March already? Mar 1, 2021

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Hey there Quick Droppers! Here's to hoping your first day of March is off to a great start! With the new month underway, let's take a look at some upcoming new games, equipment, and events that are sure to make your month awesome!

Grab your daily dose of caffeine and take a look at some exciting new things happening soon! As the saying goes, 'April showers bring May flowers, but March is also a month.' Alright, maybe that's not quite the saying but in any case, welcome to the third month of 2021, we hope it'll be a great one for all you wonderful readers!

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New Indie game you can't miss!

Source: Kena: Bridge Of Spirits, PlayStation.Blog

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits looks great! If you're into an action-packed adventure filled with stories and lore, Kena might just be you're game. It's releasing this month, and is the first game to be released by the indie developers, Ember Lab.

The game has gorgeous graphics and a wide, vast world that we just can't wait to explore. Play as Kena, a young female explorer looking for answers and ways to make friends. It has all the stories and adventure, mixed with epic, fast-paced combat. It's the perfect game for quarantine, if you're looking to explore while still stuck inside. Wandering the forest may net you some cute, fuzzy friends and a mound of mysteries that are just waiting to be solved. If strange curses and the ability to completely transform your environment sounds amazing to you, we're sure you'll agree when we say that we're on the edge of our seats waiting for this game, and we think you'll be too!

Animation studio goes from story telling to adventure gaming! A passion project of Ember Labs, their first release was long awaited by the team. The small startup duo was once an animation and design studio. Their love of story-telling and world-building is what drove them to create what is now a beautifully done adventure game.


Need Intel?

Source: Intel

Intel Xe Graphics Card gets a 👍! It's a well known fact that gaming laptops are the best for high speed gaming and large, bulky programs that need to be run at max capacity. Unfortunately, not everyone has one of those fancy-and not to mention pricey-laptops. It's designed to enhance the performance of laptop graphics, with all new capabilities and and better performance that can all fit into a light, thin laptop.

Gamers no longer need to sacrifice our sleek, light laptops just to get a good visual during those all-night gaming sessions we have with that new game we just got (yes, we all do it). Unleashing your creative side will be that much faster as well, as the chip allows for higher resolution images and graphics with 20% more CPU performance. Essentially, what we have here is an awesome mix of better discrete graphics, unique software, and more all bundled into an 11th Gen processor that will give your laptop a major upgrade without having to compromise your size.


Interested in Game Development?

Source: GDC Masterclass

Focused, hands-on workshop on Game Development. Coming March 4th -5th 2021, the GDC Masterclass Program is a 2 day long Game Development program. The classes will range from shorter 2-hour sessions to longer 8-hour ones, as well as a course that will give the learner a professional certification! If you're into the world of game development and really looking to get your feet wet, come check out the courses and get the individual attention and help you need to create the next big game that may just end up in our newsletter one day!

The classes also feature other important areas of Game Dev. The program spends time on areas such as leadership development and game psychology, topics that you may not even have considered while developing your games. There are also more classic courses, such as how to merge your story building with gameplay and ranked game matchmaking systems.

Be sure to check out GDC for other courses as well throughout the year!


$GME is a Roller Coaster

Source: $GME, Google

$GME story continues as the stock surprised us once again. The now famous r/wallstreetbets was at their usual antics with every day investors, and the stock spiked during the week at ~$178 from its previous fluctuation around the $50 mark. Part of this can be attributed to Redditors and investors, but also the CFO, Jim Bell, was ousted in a disagreement over the companies strategy (reported by Bloomberg News).

So what happened!? As investors tried to continue to jump on the bandwagon, they were once again gunned down as trading was halted on brokerage platforms. To no surprise the stock continued to tumble through Friday down to ~$100.

This is not the end of $GME! We have a feeling this story will continue on throughout the year. The question is, will every day investors win or will Wall Street take the crown after Rainbow Road? Until then, we will enjoy the Hedge Fund memes!

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