Feature Friday - DevilsWrath Feb 19, 2021

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Welcome to this week's Feature Friday!

We will be covering one of our favorite content creators, and first partner from Facebook Gaming - DevilsWrath.

DevilsWrath is a streamer that continues to draw you back to his content. With tons of experience in the industry, having streamed on almost every platform at least once – it has allowed him to gather all the bits and pieces from each platform that he loves and has let him build those into his community.

When it comes to defining DevilsWrath and his channel, we think of:

  • Engaging - This channel and community are ALL about engagement. What we've noticed is the more people that engage, the more comedy erupts! LOL
  • Consistent - There is no shortage of entertainment here! Devil always keep it enjoyable and knows when to switch things up a bit. With consistent streams, you will always have content to follow and enjoy.
  • Positive Vibes - Hell Yeah! Get some! --> If we had to define the motto of the channel and community, this is it. Anytime something good is mentioned in chat you can almost guarantee he's going to say it.

Be sure to check out DevilsWrath channel


Getting to know DevilsWrath

Source: DevilsWrath

1) Who is your favorite Streamer?

"My favorite streamer MoodyGamerUk. He is a down to earth person that is always welcoming to chat and plays a variety of games with his viewers. He always is entertaining and loves to make others laugh. He is just a great dude.

2) What is your favorite role in GTAV RP?

"My favorite role to play on GTAV RP would be to play as a cop. Being a cop can get you a lot of action in the city, but I also look at it as a supporting character. I view cops as a supporting role in the RP world, where they help elevate and bring RP to others. If you're asking yourself what RP is -- the best way to explain it is you play in a living city where people play different characters and it plays out like a movie. If you have never seen it before it brings a whole new light to the GTA world.

3) What is your goal in 2021?

"My goal for 2021 would be to be able to go full time. I work full time and then come home and get ready to stream. I would love to be able to do what I love full time and still have time for the family.

4) What is an interesting fact(s) about you?

An interesting fact about me.. that is a hard question. I don't like to talk about myself, but I would say my biggest accomplishment in life would be my 2 kids and that I got lucky enough to marry my best friend. They are my everything. They are the reason that I want to be able to do this full time. To be able to spend more time with them.

5) What are your favorite pieces of streaming equipment and why?

"My favorite streaming equipment would have to be my GOXLR and my Razer Tartarus. Having the GOXLR gives me the ability to adjust things on the fly and being able to have so much audio control is great! I love the Tartarus because I don't have to use a full keyboard. The adjustable buttons on it makes it a great piece to have for pc gaming. The Razer Tartarus is a left handed controller that has 32 programmable buttons. when your play games for hours it great to have comfort and resting your hand on this and having full functionality to play the games u want is amazing"


DevilsWrath Games

Source: DevilsWrath

DevilsWrath plays a lot of games across a few different spaces. Most of the time if you check him out on his Facebook you will find him engaging with his amazing community and fellow RP players in their Lineage GTAV RP server.

If we are being honest, RP is somewhat of a new concept to the Quick Drop Squad. However, watching DevilsWrath and engaging in his community has made it extremely enjoyable – what better way to watch streamers and also be able to contribute to the content in real time! Drop in and join in on the fun – high speed police chases in his 'corvette corvette.'

Recently, DevilsWrath has been found playing American Truck Simulator. While we never thought watching someone drive a truck would be exciting, this content has us dying of laughter. DevilsWrath channel and community will continue to blow up, and we highly suggest you go Check Him Out!


DevilsWrath Stream Setup

Source: DevilsWrath

DevilsWrath stream setup and equipment. As stream viewers, we always see the stream through a webcam view, but never really see the environment from the streamers perspective. We thought it would be a cool idea to cover from his point of view! He runs a 2-pc stream setup – Check out his Gaming PC specs below:

Main PC:

  • CPU - Intel i-9900k
  • GPU - EVGA RTX 2080 super
  • AIO - Corsair H110i
  • FANS - Corsair LL-120's
  • MOBO - Asus Prime Z-370m
  • CASE - Lian Li O11 Dynamic
  • RAM - 32gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro
Source: DevilsWrath

Peripherals: You can never have enough of these, let's be honest

  • KEEBS - Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition
  • GAMING KEYPAD - Razer Tartarus V2
  • MOUSE - Razer Naga Pro
  • MIC -  Shure SM7B
  • CAMS - Logitech Brio & Logitech C920

Stay tuned for our upcoming EVENTS sections where we will cover DevilsWrath hosted events and collaborations as he continues to roll out content.

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