Are we there yet? Feb 8, 2021

Quick Drop Media

Happy national kite flying day! We hope you all go outside and... Who are we kidding? We'll be inside playing games.

Today marks the second week of the Daily Drop. We truly hope you enjoyed the first week. In fact, we would appreciate it if you could please share some feedback with us either messaging us in our Discord channel or on Twitter. ūüôĆ


A whole New World

Source: Explosivo Studio, Disney Aladdin, Amazon Games New World

Video game delays can be quite frustrating. You could compare them to a kid asking "are we there yet" 20 times over, and over, and over. All you want is to just get to the destination. When Covid-19 hit in 2020, the Quick Drop Squad started looking for new games to play. Near the top of our list was Amazon's long-awaited massively multiplayer online game (MMO), New World. This game was set to release in May of 2020. Unfortunately, it was pushed back to August 2020.

Fast forward to today, and we still have no New World as it was delayed again until Spring of this year. Amazon claims the delay is to give them time to incorporate more features and late-game content based on the feedback from alpha testers. Skeptics, aka us, would say it is more likely due to the fact that their shooter title Crucible had a rough launch and they want to get this right. We can't blame them, but we are definitely eager to play this game.

New World is an open-world that takes place on an island, Aeternum (fun fact Aeternum means forever). The island is believed to be embedded with magical minerals which can lead to power, and also corruption. What we are most excited about is the PvP approach to forming companies (max of 50 players), to take over territories within the three factions. Whether you love PvP, or just want to grind this game on your own, it will offer everything from fighting creatures, timeless leveling, or crafting new items. The world is yours, or ours - to be determined. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that this game comes out before 2022!


Less is not always more

Source: Razer - Naga Pro

In our opinion, the best mouse is the Razer Naga Pro. In order to play like a pro in an MMO, we recommend purchasing a mouse with additional programmable buttons. Yes, in this case, more is more! The Razer Naga Pro, despite it's hefty price ($150), offers a significant level of customization and impressive features:

  1. 3 swappable side plates (12 button for MMO, 6 for battle royale, 2  for FPS)
  2. Up to 20 programmable buttons
  3. HyperSpeed wireless technology
  4. 150 hrs of battery life (BT), 100 hrs (HyperSpeed wireless)

For those that are wondering what HyperSpeed wireless technology is... This is Razer's wireless technology that they created to meet the demands of competitive gaming. Razer claims it is 25% faster than any other wireless gaming technology, which is meaningful for professionals and for those pretending to be professional gamers (ahem - Quick Drop Squad). One would think this faster speed drains your battery quicker, but actually they've built it to last longer. #MicDrop


Charity Stream!

Source: Macmillan Cancer Support

Big Cheese TV 24 hour Gaming Heroes Charity Stream!

Charity:  Macmillan Cancer Support is a UK  cancer research charity that focuses on offering patients emotional, physical and financial support the minute they are diagnosed.

Time: Tomorrow, Feb 9th @ 12:00am EST ūüĎČ YouTube!


ūüĎć for gamers, meh for EA

Source: Electronic Arts Inc.

Electronic Arts Inc, ($EA) released its earnings report Feb 2nd. While gamers are excited about the new games, the strong earnings report results did not meet some of Wall Street's high expectations.

Games - EA looks to continue expanding through their "expansion plans for EA SPORTS, strong catalogue of owned IP, leading live services, and ability to span every platform, we are growing to reach an even larger audience" per CEO Andrew Wilson. During the last quarter in 2020, they launched four games: FIFA 21, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, and NHL 21. Two games, FIFA 21 &  Madden NFL 21, were launched on next-gen consoles.

Quick Drop Squad's Take: We are still upset about NHL 21 as we hoped it would be materially different and introduce new concepts over NHL 20. We should have known better...

EA SPORTS franchise have engaged more than 230 million people over the past fiscal year. They've seen success in FIFA Ultimate Team (6m daily active players in Dec), Apex Legends (30%  growth in new players vs last year), and The Sims 4 (33m players). Looking forward, both EA and gamers are excited for the return of NCAA Football and their focus on a new generation of Battlefield games.

Stonks - EA stock fell -5.5% the day after earnings. Despite the company raising its fiscal year financial outlook and the positive take on their top games, it didn't meet investor expectations. Leading up to this earnings report, EA's stock had a strong two months being up 14.6% vs 4.2% for the  market (S&P 500). Given the rally in their stock, investors seemed to have higher expectations on their results. With that said, it should not be overlooked that they did post strong results: Net bookings (amount of products or services sold digitally/physically) were ~$6 Billion over TTM (trailing twelve months). This is up 8% YoY (year-over-year). Unfortunately, investors were not pleased and the stock fell... Sometimes that is the way the cookie crumbles with the market!

EA closing deal with Codemasters. On another positive note, EA's deal to acquire Codemasters, UK based game developer and publisher, should close by the end of March. If you recall this was the company that EA outbid Take-Two Interactive Software to acquire. Time will tell how this shakes out.

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