Relax and Unwind Mar 24, 2021

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How's 2021 treating you so far, Quick Droppers? We've been having a great time sending you all gaming news, and want to once again take the time to thank you for all your support! But let's face it, there are times where life gets tiring and you want nothing more than to chill out with a good, calm video game in a warm, soft snuggly chair... or maybe with a hefty drink. The choice is yours. We hope today's Daily Drop will give you the tools to make that wonderful scenario happen. Enjoy, and have a happy hump day.


ByteDance vs. Tencent

Source: TikTok

ByteDance, the owners of TikTok in China, decide to take on Tencent. For those of you who might not know, Tencent is the largest video games publisher in the World. But who doesn't love a little competition? In recent news, ByteDance has acquired the massive mobile gaming studio Moontoon. Currently, it's estimated that the mobile gaming industry has a market of roughly $90 billion. This is surely a move to re-position ByteDance and diversify their portfolio of companies, very similarly to their friends over at Tencent.

2021, the year of Mergers & Acquisitions in the gaming industry. ByteDance on Moontoon, and now the latest acquisition we've heard is Microsoft on Discord! Crazy times. The good news is this race of M&A in the gaming industry should lead to several power house companies with endless tools and workforce at their hands to deliver some pretty unbelievable games in the coming years. Cross your fingers on this one, because we've only scratched the surface of game development.


It's Trash Day!


This game will give you a whole new appreciation for not littering. We've covered some pretty fun and exciting adventure games recently, from the thrilling FPS action of Halo: Infinite to the rogue-like voyages in Sea of Thieves, but sometimes you just want to kick back and relax. For those of you who really enjoy the parts of the game where you forage and find treasure, or for those of you who want a game that isn't focused on the usual combat and stress-inducing thrills of time challenges, this game should really fit your niche. The premise of this game is making a living by picking up trash. Yep, that's about all there is to it! Check out Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor here.

Search for a way off the spaceport. You play as a light blue janitor character who's had a curse placed on them after exploring a dungeon while unarmed. You need to collect all the different ritual objects to remove it. Not to mention, you're trapped in the spaceport you're on, unless of course you want to try and find a way off. That may sound like an easy task, but we can assure you it takes a meticulous amount of searching, memory, and internal mind-mapping to do so.

Embrace the serenity of routine in a relaxing environment. The highlights of the game are that there is no single path you need to explore to complete your objective. For that matter, you don't even need to complete your objectives if you don't want to. Sometimes real life can get hectic and stressful, and you may feel like there is no stability in your life. Therein lies the actual beauty of this game, where gamers can fall into the routine they subconsciously crave after going through the trials of life. For even just a few moments, instead of a schedule where you have seven meetings after having to drop your kids off and then you have that thing next week you need to prepare for, you can just pick up your trash, grab a snack, look for new treasures, and go to bed. Rinse and repeat. Mix in the soft, soothing color tones, the varying weather, and the slow transitions from day to night, and you have a game that's sure to get your mind off of whatever's making it spin. So grab a copy of this hidden gem, clean up some trash, and just unwind.  


The Perfect Gaming Chair Doesn't Exi-


You deserve some luxury in your life. With all the bargains we like to show you all, you may wonder why we'd suddenly recommend a high-end item like this. Well gamers, the reason is that a gaming chair is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment you could own, and we want to make sure we give you our best recommendations. Comfort and increased circulation is key, and this chair has it all. Complete with massaging on both your back and neck, up to 135 degree reclining angle, and retractable foot rest, this chair is sure to cover all your relaxation needs and be well worth the purchase. Find it here.


AGDQ Overview


A look back at this spring's first All Games Done Quick(AGDQ) Tournament. All Games Done Quick(AGDQ) is a speedrunning game org that runs various speedrun competitions throughout the year, with plans for AGDQ Summer 2021 already underway. The tournament raised over $2.75 million for charity, and had some of the fastest speedruns ever seen on both old and new games.

Some of the best highlights from this spring's tournament included Halo 3 in 1:14:17, Cuphead in 32:06, Divinity II: Original Sin completed in just 26:34. If you're a fan of speedrun tournaments, you can check out the entirety of AGDQ's speedrun competitions here. For updates on their summer tournament, be sure to check them out on Twitter! We're on the edge of our seats waiting for the next tournament, and hope they have more details...done quick(pun very much intended).

Thanks for reading, Quick Droppers. We hope you have a great Wednesday.

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