Adieu, August! Aug 31, 2021

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August is over! Hard to believe how fast that month flew. With summer coming to an end and school bells ringing for kids everywhere, we're excited to see what fall brings to the gaming world. If you don't want to miss any of it, be sure to stay tuned each morning!

Today's Drop is a ~5 min read!


China Regulates Gaming To 1 Hour If You're Under 18

Source: South China Morning Post

Starting now, young gamers in China under the age of 18 will have some extreme restrictions to their gaming habits. They can now only play for one hour on Fridays, holidays, or weekends, according to China's video game regulator. Not only that, but the National Press and Publication Administration has stated that gaming is only allowed between 8-9pm. Gaming companies have been told to restrict play for children anywhere outside of these very specific times.

These rules are actually a much harsher version of the earlier rule, in which children's gaming was limited to 90 minutes per day, with 3 hours on holidays. The reasoning for this? The government has cited the games as 'spiritual opium', and are looking to prevent childhood exposure because of that. This is something that is unheard of anywhere else, especially in places like Europe or the US. While the reasoning of trying to prevent gaming addiction in kids is sound, the extreme limitations may cause some sort of backfire that we can't even imagine.


Immortals Wins Community Gaming Premier Series Finale

Source: Immortals

Immortals won against Complexity 2:0 (16:14; 13:11) in the grand final of Community Gaming Premier Series Finale. Immortals lost in the first match in upper bracket, against YFP Gaming (1:2). All matches in lower bracket were bo1 and Immortals managed to sail through, taking 6 victories in a row against Pittsburgh Knights, Flickbaiters, Project A, SoaR, DIVIZE and Teal Seam.

Their opponent in the grand final was Complexity, who had won all matches in the upper bracket. Complexity took the first half on Haven, and leading 12:9, but allowed Immortals to close the gap. In overtime, Immortals turned out to be stronger, seizng the first map 16:14.

The second map mirrored the first. Immortals narrowly edged the first half 7:5, before Complexity managed to close the gap, and lead 10:7. Immortals won five rounds in a row to come out ahead 12:10. Complexity tried to close the gap, but their attempts were unsuccessful. Immortals won the second map 13:11, and ended the final 2:0.

Match stats


The Community Gaming Premier Series Finale winners are:

1. Immortals - $5000
2. Complexity - $2500
3. Teal Seam - $1500
4. DIVIZE - $600
5-6. SoaR - $100
5-6. Ghost Gaming - $100
7-8. Project A - $100
7-8. YFP Gaming - $100


August Release Highlights And Updates

Source: IGN

With August coming to a close, here are some updates and highlights from this month's game releases:

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Unfortunately, this game was pushed back again to September 21st due to some COVID-related issues. We're still looking forward to this game, and can't wait until its release next month.


The new Civilization-esque game did fairly well following its release. There was an generally positive response from the community as they began delving into the game and its nuances. Mixed reviews went from praising the game for adding another game like Civ to the mix, while others stated that it was a worse knockoff of the game instead. Overall, the mechanics and gameplay are fairly similar to Civ, though it seemed to be really pushing on 'being different' from Civ. Our suggestion? Let the developers work out some bugs and issues during its early release stages before grabbing a copy of this one.

Psychonauts 2

The sequel to its incredibly successful predecessor, this game did extremely well in its release. Players described the game as the perfect sequel, needing absolutely no fixes or changes whatsoever. Was it worth the wait? We definitely think so! The game stayed true to its roots while still incorporating plenty of new ideas and mechanics to keep players on their toes. Be sure to grab this one if you haven't yet!


Hearthstone's New Battlegrounds Update Lets You Live Just A Little Longer


Hearthstone Battlegrounds is back at it again with another update, and this time there are some major changes. Here's a quick synopsis of everything that'll be going down during the update:

Battlegrounds Specific Keyword:  Avenge - Does something after (x) friendly minions die.

  • The length of turns 3-9 are now 5 seconds longer than before. They have discussed possibly adjusting the length of the turns further in future updates.
  • Darkmoon Prizes will now be disabled.
  • All players’ Battlegrounds ratings will be reset completely for the start of the new season.
  • A damage cap of 15 damage has been added until the first player dies. Please note that the damage cap does not check for player deaths until the start of each Recruit Phase, meaning if someone concedes, disconnects, or dies during the Recruit Phase, the damage cap will still be present for that combat.
  • Players with Battlegrounds Perks are now more likely to be offered new Heroes during the two-week early access period that follows their initial announcement. In every lobby during the two-week early access period, the option to play with new Heroes will be distributed at random between players with Battlegrounds Perks. No player will be offered more than one new Hero.

Also added during the update are these fun new heroes:

Master Nguyen - Power of the Storm [Passive]: At the start of every turn, choose from 2 new Hero Powers.


Cariel Rome - Power of Convictions (upgrades with tavern tiers)

  • Conviction (Rank 1): Give a random friendly minion +1/+1. (Upgrades at Tavern Tier 3.)
  • Conviction (Rank 2): Give three random friendly minions +1/+1. (Upgrades at Tavern Tier 5.)
  • Conviction (Rank 3): Give five random friendly minions +1/+1.

Be sure to check out their website if you want to see the full list of upcoming minions, as well as who's getting the boot.

See you next month!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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