Games of the Gods Apr 7, 2021

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It's World Health Day! Be sure to take some time today to check up on yourself, both physically and mentally. Go schedule that doctor's appointment you keep putting off. Check on your planner, see what's in your fridge, and maybe even go for a walk. A healthy gamer is a happy gamer, as the experts say(probably...).


Pokemon Go! Spring into Spring


We're ready to catch them all! The Pokemon Go! Spring into Spring event is going on until April 8th, and we're racing against the clock to complete it. Gamers can recognize event Pokemon by searching for those wearing event-specific spring flower crowns. The new event features challenges and quests, as well as the release of a Mega Lopunny. Fans can also purchase game stickers and other event items, as well as get exclusives from finishing the objectives.

How do we participate in the event?

Catch the 10 (sort of) spring related Pokemon:

Eggcute, Shadow Eggcute, Buneary, Bunnelby, Plulse, Minun, Flower Crown Pikachu, Diggersby, Azumarill, and Flower Crown Chansey. This may seem like a small list, but it won't be easy to collect them all!

Tips for players struggling to catch all their Pokemon:

  1. Try using incense in order to lure Pokemon towards you in a quiet area.
  2. Keep an eye out for invaded Team Rocket balloons or PokeStop balloons. There may be some Shadow Eggcute hiding around them.
  3. Plulse and Minun can be better attracted with a Magnetic Lure Module. Attach it if you're having issues
  4. Keep trying. It takes time and patience for even the best Pokemon Go!-ers to catch all their Pokemon.

If any of you complete the challenge, show off your winnings on our Discord, or by pinging us on Twitter: @QuickDropMedia


Journey to the Underworld


A mythical masterpiece. Hades fast became one of the most popular games of 2020. It's a unique eye-catching mix of an RPG, roguelike, and hack-and-slash combat. The game features an interesting isometric viewpoint, similar to the one found in League of Legends. The player controls the son of Hades, who goes through various dungeon-like rooms that are randomly generated from predetermined layouts. The gameplay allows you to build your character stronger as you make your way through the narrative story, but with any roguelike game, once you die, you return back to your original starting point and do lose most of your buffs.

Why is Hades so special? Some may look at it as just another random fighting RPG, but the real reason Hades became so successful in 2020 was due to the fact that it was able to tie elements of multiple different game styles all into one fantastic piece that can be challenged over and over again in order to further excel in each run-through. Some RPG's lack content, or have an awkward fighting system, while others may force you to do significant amounts of grinding. Roguelike games often times can lack any sort of real direction or story, causing the gameplay to be slightly bland and less immersive. Hades is one of those rare complete packages that really does the genres of RPG and roguelike games both justice at the same time. If you're someone who wants a little bit of everything in your games, Hades may be a good pick to add to your list.


A New Monitor's Resolution


When it comes to gaming, resolution and graphics are essential. Pro gamers often have some absolutely epic setups, such as the ones set by SweatyPug and Asiika. Some of you may think these are a bit extreme and unnecessary, but when you think about awesome gaming experience, one of the first things that probably come to mind are the high-res, crystal clear images that are immersing you in your game. That kind of experience can't be replaced by any old monitor you probably have sitting around in your basement from ten years ago. However, we do realize that equipment like this can be pricey, so we've picked out a steal that would be a great addition to your gaming setup without subtracting too much from your wallet. The Spectre 24" HDMI 1080P monitor is a highly rated, decently sized gaming monitor with a solid resolution for its price point. It's a great starter piece for anyone who's just starting out with their gaming setup. Check it out here.

For the FPS or high-motion gamer out there, this might not be for you. Take into account that the monitor only features a 75Hz refresh rate. Great for most games, but not ideal for the competitive FPS world or games like Rocket League.


LoL Teamfight Tactics: Fates Championship


Teamfight Tactics is a separate mode in the League of Legends gameplay. Starting today, and going up until the 9th, viewers can watch the world championship for Teamfight Tactics online, and see who will outsmart them all in the battle for some serious monetary prizes. The championship will contain 24 competitors, and have an interesting new Swiss format, where each day will narrow down that number until the best player is found and crowned the TFT Champion for 2021. The championship will have competitors from all across the globe, with most of the competitors being regional winners who qualified for the championship. Check out the preview of the game, including more details and some of the competitors here.

Thanks for reading today. Be sure to remember World Health Day and take some time to look at your health and well being. Tag us on Twitter or post in our Discord with a new healthy choice you made today!

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