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Welcome to this week's Spotlight Saturday. Every Saturday we will look to spotlight different gaming companies, organizations, or top news. DM us on Discord or Twitter if you have any other topics you would like us to cover!

With plenty of news hot off the press, we have a lot to cover in today's Spotlight. We will run through the latest in regards to FaZe Clan and IGN.

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IGN Expo 2021 - Leadup into E3

Source: IGN

E3 is right around the corner, and there is a bunch of excitement for what we will hear. However, the video game announcements have started already. The IGN Expo has already happened, and we have some more news to get us ready for the next few days. Let's jump right in.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands was announced yesterday, but we received a more information. Matt Cox, the creative director, talked more about the gameplay, characters, and looting. The game takes place shortly after the Assault on Dragon Keep DLC from Borderlands 2.

There was an exclusive reveal for Doki Doki Literature Club Plus. This visual novel cult classic is an expanded edition that is expected to be more than just DLC or an expansion. This game will arrive on June 30th to all major consoles.

World War Z: Aftermath had an exclusive reveal as well. An enhanced version of the 2019 hit with more characters, new undead creatures, and a new melee system. This will also be available on next gen consoles to take advantage of the better hardware.

A brand new auto-battling strategy game called AudioClash: Battle of the Bands where the player creates musical groups from decks of cards. Co-created by the Living Tombstone and will be in Early Access on Steam in in the next few months.

Another game coming this year is Core Keeper, a 2D base-building and sandbox mining game. It has a mining focus where you gather materials and power up a mysterious relic called the Core.

For those of you looking for a horror game, Bramble: The Mountain King was announced as well. It's a side scrolling platformer where two siblings trying to sneak out of the home into the forest accidentally stumble into the world of Bramble. Boss battles are inspired by Nordic nature and fairy tales with David and Goliath type battles.

Looking for a co-op survival game? Survival Machine has you fight through a zombie apocalypse while building a town that drives across the world. If you're interested, keep it on your calendar in 2022.

Interested in Russian Folklore? Blacktail is a first person action-adventure title starring Baba Yaga as she pursues a group of missing children as she uncovers her mysterious past.

For those looking for a sports game, Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions is coming to PC and consoles later this year. From the Creed and Rocky Universe, it is an arcade boxing game where you will be able to play with several characters from the multi-movie franchise.

We received a release date for Forgotten City on July 28. This murder-mystery game in Ancient Rome which was based on a Skyrim mod. Although it is not the first time a mod has become a a full game, it is a fascinating way to see games grow.

While we have seen some more gameplay from games announced from the past, it was still an exciting time to see the progress of these games from growing companies, and potentially what the future holds.


FaZe in the Spotlight

Source: Sports Illustrated, Jeffery A. Salter

From their roots in 2010 to the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2021. Who would have thought that gaming and it's competitive side would have gotten this much recognition by now?

Thinking back to 2010, the video gaming industry as a whole was much smaller. And we're not just talking about the amount of capital going into gaming or how great the games were that were being released. We're talking about viewership, credibility, and most of all, respect.

The year 2020 - gaming has massive growth in player-ship. One positive from our pandemic chains early in 2020 was the new audience of players entering the gaming industry, with a mix of those rekindling their childhood flames. Whether it be kids out of or off school, the new work from home lifestyle, or people just finding something to freakin' do with all their extra time.

It is safe to say this served as a major reset button for a lot of people in the world, and maybe their mindsets. There has been an ongoing battle on weather or not competitive gaming can really be compared to sports; and now, we don't think it has to. With the rise in gaming, we also saw a rise in Esports viewership across the board as many people resorted to their gambling habits and only could bet on virtual competitions while most 'sports' were on the sidelines until restrictions were lifted.

So what does this have to do with FaZe? Well, let's get to the point - FaZe Clan made the cover of Sports Illustrated. Read that again. Sports Illustrated is arguably one of the most popular and prestigious magazines when it comes to covering content in 'sports', and they smacked a gaming organization from many of our childhoods on the front cover.  This is truly monumental.  And before we go oohing and aahing, we acknowledge that video gaming has had many successes before this (gaming organizations turning into multi-million dollar powerhouses, LAN events, etc). But, in its simplest form, this is epic.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps this will pave the way for a new way of thinking. Perhaps this will change the minds of many out there that gaming isn't just a waste of time. And for many parents out there, perhaps this is what YOU needed to see. Gaming isn't something to knock down (although its still good to go outside and get some fresh air you smelly old farts), but maybe it is something to consider.

Quick Drop Squad's Take: For those of us out there that have had the pleasure of seeing a large portion of the evolution of gaming - it is easy to admit, this is just the beginning. We haven't begun to scratch the surface of what this industry can grow into and can't wait to see what's next.

That's all for today Quick Droppers, enjoy your weekend and we'll catch you on Monday.

Daily Drop Credit: Carmine and the Founders.

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