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Daily Drops Apr 5, 2021

It's the first Monday of April. Only three more to go, time sure does fly when you're gaming, doesn't it? Well, maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves but you can't blame a newsletter for not liking Mondays. In any case, we hope today's Daily Drop will help you all get rid of your Monday moping, so read on!


COD Sniper Attachment Discovered to be OP


A new attachment combination in Call of Duty has been discovered to make certain sniper rifles absolutely overpowered. The very popular JGOD is an avid COD: Warzone player. Through a lot of testing and gameplay, he determined that equipping the attachment Serpent Wrap on either the LW3 Tundra or the Pelington 703 gives the weapons the ability to be aimed ridiculously fast. Some players are even saying that the new combination could completely dethrone the Kar98 sniper rifle as one of the best options for the class.

Players are curious to see if the new combination will completely skew the meta once the major player base has had word of its existence. With past weapons like the DMR14 and the MAC-10 basically breaking the game back in season 1, this new pair may prove a challenge for all players to adjust to.


Go Go Genshin Flow


A whole world in the palm of your hands. And no, we aren't talking about the internet. Genshin Impact is an open world RPG game created by the wonderful minds at miHoYo studios. The game has both PS4 and mobile versions, and both are equally stunning. The RPG has become a total game changer for RPG developers, mainly due to the massive world that players can explore. There are multiple areas to explore, including two different entire cities and a brand new area that was added just a few months ago. The game is also completely free to play, though it does have in-game purchases for different items and characters.

What's new? The biggest draw to the game is the amount of content players get in a free game. There are multiple main quests, level-up quests, daily side quests that change each day, bosses to beat, and of course a multiplayer mode. Unlike a lot of other RPG's, the game's mobile format allows for updates and new content additions, such as new weapons, events, and characters. Their most recent update was their Windblume Festival event, which brought back an NPC from earlier in the game, and had multiple fun, limited time events that players could enjoy.

The 1.5 update's leaks just keep on coming. Of all the many various leaks and rumors, the one we're most excited about is the new housing feature that might be coming to the game. Players who've had the game for a while know that there isn't really any sort of personal area or space for them anywhere in the world, but that might just be changing in the new update. With other leaks like new bosses, new artifact circles and a potential new artifact domain, there's definitely going to be a lot to unpack with this update as the publishers continue giving out more details. However, they urge their fans to not be too disappointed if some of these leaks don't end up in the patch, as details and ideas are always subject to change.


Touch Screen Controls are So Last Year


Not all mobile games are created equally. A lot of mobile gaming usually depends on touch screen controls that are somehow both too sensitive and not sensitive enough at the same time. Most gamers can get very frustrated with the way that mobile gaming controls work, and often times playing on mobile sacrifices things like accuracy, speed, etc. Well, it just so happens that there are controllers built for the specific purpose of connecting to your mobile device. The Mocoe Mobile Game Controller pictured here is a really well-made controller that allows mobile game players to use the familiar button-joystick controls that you would see on any Xbox or Playstation controller. It will not only improve your gameplay, but release the awkward strain in your hands from holding your flat phone for hours on end. If you're interested in purchasing one, check it out on Amazon here.


Call of Duty League Stage 2 Major Bracket


The COD League 2021 Season is hitting the end of stage II. The COD League tournaments are bracket-style eliminations played by the best of the best. This year they have their entire season online due to social distancing, which allows a much larger crowd to be able to view the competition. Their current matches are streamed live using YouTube Gaming, and are also then recorded and posted onto their YouTube channel, found here. The COD League website also features bracket updates and match calls that give users the chance to win some awesome prizes.

Who are the current frontrunners from Stage I? Based on their scores taken from all Stage I matches, the current top two are the Atlanta Faze and the Florida Mutineers. Other teams to keep an eye on are Optic Chicago and the LA Thieves, both of whom have had varied results in Stage I so far. Of course, you cannot forget about our favorite Dallas Empire! Stage II Major is just finishing up today, so be sure that you check out their YouTube channel to get all caught up before Stage 3, which begins later this month!

We hope today's Daily Drop made your Monday just a little better. If you're a big Genshin fan, be sure you @ us with your favorite character, and what you're most excited for in the 1.5 patch coming soon. Have a great rest of your Monday!


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