Halo, so Hot right now! Mar 2, 2021

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Hey Quick Droppers, happy Tuesday! Grab a seat and hang out for a quick read of some of our favorites coming soon in gaming and tech! We hope the weather is getting warmer, and are already looking forward to spring! For the weather, of course. Not for the games, definitely not for the games...
For all you FPS fans out there, make sure to stay tuned, as we've got the scoop on the hottest new shooter that'll be here later this fall!


Halo Forever

Source: Steam Halo Infinite

We all know and love the Halo series. A classic in the world of first person shooters, this game is played by millions and loved for its action packed gameplay, multiplayer modes, and great graphics. With 10's of titles under its belt, such as Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo Wars 2, fans are always eager to see their next improvements in the upcoming titles. Well good news, you guys won't have to wait for much longer, as their new game, Hale: Infinite, is coming out this fall!

Halo: Infinite is gaining a lot of interest mainly due to its more 'open-world' concept shown in the previews, along with the mentions of an 'Upgrades' tab, which hasn't been seen in any of the games before it. Fans are speculating that this feature will allow players to have a sort of RPG-like experience in the sense that they can upgrade their character to different levels or statuses. The shot of a Drop shield and a new weapon, a grappling hook, are also draws that are getting fans like you and me excited for the game's release. Can fall get here any sooner?


Protect your eyes!

Source: J+S

Budget friendly eye protection! We've all heard the sayings from the media about how blue light is bad for you, and it's true. Some studies show that blue light can even contribute to digital eye strain and cataracts, as well as cause you to have sleeping issues. Bad news for gamers, as electronics and screens are one of the biggest sources of blue light exposure. Luckily, there are some pretty big-brained folks who've come up with a solution.

J+S Blue Light Gaming Glasses can block almost 90% of the stuff, protecting your eyes and letting you game with perfect vision for years to come. Plus, they're not expensive, so you get to protect your eyes and your wallet, it's a win-win! If you already wear glasses-don't fret! There are many options for glasses that will go over top of your current pair, giving you protection while not diminishing your vision.


Halo 5 Pro Series Tournament

Source: 343

The Halo 5 Pro Series Tournament is going on throughout early 2021! We know, you thought we were done with Halo, didn't you. Think again, folks. Gaming competitions can often be few and far between. That is, if you manage to qualify to play. Especially for newer players, many feel like their skills just aren't enough to even consider trying out. The Halo 5 Pro Series tournament offers an easy way for people from all across the globe to compete in double elimination tournaments. Both Xbox and PC players are able to join, making it less restrictive for those who don't have the game on one or the other.

Think you've really got skills in Halo 5? The winners of the different brackets can win prizes, with the championship prize being a whopping 10k. The competition is currently underway, nearing the end rounds that will determine which team is true champion material. Be sure to tune in and see who ends up winning the Halo 5 Pro Series tournament, and maybe even get some tips to improve your own gaming skills.  Check out the current roster, bracket, and event details here.


PS State of Play - meh

Source: playstation.blog

Underwhelming State of Play presentation. After the latest State of Play presentation, players who loved the PS4 and PS5 were less than impressed with its performance. There were certain elements of it that were exciting, such as the remake of Final Fantasy VII, most of the presentation was just meh. Fans were left wanting more from their company, and are hoping that the company's next presentation will have much more in store than this one. We can only hope...

That's all, folks! Thanks for reading, and we'll be back tomorrow for news you don't wanna miss!

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