Livin' Life in the Fast Lane Feb 25, 2021

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Good morning Quick Droppers.

'Well Crisp my Lettuce and Bite my bacon!' We sure love Throwback Thursdays and we hope you do too. Today we are covering one of the Squad's favorite all time classics - Rumble Racing. Like the ridiculous quote above, this game was extremely entertaining and filled with ridiculous statements throughout. From performing an insane aerial stunt to oil spilling your opponents, this game had it all.

Join us as we dive into a blast from the past:


Rumble Racing

Source: Rumble Racing, EA

One of our favorite throwbacks - kicking it back to Rumble Racing, initially released in April of 2001. This iconic racing title was developed in part by Electronic Arts (EA) and Visceral Games, and was showcased on the PlayStation 2!

Years later, we are now realizing that this was a sequel to the original NASCAR Rumble on the original PlayStation. Long story short, after losing the NASCAR license, they had decided to continue the series – thankfully!

Rumble Racing featured 15 different tracks and 3 tiers per car (rookie, pro, Elite). Each tier would boost the cars visual appearance, as well as performance characteristics. In Rumble Racing, the cars are rates on three scales: Acceleration, Handling, and Stunt Ability. The game offered a wide variety of cars (up to 36) that each had their own unique characteristics that suited them best for certain tracks! The Squad's personal favorites have to be the Maelstrom and Blue Devil pictured below:

Source: Rumble Racing, "Maelstrom", EA
Source: Rumble Racing, "Blue Devil", EA

Aside from the awesome collection of vehicles that you unlock as you progress through the game, there were plenty of Cups to enter into - from Rookie all the way up elite. The game even featured a Stunt Cup focused on scoring the most points by completing the most complex stunts!

We'd be denying Rumble Racing its true glory if we didn't mention one of our favorite aspects of the game - Easter Eggs. One of the ways to unlock vehicles faster was by finding their easter eggs hidden throughout each of the tracks! Like all games, every player spends hours finding these - and due to the high number of vehicles in the game, it took quite a while!

While we miss Rumble Racing and bathe in the nostalgia, we have high hopes that one day, EA may re-ignite this series. We're still children at heart – bring back our favorites with a modern twist!


Wheels of the past

Source: Ebay, Logitech Driving Force

It is crazy to think that racing wheels haven't changed all that much. Even since 2001 and utilized in rumble racing, the logitech wheel, looks more or less the same. Besides looks though – we all know the technology since then has had its leaps and bounds.

Pictured above is the Logitech Driving Force Wheel for PS2. This product at the time was unique in that it started to dive into the world of force feedback – more or less in layman's terms today, vibrations and haptics! We know, this is a big generalization, but think about having this tech way back then and being so excited that your controller or steering wheel could vibrate or react to games? The sad truth is that in todays industry, all too often consumers actually disable these features. Rocket League – we're looking at you.

Take a moment to think back to your favorite racing games growing up – did Rumble Racing make your list along with the Need for Speed and Midnight Club series?


Rumors of a Rumble Release?

Source: EA

We're sad too, this is click bait --ish... After digging through the EA forums, we found out that we're not the only ones who want a modern release of Rumble Racing!  Whether it is a remaster of the game with today's graphic potential, or a whole new game completing the series, this title does not deserve to go to the grave with the PlayStation 2. As Synersterjak said it best on the forums, 'this game is way too good to let go to waste, it's beyond underrated and has a ton of untapped potential.' Jak, you've got that right!

EA, you could do SO much with this. Think about how large other racing titles are today. With new technology, amazing graphics, and an endless possibility of features that could be added to the game, this would fly off the shelves!

Too often we feel companies are focused on what is the next best thing. But the fact is, there are so many fantastic old titles, that were well ahead of their time, and definitely deserve revisiting. Rumble racing was truly an arcade classic designed for the PS2. The aspects of the game and the flow of the design truly laid the groundwork for a lot of the titles we see today. EA, don't let us down, keep this one going.

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