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The gaming industry would not be able to push forward without leadership. Senior developers, managers, CEO's, coaches, all of these people are what help drive the production of everything we enjoy today. If you're looking to get more into the gaming field, leadership is a must!

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Nintendo's Lance Barr Announces Retirement

Source: Gamesindustry 

There have been many iconic people who contributed to Nintendo's success such as Shigeru Miyamoto, Reggie Fils-Aimé, and Masahiro Sakurai. You may not recognize the name Lance Burr, but the work he has done at Nintendo was incredible.

Lance Burr has been working at Nintendo for 38 years. Burr started in 1982 part-time, and he was given a monumental task. Design the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Super Nintendo. At the time, western audiences mistrusted the video game market due to the crash, and the Famicon did not resonate in the west. Burr had the idea to base the NES off of a high-tech stereo with the intention to be more sleek and streamlined. It was him who developed the front-loading and top-loading mechanisms for the cartridges. Burr was able to create these two systems with a western audience in mind and realized the Super Famicon would not be successful. Burr continued to work on Nintendo hardware, such as the Wii console, remote, and nunchuck.

After all this time and contribution, Burr decided to retire and move on to other projects. He ended his time at Nintendo as the Design & Brand Director. Congratulations to his retirement, and the video game industry is better thanks to his work.


HEROIC Coach Issued 2-Year Ban By ESIC

Source: ESIC

ESIC, or the Esports Integrity Commission/Coalition, is in charge of ensuring that the field is fair and just with wins and teams. Recently, they issued a ban to Danish coach of the team HERIOC, Nicolai Peterson. The coach was found sharing the team's strategies with other opponents using a google drive. The current team was unable to access the documents themselves, but following extensive research it was found that Peterson was also in the process of a career change from HEROIC to the opponent team.

The team had recently put out a statement saying that they were no longer going to complete with the coach following his allegations, and due to 'severe trust issues'. Peterson also claims that ESIC has only been threatening him rather than hearing him out, though the evidence brought against him leads to the thought that he may just be trying to get sympathy from the public.  Commissioner Ian Smith had this to say regarding the matter:

"The sort of conduct punished here has to be unacceptable and would not be tolerated in traditional sport under any circumstances. Whilst I understand that, in the context of CS:GO, strategy and anti-strat are not the same thing, tactics used to counter a particular opponent based on their play style (anti-strategy) is undeniably a strategy in itself. Accordingly, I believe that what Mr. Petersen did was almost the equivalent of an NFL head coach providing his team’s general playbook to an opposing team before a game and there are no circumstances in which that can be justified.”

The coach is now on a two-year ban, and will not be allowed back into the field until August 24th, 2023.


Is Steam's Refund Time Too Long?

Source: Steam

Recently, horror developer Emika Games, creator of 'Summer of '58', was forced into an indefinite leave from game development in response to Steam's return policy. The game itself received a lot of very positive feedback on the website, but the game could be completed in about 90 minutes. What happens then is that players would buy it, complete the whole game, and return it immediately.

There are a lot of issues with this, the first of course being that the creator loses out on a lot of their revenue. It's more on the player than Steam for this, though, as players should have the consideration that games take a long time to develop and create, and not immediately return a game unless they really didn't like it. However, there is another issue at play. Some games need that much time before a player can really figure out whether or not they like the game. Couple this with the fact that some games just aren't meant to take that long to complete, and you have a bit of a mess on your hands. Some proposed ideas for solutions would include tracking game progression rather than time spent in game. This would allow players to experience enough of a longer game to know if they like it, while preventing the immediate return of a game due quick completion.

Yet another solution would be to just shorten the length of time that players have to return the game after playing it. The issue again here becomes the fact that players may not get to experience longer games enough, and get stuck with a game they really don't like. While it is still uncertain as to what the fix is, the best thing we can suggest is that if you really enjoy a game on Steam, do not return it. Keep it and let the developers have their much deserved revenue so that they can keep making more games for all.


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Have a wonderful weekend, Droppers!

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