Food and Games! Mar 16, 2021

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Happy National Artichoke Heart Day! Ok, maybe that's not that cool of a holiday, but it's all we needed to inspire us to write about food and gaming! Cooking is super fun, but not everyone wants to risk a pot of burned pasta and Gordon Ramsay calling them a donut on TikTok. Luckily, cooking games are here to help you create food to your heart's desire while leaving your kitchen intact!

Grab a bite for breakfast (bonus points if you cooked it yourself) and hang out with us while we discuss some food frenzy fun!


Fortnite Team Kicked For Toxicity


Mind your words. Lately, nothing you post online is inconsequential. Anyone from friends to future employers can see what you post online, and Twitter is one of the most popular platforms that are searched when looking up individuals. Unfortunately for one team, their tweet proved to be one of the biggest mistakes they could have made. The three player team made up of the players Wrigley, Dictate, and Userz, was reportedly removed from the Champion Series and lost the chance for any prize money due to a very inappropriate and hostile tweet made by Wrigley. The tweet, which will not be repeated here, contained swear words and a hostile tone, and was aimed at the chief creative officer at Epic Games, Donald Mustard.

Codes of conduct must always be followed. Wrigley's behavior was absolutely uncalled for, and according to his other teammates, was a reaction to something that happened in the game he was upset about. However, regardless of the intentions or nature of the tweet, Wrigley still did not follow at least two of Fortnite's codes of conduct:

  • 8.1.1 - All players must conduct themselves in a way that is at all times consistent with (a) the Code of Conduct in this Section 8 (“Code of Conduct”) and (b) the general principles of personal integrity, honesty, and good sportsmanship.
  • 8.1.3 - Players shall not behave in a manner (a) which violates these Rules, (b) which is disruptive, unsafe or destructive, or (c) which is otherwise harmful to the enjoyment of the Game by other users as intended by Epic (as decided by Epic). In particular, players shall not engage in harassing or disrespectful conduct, use of abusive or offensive language, game sabotage, spamming, social engineering, scamming, or any unlawful activity (“Toxic Behavior”)

Toxicity will always remain. Unfortunately, toxic players like this will always be around. Gamers and game developers have always been looking for ways to get rid of toxic players, and last year Amazon had proposed attempting to have toxic players only be able to play against other toxic players and allow non-toxic players to peacefully play on their own, but unfortunately their first game had been cancelled by then and they did not implement the policy.



Source: Steam

Cooking chaos at its finest. Diner Dash style games have been around for a long time. They're the classic style of game that revolves around your skills in both time management and multitasking to keep your patrons happy and fed. The challenge of adding new ingredients and dishes while increasing the workload on the player makes for an attractive and addicting game that has everyone scrambling to be the best. Overcooked is of that same type of game, but it has its own twists and nuances that make it really stand out.

Multiplayer madness! First off, you can play this game with up to 4 others. Now, you might think that makes the game incredibly easy with all of those hands, but you are very wrong. Without the right coordination, having that many cooks can lead to some serious chaos in the kitchen. From others not knowing what their job is to getting stuck on the wrong side of the kitchen, the list of things that could go wrong are endless.

What do you mean, the wrong side of the kitchen? That's what makes Overcooked! special! The game features a variety of environments that mess with the players at all times. Some levels involve cooking while floating on a river, while others have you in a hot air balloon. Magical levels cause the tables to shift constantly, and if players aren't careful they could end up stuck in a spot until the tables turn again. Other obstacles like conveyor belts that only go one way, or fires that can spread, also make the gameplay interesting and fun. Cooking with your friends and family is something we all miss, but Overcooked! helps us bridge that gap. That is, until one of us burns all the pasta....


Eureka Gaming Bundle


Don't you hate it when you're gaming and your drink spills? How about when your gaming setup gets cluttered and messy because you have no organization?

Alright, we're going to stop with the infomercial bit. However, those problems are very real, and spilled food or clutter could result in tangled wires, broken equipment, and thousands in damage. Luckily, the Eureka Gaming Bundle helps gamers get rid of all that clutter. It comes with a table clamp cupholder, a table clamp headset rack, and a bag/phone holder that sits on your desk. It comes in multiple different colors and is a wallet-friendly way to get your gaming set up organized and free of the dangers of spilled drinks and tangled wires!


Gamers for Giving 2021


Everyone should be able to game. Gamers for Giving is a charity group that aims to make that happen. They raise money to provide gaming setups for kids in hospitals, as well as provide money for other gamer outreach programs. From March 20th-21st 2021, they'll be hosting a virtual gaming marathon to raise money for their cause.

If you'd like to help out more, you can start your own fundraising campaign to support them here! If you raise enough for one of their mobile gaming stations, they'll build and ship it to the hospital of your choice!

Thanks for reading today, Quick Droppers! We're looking forward to hump day so we can give you all some more news, and hope to see everyone tomorrow!

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