Spotlight Saturday - EA Mar 6, 2021

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Welcome to this week's Spotlight Saturday! Did you know today is National Oreo Cookie day? That's right, get that glass of milk and let's start dunking!

Every Saturday we will look to spotlight a different gaming company or organization. The style of these Daily Drops will be slightly different than our standard as they will focus more on connecting Quick Droppers (you all) with the organization we are covering. DM us on Discord or Twitter if you have any other groups you would like us to cover!

Today, we will cover - Electronic Arts Inc. (EA)

Source: Electronic Arts Inc.

'EA Sports - It's in the game!' While most recognize EA from their sports series, they have been up to a lot of development and publishing in other venues. Of course when we mention EA, there is a large following that will finish the phrase without second thought. However, there are tons of titles that EA has been involved in through development and publishing efforts that you may have never attributed to the EA team:

  • Army of Two: The 40th Day (PLEASE make another EA)
  • The Mirror's Edge series
  • The Skate series
  • The Dead Space series
  • The Battlefield series

and more... a LOT more actually. One could consider them a jack of all trades. Fast forward to modern time, the year is 2021 – so it is time for some answers. What has EA been up to?


EA Coming Soon

Source: Electronic Arts Inc.

1) What are the latest titles that EA has announced or has publicized are in progress?

In the latest EA news releases, Chief Studios Officer, Laura Miele, stated that "Our upcoming Battlefield game is coming together to be an exceptional game, not just for this year but also for the future of this powerful brand." While this statement alone isn't Earth shattering, it has the Quick Drop Squad wondering, "what changes may be implemented into the next Battlefield that pave the way for the future of the franchise?"

Laura goes on to state how the gameplay is at an 'unprecedented scale' and that next-gen consoles will be taken 'full advantage of'. BFVI is slated for a Holiday 2021 release, but Laura also stated that 'the project is tracking towards the franchise's earliest Alpha.' BFVI may not be that far away after all! In a year of game release delays, let's hope Battlefield can avoid these woes.

As previously written about in our It Takes Two - to Tango story, the EA title It Takes Two is set to launch March 26th.  Additionally, their Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is set to release March 19th.

Source: Electronic Arts Inc.

2) What exactly does the EA acquisition of Codemasters mean for the future of gaming?

For those that do not know, Codemasters are the masterminds (ha) behind the last few decades of amazing racing game titles. More recently known for their work in Formula 1, DIRT, Project CARS and GRID, Codemasters was acquired by EA in February of 2021. To gamers, this could come as quite a shock – considering EA already owns Criterion games, widely known for their successful Need for Speed, Real Racing, and Burnout games.

With two massive subsidiaries in the racing game industry, one could only imagine what is to come in the next few years! As Laura Miele said, "with the greatest minds in racing entertainment all under one roof, you're going to see even more innovation and we're going to bring all new ideas to life."

3) What's the reasoning behind the NCAA Football video game return?

A fan favorite - EA has not had a NCAAF title since the last release in NCAA Football 14. The story behind this franchise is more interesting than the game itself, especially right now. With recent announcements that a new title would be returning, the discussions and issues surrounding the games have also returned. Current rules within the NCAA prohibit EA from paying any players that would appear in their title. As such, many college and universities feel that their organizations should be compensated if a profit is being made off of them.

Due to these issues at a high level, several universities have opted out of the game until the NCAA adapts rules to allow for player compensation. Schools such as Notre Dame, Tulane University, and even Northwestern have lead the charge so far. These NIL (Name, Image Likeness) debates will not be going away any time soon - and with the game still a ways away, there is plenty of time to hash out all the details! We hope the NCAA can come to terms with universities, but we don't see this happening.


EA Competitive Gaming rundown

Source: Electronic Arts Inc.

COVID continues to impact all gaming industry events. While several of EA's upcoming events have been affected, all hope is not lost.

Source: Electronic Arts Inc., Apex Legends

Apex Legends Global Series

  • The Apex Legends Global Series Major 1 that was slotted for March 13-15th in Texas has been Postponed. At this point in time there has been no update. EA has commented that they 'will provide a new event date and updated Apex Legends Global Series schedule in the near future.'
  • The Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournament #2 is still being held on March 21st and March 23rd.
Source: EA Sports

EA Sports Fifa 20 Global Series

  • The CONMEBOL eLibertadores Online & Live Event set for March 7-8th has been postponed. 'EA is postponing this event and will provide a new date for it in the future.'
  • eChampions League Online Qualifiers slotted for March 14-15th remain unaffected
  • FUT Champions Cup Stage V to be held in Bucharest slotted for April 3-5th has been Cancelled! Bummer for our Fifa Ultimate Team fans.
  • PlayStation Licensed Qualifying Event set for May 2-3rd has been cancelled.

For anyone who has purchased a ticket for the events – you will receive a refund in 4-6 weeks per EA.

Enjoy the weekend - Quick Drop Squad out.

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