Feature Friday - Brofessor_Panda Feb 26, 2021

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Welcome to this week's Feature Friday!

We will be covering a top tier content creators, Brofessor_Panda

Get ready to laugh! We bet you will laugh within the first 30 seconds of being in Brofessor_Panda's stream. This is because of how funny he is or by his ridiculously contagious laugh. Panda was one of the Mixer Partners that came over to Twitch and continues to have success on his streaming journey!

As usual, we will give three words to describe this legend: Panda-pun (yes, we're counting this as one), Variety, Community.

  • Panda-Pun - Brofessor_Panda has mastered his Panda pun lingo. He is a Brotastic Brofessional that is one of the most Pandariffic human beings. Get ready to enjoy how flawlessly he pulls off these puns. We could all take a lesson or two from him on this.
  • Variety - Panda is a variety streamer meaning you can find him playing pretty much every game you can imagine - he even does Panda Karaoke!
  • Community - Panda's community, Panda Nation, is one of the best and most inviting communities. Much of this is because Brofessor_Panda preaches positivity, which leads to a positive community.

Check out Brofessor_Panda on Twitch!


Getting to know Brofessor_Panda

Source: Brofessor_Panda

1) Who is your favorite Streamer and why?

“There are so many wonderful BROFESSIONALS out there, I don't know if I could ever give it to a single individual! However, AshleyRoboto is someone that I always highly recommend. It warms my heart to see her continue to succeed, and she has proven that promoting positivity to others doesn't have to be done a certain way... it can be your way!”

2) Tell us a bit about your stream and community, Panda Nation

“The Panda Nation, at a high level:
-Strives to promote "Panda Positivity"
-Works to inspire others to Keep Moving Forward
-Celebrates diversity and inclusiveness of others
-Creates a fun, hype and safe environment for others!

I've been so humbled by the cubs that make up the nation, and what they do on a regular basis. The level of love, support and hype seen to each other, not just to myself, is incredible!”

3) You have been mentioned as one of the fastest growing streamers - what can you attribute this too?

“When I first started on Mixer, I had no idea what was in store for this journey. Within the first six months of streaming, we saw insane growth, Mixer Partnership, and saw ourselves engaging in community-wide events, such as Mxiety's Upliftathon and Leckakay's Mixer Soup for the Soul!

Though the move to Twitch has been a bit of a "reset" button, the continued growth and support from others is more than we deserve! I truly have no idea what to attribute it to, if I were to be honest. I'm just a goofy panda that doesn't know what the bamboo he's doing, LOL! However, I will say three core things I've adopted since we started:

  1. Regular stream updates to create a new experience for Panda Nation
  2. High engagement is very important to me; I like to put a heavy focus on ensuring that WE are experiencing the game or event together that is being streamed, not just myself
  3. Always be me; I always want those that join in the PANDAmonium know they are getting who I am through and through, not a persona that has been adopted”

4) What streaming equipment could you not live without?

Can I just put Elgato here? LOL! More specifically, two items that have improved my personal experience overall is my Stream Deck and Wave 3! Neither of these are "necessary," per say, but the quality of life improvement is above and beyond with the addition of these two items!

5) What are your top goals this year?

"I'm always hesitant to "solidify" growth goals, but I have a strong interest in pursuing Twitch Partnership this year! We have a long road to go... but I know it'll be filled with bamboo!"

Quick Drop Squad's Take: We have no doubt this partnership will happen!

6) What's your 1 ask to viewers or streaming community?

"To forgive yourself. It's easy to let anytime we fall hover over us and influence how we move forward. However... You're doing your bamboo best, and I'm damn proud of you for it! Acknowledge that you fell, brush off your panda paws, and keep moving forward!"

7) What are your top 5 Panda Puns?



Panda Games

Source: Brofessor_Panda

Brofessor_Panda is the definition of variety streamer. If you watch his stream, chances are he will try out a new game. If you have any suggestions he frequently allows the Panda Nation to pick which game he plays throughout the week including his open lobbies.

Recently we have seen him play: Detroit: Become Human, The Medium, Fortnite, Later Alligator, Stardew Valley, RocketLeague, Phasmaphobia, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope.... etc.... You get the point!

Scaredy Panda Sunday - We highly... HIGHLY recommend checking this out every Sunday. It is something else. Also, let's be honest... Who wouldn't want to be part of the Panda Nation Brofessional Ghost Hunting Society? All you need to do is sit back, get some popcorn, and enjoy these streams! And if you see him using his VR, get ready to LOL!


Panda Certified Streaming Equipment

Source: Brofessor_Panda Equipment, Cat - Mashed Potatoes aka Taters

As usual, we wanted to provide a look into Brofessor_Panda's equipment. What you will notice about his stream is not just the great set up and overlays that he has, but also his cats! He has 3 that frequently pop in stream - as you can see Mashed Potatoes aka Taters in the pic above!

Of course we had to include Edo & Bruce! Now, onto the equipment:

  1. Elgato Wave 3 Microphone
  2. Elgato Stream Deck
  3. Elgato EpocCam
  4. CyberPowerPC Gaming PC
  5. Logitech M570 Mouse

Brofessor_Panda is one of the most entertaining content creators on Twitch. Be sure to pop in and say hello during one of his streams. You can find his schedule on his Twitch channel here.

As always, if you have a content creator that you would like us to Feature in our Friday Daily Drop - shoot us a message on Twitter or Discord!

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