Twos to Tango Feb 22, 2021

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Happy Monday, Quick Droppers! Or should we say, two-sday. Cause it's 2/22, get it? No? Well we tried. It's a Monday, cut us some slack. With the new week unfolding, we hope you grab a nice breakfast and hang out with us as we discuss this week's hottest in gaming!

We're kicking off the last week of February with some awesome upcoming games and events, so stay tuned!


Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos

Source: Steam Games, Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos

Yeah, we all miss hanging out with our friends. Luckily, co-op gaming is here to help fill the void, and keep us all healthy, safe and connected! Coming out tomorrow on both Steam and the Switch, Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos (RH:RoT), is sure to bring fun nights of co-op gaming to your life.

RH: RoT boasts a modern take on the classic adventure game. Explore dungeons and forests with up to 4 players, and discover the ancient seal hidden away by goddesses that keep the Titans from enveloping the earth in chaos and terror. A grave evil is building up all around you, and it's up to you and your team to stop it!

With a rogue-like playstyle, hours of gameplay are sure to come as you reshape your party and try out something new with each playthrough. Think you can beat it alone? Do it! Want to just relax and play with 4 players? You can do that too! And for those of you who want to keep going, this game does not end when your character dies! You can also rise from the dead and work to upgrade and strengthen your team, and retry the foes that may have bested you that round.

Why'd you tell us this? Now we have to wait until tomorrow to play it. No worries, Quick Droppers. There's a free demo you can try out on Steam right now! That's right, if you want to see what the game is all about before you buy, you can head over to Steam right now and play!

Call it a classic art-style, or a modern pixel theme. Either way, the soft, clean art style will bring back the nostalgia of pixelated RPG's and platformers from back in the day. With an expansive world and dozens of dungeons, party matchups, and more, this game is sure to scratch your multiplayer itch!


Bargain LED Silent Mouse


Back at it again with a mouse bargain. This stunning wireless gaming mouse is only a modest $14. Sleek and light, it works with any laptop you have, and can be recharged easily for continuous use. We all want to look like we're living in 3031, and this mouse is the way to do it without breaking the bank. Its crisp, sharp design is reminiscent of a futuristic technology, and the LED lights amplify that to where you wonder how you were even seen without one before. Oh, and did we mention it comes in 7 different colors and has the option for a warranty? This is no Razor Naga Pro, but it gets the job done and is friendly on $$$.




An online showcase of creativity and diversity in gaming. With the world shifting online, gaming festivals have to adapt. Designers and professionals have to wonder how they're able to reach out to those interested in pursuing careers, as well as find ways to see the new and upcoming talents that are out there.

Staring today, they'll be hosting a 2 week long showcase of game design, development, panelists, and more! The entire event is completely remote, allowing users to safely enjoy all that Tinderbox has to offer.

Some of the events include:

  • Game Design Panels
  • Gaming Health and Wellbeing
  • Introduction to Bitsy
  • Gaming Research from Glasgow University
  • and many more!

The festival is also completely donation-run, so users can experience all that Tinderbox has to offer, and just contribute with they're able to! Check them out here for a full list of their awesome events, as well as a link to register!


Masslogger Malware

Source: StockPhotos

Be safe on the internet. Masslogger malware was discovered to be stealing and using users' information on platforms like Windows Outlook, as well as gaming platforms like Discord. The malware was said to originate in Russia or other places closer towards Europe, and uses massive amounts of files and data to obtain information from unsuspecting people. Their most common technique is to use phishing emails as a means of access, though security is still researching how they're doing so.

With more people on the internet than ever, threats of malware are starting to grow faster than ever before. We urge you to keep a close eye on your emails and communications, and stay safe!

That's all for today, folks. We look forward to droppin in your inbox tomorrow!

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