A Platformer's Paradise Apr 6, 2021

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Morning, Quick Droppers! We've been enjoying the onset of spring as April begins to kick into full gear. Make sure to take some time to appreciate the fresh air and blooming flowers all around you (no, not the ones in the game).


Fortnite Leaks: Craftable Bows Updates

Source: progameguides.com

Some new bows may be available to craft in Fortnite Season 6. Season 6 was a huge update on its own, with new points of interest, skins, tamable animals, and more. However, one of the biggest things players were excited for was the new crafting feature added to the game. Since its release, Season 6 has seen so many newly discovered recipes that gave players bigger and better weapons and items, and we believe that players are just getting starting with their crafting creativity. A new leak recently showed new crafting recipes for bows, such as the recipe for a Fire Bow using a Primal Bow and a Spicy Pepper or Spicy Fish. As always with leaks, be sure to take them with a grain of salt. These leaks may or may not come to pass in the weeks to come, but we're sure hoping that this one ends up in the game!


Ori You Ready?

Source: oriandtheblindforest.fandom.com

A game for those looking to step into the world of indie platformers. We all know the classic platformers like the back of our hands. Super Mario Brothers, the OG Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong, Prince of Persia, etc. People are often times wary about trying out indie platformers, with the worry that they'll be too complicated or have a storyline and characters with which they aren't familiar. However, we think we have just the game for those of you looking to get your feet wet: Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

The long-awaited sequel of its award-winning predecessor. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is an artistic, musical masterpiece that followed the previous game, Ori and the Blind Forest. The little white spirit, Ori, is a strong-willed, determined, loyal character that players will just fall in love with. His devotion to finding his true destiny is an admirable characteristic beautifully illustrated in this series, and especially in the second game. The game's art is absolutely stunning, and when coupled with the fully-orchestrated musical score, it creates a mind-blowingly immersive environment that is unmatched. It speaks for itself in the multiple awards won for Best Xbox Game, Best Art Direction, and Best Musical score by GameXplain, Shack News, the Golden Joystick Awards, and more. The game is available on both Xbox and Steam, and will be a great first or new addition to your gaming library.


The Xbox Edge Chromium Browser's First Look

Source: browserstack.com

New to the Xbox is the addition of a Microsoft Edge browser that will soon be able to run on the console itself. The developers at Microsoft have given us the first look at the new browser as it will appear on the Xbox. Right off the bat, the browser looks almost identical to how it looks on any regular laptop. What is notably missing is an extension feature, because currently if someone would try and add a Chrome or Edge extension, it would reportedly fail. The testing has also shown that Google Stadia works extremely well on the Xbox, and streaming directly through Discord is going to soon be nothing more than a few clicks away. All in all, the Edge browser update works a lot better than the current setups that streamers have to work with, and we hope that it will be a major improvement to the gaming world once it's fully implemented onto the consoles. Check out a video of it here!


Is The Game No Longer Among Our Favorites?

Source: bbc.com

The surprise hit took the pandemic-filled world by storm in 2020. The game was perfect for those stuck in their homes with nothing to do but miss their loved ones. It allowed for a lot of fun, communication, and connection between its users and ended up being one of the most downloaded games that year, surpassing even the most popular games like Roblox. However, as we moved in to 2021, there seemed to be a decline in the game's popularity. People no longer wanted to get together for round after round of play.

So what caused the drop in activity? There is no clear answer to this, just like with anything that loses popularity. However, there are a lot of factors that may have contributed to its sudden decline.

  1. First, since the game released there haven't been a lot of updates. Only recently did the game finally get the update with the new airship map, which has been long awaited since last December. The lack of new content and updates are definitely something that could have contributed to the decline as players grew bored of the same 3 maps over and over again.
  2. There is only one mode to the game. One of the biggest issues in the game is that there's only one way to play it. Players have come up with their own games, such as the 'hide and seek' version where the imposter is known, speed is fully increased, and players run around in almost complete pitch black trying not to get 'tagged'. However, having just one way to play the game really tires it out after just a few run-throughs.
  3. Since its sudden boom in popularity, hacking in the game is at an all time high. Unfortunately, the amount of hacking that has been going on in the game has become unbearable for a lot of its players, causing them to completely give up on trying to play with random members. However, not all of us have the amount of time and people to coordinate private games, so public is our only option. Until the rampant hacking is fixed, the decline in popularity will most likely stick around.

This list is not exhaustive, and is merely speculation as to the sudden decline. Why do you think the game has seen a sudden dip? Tell us in our Discord server, or tweet it to us!

We hope you had an awesome Tuesday, thanks so much for reading :)

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