GiGO, before and after the  exterior redesign. Game center info:… "
Source: Sega

We are far removed from the peak of arcade gaming. With computer, console, and even mobile gaming easing access to online play, the arcade phenomenon has become a novelty. In the United States, you would most likely see them in bars (known as barcades) to add a fun addition. Arcades in Japan have been struggling for years, but there have been many of them that have become iconic with certain cities. Sega Ikebukuro Gigo was one of these arcade set to close in September.

28 years of arcade history is about to disappear. Built in July 1993, the Sega Ikebukuro Gigo arcade boasts 9 floors of merchandise, games, and treats for its visitors. The arcade became a popular place to test new arcade games in Japan. In recent years, there have been a huge tourist population that would visit and help generate revenue. Japan is currently banning tourists from visiting resulting in many popular spots struggling. On Twitter, Sega Ikebukuro Gigo announced their lease agreement has ended, and the building will be having renovations.

Arcades continue to struggle. The trend of seeing the fall of Arcades is not hard to see. Sega is one of the biggest names in the Arcade business. Last November, they sold 85% of their arcade business. On August 30, 2020, Sega also closed down Akihabara 2nd Arcade. 18,000 arcades were closed in Japan over the course of 30 years. While the pandemic did not start the end of arcades, it definitely did not help it.

Arcades is an antiquated way to play video games. Extremely simplified and basic, it is understandable why they are not a place people spend much of their time at arcades. It will always feel sad that an option to see one will disappear eventually. If you plan to visit Japan in your lifetime, the Sega Ikebukuro Gigo will be one less option for you to experience.

Until tomorrow! #SquadOut

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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