Feature Friday - DeDuke Apr 16, 2021

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Welcome to this week's Feature Friday!

We will be covering DeDuke himself – a major gaming video creator on Facebook Gaming, with an even better personality!

Source: DeDuke

DeDuke is a content creator that has built his castle of a community around him, and we want in! DeDuke is the CEO/President of DukeStars, a family of positive & supportive content creators. DukeStars is aimed at building a supportive and friendly community around content creation where everybody helps everybody! We love it. From technical questions or streaming insight, they've got you covered. With plenty of industry experience DeDuke has continued to grow his community and group across multiple platforms.

When it comes to defining DeDuke and his channel, we think of:

  • Community - Aside from DukeStars and the wonderful support the community has, DeDuke is constantly evolving his channel and content with a heavy focus on his community.
  • Frequent - We feel like normally, all enjoyable streamers only go live a few days. And then there's DeDuke – amazing streamer, and tons of content to choose from, streaming almost every day consistently.
  • Work Ethic - Apart from consistent streaming, you can see the time and effort put into this channel not only by the quality of content, but also through advancement of DukeStars and the plenty of sponsorships[1] that DeDuke holds.

  1. Sponsorships including but not limited to – GamerGoo, TechniSport, Couchbot, Gamerized, Marvel Factory and more! ↩︎

Be sure to check him out below:

DeDuke is on Facebook Gaming
Support DeDuke by watching live, liking, following or sending Stars.


Getting to know DeDuke

Source: DeDuke himself

1) Who is your favorite Streamer, and why?

I have too many favorite streamers to just pick one. My stream family is full of one of a kind and amazing people. However, I have known OceanrGatsby  for many years since before I started streaming on mixer. He is one of the first streamers I met. He is one of the most passionate, caring and hype people I know. If you are in his stream you will feel welcomed and have a good time guaranteed!

2) What is your favorite game or role to play and stream?

Call of Duty is my main game to play and stream. I prefer fps games but I do play other games on occasion.

3) What is your main goal in 2021? Smaller goals to get there?

My main goal is to improve my social media presence, build relationships with more people and continue to build the DukeStars family. My end game is to become a full-time streamer and help others reach their goals!

4) What is something interesting/unique that you feel sets your channel apart from others?

I think my channel is different from others because of the crazy but fun atmosphere. I help anyone with tech support, even if this means putting my stream on to display capture and showing them how to do something. I love supporting and promoting other streamers and seeing others reach their goals.

5) What are your favorite pieces of streaming equipment, and computer hardware?

Elgato stream deck XL, AVerMedia 4K capture card, Techni Sport gaming chair, Xbox Series X, and the custom-made desk that my wife, son and I built together.

6) Tell us about DukeStars and how it came to be?

DukeStars started as a stream team on Mixer. My wife and I started this team to give other content creators the opportunity to meet each other and build relationships. We worked very hard and became one of the top 10 largest teams on the platform.  DukeStars has evolved into a multi-platform, worldwide, multicultural family. Our goal with DukeStars is to make it a place for streamers and content creators of all sizes to have a safe, positive and supportive place to meet people, network, get technical support and build a family!


All About DeDuke

Source: DeDuke

DeDuke likes to play all different kinds of games, but primarily covers Warzone for the time being! Catch him Quick Dropping for his various days of streaming:

  • Maniac Monday
  • Twiztid Tuesday
  • Wacky Wednesday
  • Thump your head Thursday
  • Flip Out Friday
  • Psycho Saturday
  • Unholy Sunday

Outside of Verdansk, DeDuke has always been an avid gamer in the Call of Duty series of games. Definitely be sure to check out his older content for a good laugh.

Behind the scenes, DeDuke enjoys spending free time with his family, as well as riding his motorcycle and playing his guitar.

Source: DeDuke


DeDuke Stream Setup

Source: DeDuke

Screens on screens on screens.  We can't get over this setup!  We love the theme of DeDuke's channel and how the black and red resonate throughout the entire setup. From the awesome acoustic foam panels to the custom RGB, his setup has it all.

Main Setup:

  • Dual Laptop setup
  • Dual 22" Vertical Monitors (75Hz)
  • Samsung 4k gaming monitor
  • AverMedia 4k Capture Card
  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller
  • Elgato Stream Deck XL
  • Logitech C922 Pro Webcam
  • Razor Microphone

And our favorite...

  • The custom built gaming desk and custom RGB lighting built by DeDuke's family! This is what it's all about. Props to DeDuke, his wife, and son – Great work on this.
Source: DeDuke

To add to this awesome gaming setup DeDuke sits on his comfortable throne by Techni - their sport chair. And to top off the character in the room, a beautifully lit "Internet Cafe" sign. We love this XD.

Stay tuned for our upcoming EVENTS sections where we will cover DeDuke hosted events and collaborations as he continues to roll out content.

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