Quick Drop Update & Esports Mar 29, 2021

Quick Drop Media

Ugh Monday, here we go again. While the Quick Drop Squad had the Sunday Scaries since Saturday night, we are still very excited about this week. We know, you're wondering why (drum roll)...


Update on the Daily Drop Newsletter

Quick Drop Media, LLC

Today is a big day for the Quick Drop Squad. After 2+ months of work on the tech side, today marks the first day our mailing distribution service is brought mostly in-house.

Why does this matter to you? This will allow us to be more flexible and provide Quick Droppers with the ability to tailor components of our Daily Drop to meet their interests. We have tons of plans, but we are going to slowly roll these out over time. In the near future, you will see us introduce a new type of content structure based on all of the feedback we've received from you all. In addition, we have some exciting new ideas on the horizon such as a referral program! As always, please continue to share feedback and any ideas you may have with us on Twitter. And yes, we will hold up our end of rewarding those who help us grow and provide feedback to make the Daily Drop better.

We want to thank you for joining us as the early adopters and are thrilled about what we will do together to make the Daily Drop the worlds best daily gaming newsletter. We are only getting started. #WorldDomination


FIFA Fever!

Source: goal.com

That's right, gamers know all about sports. Our favorite sport is sportsball, where you toss the ball into the field hockey goal and score a 3 pointer touchdown off the rim. However, Esports soccer is definitely a close second. FIFA has been releasing new and updated games every year for almost 3 decades.  With the evolution of consoles and systems, the FIFA games have amazingly been able to adapt almost every season to fit the new controllers, gaming consoles, and of course, the new teams and players featured in the game. That's really one of the reasons that FIFA games, and most sports games in general, stay so relevant and continue to excite fans with their release.

What's new in FIFA 21? One of the things we're most excited about is the dynamic attacking system that was added into the game. It creates a multitude of new opportunities for players to score and develop strategies that were previously unavailable. The career manager mode in the game lets players have a much larger amount of control over their teams and plays by using more in-depth customization of matches, transfers, and training. There are many, many more awesome upgrades and features that FIFA 21 added in store for players, and you can check them out here!


Special Edition? Yes please!

Source: xbox.com

Let's admit it, custom special edition stuff is cool. It allows you to feel like you now have a piece of history in your hands. We couldn't agree more, and that's why we're sharing this sick Wireless Xbox Controller in the special Red Sports Edition. It has an incredibly sleek design and brilliant crimson red that'll put any bland black or white controller to shame. The subtle diamond hexagonal pattern on the handles helps them scream sports without using cheesy images of sports equipment or flags of teams. If you're a sports game fan and are planning to spurge on a new wireless controller, consider this one to really make you feel like not just a pro gamer, but a pro sports gamer!


Go Global

Source: ea.com

An exciting global tournament that will show who's the best of the best. The FIFA 21 Global Series tournament is a worldwide, bracket-style tournament that started earlier this year. The series consists of 5 qualifier rounds for each of the 6 participating world regions. Once the qualifiers are completed, the teams will move to a playoff round, where they will see who becomes regional champion.

It's currently still ongoing, with the next North American match occurring from 4/10-4/11. From Germany to Madrid, EA has done its best to make sure that they covered as much of the globe as possible. We're super excited to see who comes out on top, and if you're interested in more information including participating teams and tournament schedules, you can check out their website here!

Again, thank you for joining us and get excited about our new content rolling out over the next few weeks. Please continue to provide feedback! Droppin out.

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