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When it comes to the gaming industry, it can be difficult to not reinvent the wheel. As soon as a service comes out with a new feature or app, other companies will jump to include that in their own service. Which gaming service do you think is the best, and why?

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GameStop Jumps Into The Tech Game

Source: NBC

GameStop has always been well known as a video game retailer, selling anything from games to consoles to merch. However, they no longer consider themselves a game retailer, and want to step into the technology category instead. They're hoping that they can one day be looped together with companies like Apple, Google, or Microsoft. In a statement that was hidden within its Q1 report, the company had this to say regarding its tech involvement:

"GameStop has two long-term goals: delighting customers and delivering value for stockholders. We are evolving from a video game retailer to a technology company that connects customers with games, entertainment and a wide assortment of products."

What are they doing in order to achieve this goal? Here are a few things stated by the company that they are currently working on:

  • "Increasing the size of our addressable market by growing our product catalog across consumer electronics, collectibles, toys, and other categories that represent natural extensions of our business.
  • Expanding fulfillment operations to improve speed of delivery and service to our customers.
  • Building a superior customer experience, including establishing a U.S.-based customer care operation.
  • Strengthening technology capabilities, including by investing in new systems, modernized e-commerce assets and an expanded, experienced talent base."

Whether or not they will actually succeed at this is up in the air. The company is still viewed by many as a 'meme' following the Reddit stock hype, and before that the company had been closing many, many stores nationwide. It may be in their best interests to try something new if they want to stay afloat, but with bigger companies like Microsoft and Amazon to go against, it's definitely uncertain as to how they'll ever top them.


Team Vitality shocks Gambit in quarterfinals of CS:GO ESL Pro League

Source: GambitEsports

Team Vitality won against Gambit Esports 2:0 in quarterfinals of ESL Pro League Season 14. Previously in playoffs, Team Vitality beat Complexity, but no one waited for Vitality's victory in their match against Gambit. Team Vitality had a confident start in the first half on Inferno, 5:0. But Gambit managed to adapt to opponent's attack, which helped them to minimize the gap to 7:8. Vitality adjusted to their opponent's attack and allowed Gambit only 4 rounds in the second half. Vitality takes Inferno 16:12.

The next map was Vertigo, where Gambit had 100% win rate before this match. Even with Gambit displaying their strong track record on Vertigo, it was clear that Vitality had prepared for them. Gambit had been leading the game for most of the game, but the 23rd round was the tipping point. Vitality managed to get to A plant,  and went there for several more rounds. Gambit decided to strengthen this plant, but at that moment Vitality decided to flip the script sending Gambit zigging when the should have zagged. Vitality takes Vertigo 16:14 and knock Gambit from the tournament.

Thanks to this victory, Vitality reached the semifinals, where they will meet with OG.


Amazon's Luna Aims To Compete with Microsoft and Google

Source: Amazon

On the note of competing companies, Amazon is also trying to make it on top with their game streaming service. While still in its early stages, Amazon's Luna is available for free through the website. If you're interested in getting full unlimited access to the service's 95+ games, you'll need to get the Luna+ version for $5.99 instead. Luna is meant to allow players to game on devices not normally known for gaming, such as lower-powered PC's and smartphones, as well as Apple devices. Unfortunately, it does have quite a few major competitors.

Google Stadia, though not very popular, does still exist. It is very similar to Amazon's Luna, but rather than get free games, you need to pay for each game that you want on the service. Then there's the issue of Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming, which gives players over 100+ games across multiple types of devices for a steal at $14.99 per month. With a massive player like that in the game, Amazon will really need to step its game up if it wants to make a dent in the streaming cloud world. Amazon has already struggled in the gaming world, and many are wondering if it even belongs there in the first place. Regardless, we're excited to see what Luna will have to offer in the future.


Sony Showcase Provides Insight on Future PS5 Games

Source: Sony

Last week Sony announced a new showcase to give updates from "PlayStation Studios and some of the industry’s most imaginative developers". Sony has acquired several studios recently, and we have not received much information on future games. They recently provided 40 minutes of gameplay and trailers for the new projects.

Remakes, Remasters, and Ports

  • Knights of the Old Republc Remake (KOTOR) - Originally developed by Bioware before Mass Effect, KOTOR is being remade by Aspyr. There is no set release date yet.
  • Grand Theft Auto V - Rockstar's 8 year old game continues to provide new content both on and offline. The PS5's version will be available March 2022.
  • A Thief's End and Lost Legacy Remastered - The more recent installment of the Uncharted franchise will have an upgrade version on he PS5 early 2022.

New Games to Look Forward

  • Project Eve- Led by South Korean developer, Shift Up, Paradise Eve is an upcoming hack and slash in a post-apocalyptic world. No release date is available yet.
  • Tchia- An open-world island adventure where the main character not only swims and clibs, but can explore the world through transporting into animals bodies. This is set to release in 2022.
  • Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 - The developers at Insomniac games are hard at work developing new games in the Marvel IP.

There were more information about games already announced such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Ghostwire Tokyo, and the highly anticipated God of War Ragnorak. A few games are coming up, but there are a ton of exciting games on the horizon.

You made it to the weekend, congratulations! Be sure to check out tomorrow's Spotlight Saturday, where we give you the details on an upcoming indie game, The Drifter.

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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