Game Creators Unite! 🎮 Mar 3, 2021

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Happy hump day, Quick Droppers! We made it halfway through the week and that's something to celebrate on its own, at least it is in our book!

Speaking of celebrations, big shout out to our Partners at Glimesh for launching their Alpha yesterday! We are very excited about their platform and what we have in store for you all!  

Today we are going to change it up a bit and talk about game creation. This is different from our standard games, equipment, and events but it was the Quick Drop Squad responded! Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy our Daily Drop!


Want to build an RPG!?

Source: RPG

Wait wait are saying you want us to make games? That's right, Quick Droppers, you all are talented and where else are we going to get content, am I right? All jokes aside, we thought today rather than covering an existing game we would cover a game maker!

RPG Maker is a special breed of game. Mainly, it's a game where you create a game. It might sound like a lot of work, but it's noteworthy here because some amazing RPG's were made using this game maker. Don't believe us? Here's a quick list: To The Moon, Skyborne, Nepenthe, Omori, and OneShot! Who knows, maybe one day yours could be among this list, it's up to you to give it a try.

But making games is haaard. Not with RPG Maker! It's a newbie-friendly, easy to use tool that allows you to add and customize your world to your desire! Want to make an animal world where they just run around and talk to each other? Go for it! How about your own farming game? Yep! Perhaps you want to try your hand at an epic saga of wizards and witches and all the other magical items in the world? You can do it all with this and more!

Will it be worth it? To you it will, and to us it will. Individual creators are important to us, and they help drive the gaming community to its full potential. You may have a tough time getting your game to sell off the shelves so to speak, but that effort makes our community that much bigger, and gets you one step closer to your next breakthrough in gaming!


Game Maker Studio 2


Looking to create games? Game Maker Studio 2 is helpful! We know... just when you thought we were done talking about game creation. Game Maker Studio 2 is a must have piece of software equipment if you're looking to create some sick platformers and other 2d games! From beginning to end, this software will allow you to smoothly plan your game and get every detail perfect.

But Quick Drop, what if we already know how to code? GameMaker Studio 2 has thought of that, and includes a programming language for all you coding pros out there. So don't worry if click and pasting isn't really your style. GMS2 has you covered with a sick language that'll make any coder feel like a true pro.

Wait, hold on! What about those of us who don't even know where to start coding? Well, GMS2 has thought of that as well and has a great, easy to use drag and drop system that will make any kind of game you create a breeze for you  beginners. Remember, these programs are here to make you and anyone else interested in game creation more comfortable and confident with the process of designing a game. Planning your first game should be something that's enjoyable and fun, but beyond that, educational. Both GMS2 and RPG Maker are there to teach you the basics so further down the line, you can apply those basics and improve!


Games Career Week

Source: Syncfusion

Games Career Week is an event running from  March 3/26 to 4/2. During this career week there is game development exhibitions, conferences, and a day of free advice panels from experts! Not to mention a Women in Gaming seminar, awards, networking, and many more!

Whether you're looking to get a job right now in gaming, or just curious about the entire professional world of game design, this event will be great to get started! Check it all out here!


Elden Ring Trailer Rumors


Elden Ring is a game that Dark Souls fans are looking forward to, but Xbox has been pretty hesitant about releasing any sort of new content or info related to the game. It is rumored to be an action RPG, and fans have been speculating and there that its release will be in late 2021. If you search, it will show December 2021, but again no one truly knows as these things change...just look at our Daily Drop on New World.

However, recent developments may be available to view, as there was a trailer for the game that was recently leaked. It showed some low-quality footage depicting various aspects of gameplay along with combat. People are abuzz as to how the game trailer actually got leaked when the developers have been so secretive about it as of late. Regardless, everyone is excited to finally see a little more about the game after having no information since its first trailer in 2019.

Time for us to drop out! Before we do, don't forget to follow us on Twitter! Also, gear up for tomorrow's Throwback Thursday!

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