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From gaming, many wonderful works of art and music have stemmed. Fans of games have made tons of stunning artwork, fantastic musical scores, spinoffs, animations, and more. Has a game ever inspired you to create a masterpiece?

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Former Ubisoft Exec Moves to Amazon To Head Competitive Mobile Game Development

Source: Amazon Games

Ubisoft Toronto's former head managing director, Alexandre Parizeau, recently moved to Amazon to work as their new lead developer for an upcoming new huge-budget massive multiplayer online game. Parizeau actually started out at the Ubisoft Montreal office back in 2005, where he worked to help produce Rainbow Six Vegas as well as Splinter Cell Conviction. Following that, the was moved over to Ubisoft Toronto as a senior producer instead, and began his work on the well-known final core game of the Splinter Cell Series, Splinter Cell Blacklist. Following his work there, he was promoted further to managing director at the same office in Toronto, and worked as a co-lead on Watch Dogs Legion, Far Cry 5, Far Cry 6, and Starlink. He was also working with the support studios in that Toronto office for Far Cry 4, Far Cry Primal, For Honor, Watch Dogs 2, and Assassin's Creed Unity.

Before the current Activision-Blizzard lawsuits, Ubisoft had its own sexual harassment allegations made in 2020. Parizeau was one of those who actually stated the suspension of two different Ubisoft employees as well as the firing of a third one in relation to those allegations. Parizeau reported that one of the fired developers was actually his co-founder for the studio that created Far Cry and Splinter Cell. He was one of many who had received the famed letters of allegations towards workers, and one of the few that did something about it.

With such an accomplished and well-respected developer leading their team, we're certain that whatever game coming out from Amazon will be pretty great.


G2 Surprises Sentinels In VALORANT Masters Berlin

Source: G2 Esports

Suddenly, G2 Esports easily took the victory 2:0 over Sentinels, who until this moment were unbeaten on the International scene of VALORANT. A couple of days ago, G2 Esports have already met with Sentinels, although they showed not bad game, Sentinels won against them 2:1. But in the second match between these teams, G2 Esports prepared better, and won.

As in the first match, G2 chose Icebox and won it again, but this time with even more confidence. In the first match, they beat Sentinels 13:8. The start of the match was brilliant for G2. Sentinels didn't correct the mistakes, for which they were punished. G2 won the first seven rounds, and then managed to end the first half 9:3. Sentinels could only be saved by a miracle that did not happen. G2 confidently won 4 rounds in defense, and took first map 13:3.

The second map was Split, where Sentinels defeated G2 13:6 in the first match. But unlike their rival, G2 corrected their mistakes and gave a brilliant game. G2 lead 5:1 in defense, but after timeout Sentinels were managed to adapt to opponent's defense, and close the gap to 5:4. In their favor, G2, after own timeout, were able to end the first half 8:4. But Sentinels once again confirmed the status as the favorite of the tournament, starting the second half with a score of 6:0. G2 didn't know what to do, but having come up with the right strategy, G2 managed to prevent a catastrophe and snatch a victory with a score of 13:11.


Pokémon Launches Official Illustration Contest

Source: Pokémon 

The Pokémon Card hype just continues as The Pokémon Company International (TPCI) announces a new contest. In the past, these contests have been exclusive to just Japan. This time anyone from the United States can participate as well.

The contest wants to see Pokémon in their natural environment. The illustrator chooses from 8 Pokémon - Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Charizard, Arcanine, Galarian Rapidash, Scizor, Greninja, or Cramorant. TPCI asks that the designers draw one of these Pokémon adventuring or enjoying daily life. The background has to be fully illustrated as well. Pokémon list the criteria which is based on interpretation, clarity, creativity, originality, and overall design. The prizes are also very enticing. The one grand prize winner will receive $5000 and the art will be made into a promo card.  There will also be two first runners-up. One from Japan and the United States. They will receive $3000 and their art will be made into a promo card. 2 second runners-up will receive $1000 and 15 judge awards will receive $500.

In total, there will be 3 promo cards made and 20 artist will get cash prizes. If you are interested you can check it out here. The application will official start on October 13th and will go all the way to January 31st.


Razer Creates 'Finger Sleeves' For Gaming


Don't you hate it when you're playing a game and suddenly your controller just falls out of your hands? Neither do we, because it's really not something that happens. However, Razer seems to think that it happens frequently enough that they needed to make 'Razer Finger Sleeves' to help prevent that utter catastrophe. The sleeves are supposed to 'enhance your grip' and allow you to play better, but we think they're just cut off fingers from a glove. They look a lot like thimbles and fit snugly on your thumb and index fingers on both hands, apparently allowing you to better work with the joystick and buttons. Supposedly.

Razer is a well-known and respectable gaming gear company and has some really high-end gaming chairs, headsets, mics, and the like. However, that doesn't stop them from trying to make anything and everything into something for gaming. In the earlier stages of the pandemic, they proposed a Bluetooth RBG face mask for gamers to hook up and wear during their streams (not that you would need a mask when you're alone in your room gaming...).

If you're truly interested in purchasing the finger sleeves, they are actually available for purchase already on Razer's website. However, we recommend you just grip your controller correctly rather than get finger grips that are ten dollars, no less.

Thanks for reading!

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