Clue Of The Burnt Tuba May 13, 2021

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We just know you're wondering what's up with the title. Well, quite frankly titles are hard to generate so we tried a title generator just for fun, and this is what it spat out. Some of the titles are actually pretty ridiculous, so try out the title generator here and make sure to tag us on Twitter with the funniest one you've found! @QuickDropMedia


Can We Turn The Stock Market Back To Green Mode Please?

Source: YahooFinance; This is not investment advice

Even without these stocks on your list, there's a pretty good chance a lot of your stocks were in the red yesterday. There was a pretty major drop in most sectors of the market, and gaming is seriously in the red. Unity was one of the few to make some gains, and even then they were next to nothing. Roblox lost a small bit after its major jump this week. Logitech also had a small dip, while Ubisoft lost over 11% today after reporting full year earnings yesterday. As a reminder, Ubisoft = Assassins' Creed + Rainbow Six + Watch Dogs + Far Cry + a bunch of other games! They mentioned that their operating profits may fall this year as they look to invest in free-to-play games. Let's hope today will be green.


Valve Announces Dates of The International 10

The most important tournament in the Dota 2 scene will take place in the Stockholm, Sweden. The Group Stage will take place from the 5th to the 8th of August. After a short two-day break, they will start the Main Event on August 10th. Subsequently, the International 10 finals will take place on August 15th, 2020. The prize pool of the tournament is $40,018,195, collected from the Battle Pass last year.

Source: Wykrhm Reddy

One region, one team. 18 teams will take part in The International 2020. Twelve teams will receive a direct invite following the results of the Dota Pro Circuit. Six more teams will advance to the main tournament of the year through qualifying rounds. Valve also said they will try to hold the tournament as safely as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that so far there is no information about the fans, whether they will be able to attend the tournament, and in what format. But in games like LoL, Riot Games managed to hold a tournament with spectators, even before the vaccination. In Sweden, one million cases have been confirmed since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, and with a population of 10 million, those numbers aren't great. We're hoping that after enough vaccinations, they will be able to safely hold an in-person format tournament of some sort.


Shockingly Mediocre

Source: Dark Day Interactive

How can you hate a free to play game? Well, to be fair we don't hate it. But the game in question, GASP, is just so weird and wonky for many reasons. From running into a wall in the middle of nowhere, to getting hit by rocks for thirty minutes, to running around and being unable to find an objective (but still somehow finding that invisible wall from before), the game really falls short. Granted, it's from a small developer and it is their first game, so for a first attempt it's not bad. However, it could use so, so much work and honestly just rather rough to even attempt. We give it a hard no. But, to the Dark Day Interactive team, take the feedback in stride and come back stronger with future updates.


Mario Galaxy vs. Mario Odyssey


Mario games are time tested classics.  The Mario franchise was one of the first to gain significant popularity in the gaming world, and even today Nintendo continues to release new and amazing games featuring the red-hatted plumber. Every fan has their favorite game, whether it's the nostalgia or because it's much more fun than the others. Today we're looking at two of the newer games, Mario Odyssey and Mario Galaxy. Obviously, Odyssey is newer than Galaxy and will therefore have improved controls, graphics, etc, but that's not what we're looking at today.

Story: Both of the games have very different story lines. Galaxy followed Princess Rosalina and her Lumas as they travel through space to prevent Bowser from destroying the universe. It twists the regular 'save Peach' story just enough to make it exciting while still sticking to its classic gameplay. Adding Rosalina allowed for a brand new branch of lore for players to explore and get to know and love. Odyssey also involved a new family of characters, the Broodals. The difference here is that these are a new set of enemies, whereas in Galaxy the new characters were helpful protagonists. The Broodals are sort of 'out there' in terms of their concept, since they're not related to Bowser, the Princesses, the Toads, etc. However, they do a good job matching with the gameplay of different hat powers, just as the Lumas match with the space theme of Galaxy.

Gameplay: This is where the games really start to differ. Galaxy's gameplay is centered around traveling through space and getting to different, individual levels. While they have an 'open world' aspect to them, each level has a very clear objective and direction, similar to Mario 64. Odyssey has an extremely open world structure, and players instead have to try and figure out how exactly to get moons on their own, rather than having a level to select. This is somewhat similar to the format of Mario Sunshine. The other difference is in Mario's powers. The powerups in Galaxy are short-lived and come from the traditional flowers or mushrooms, and the game also introduced a lot of new powers such as spring Mario. In Odyssey, the powers are gained by literally wearing different hats, allowing him to completely change his shape throughout the level.

The 'New Concept' Factor: Mario Galaxy gets a 6/10 for its newness. Adding the galaxy aspect along with the new character boosts its score, but it does still follow a lot of the same mechanics and level structures seen in previous games.

Mario Odyssey gets a 9/10, as it has a totally new concept and power mechanic, as well as a different style of obtaining moons. However, it does still follow the 'beat Bowser save Peach' storyline, and therefore falls a little flat on that end.

If you've made it this far, kudos to you!

Source: Black Rose

We'll catch you all tomorrow.

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