Feature Friday - Big Cheese TV Mar 19, 2021

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Welcome to this week's Feature Friday!

We will be covering an awesome content creator, Big Cheese TV

This man continues to push the limits of streaming. He has experience on multiple platforms and continues to reinvent his stream for his viewers. If you are looking to check out a variety streamer that slays in Warzone (and then goes and yells at them to fix the game) this is your guy!

Time for the three words to describe this legend: Entertaining, Beast, Versatile.

  • Entertaining - There are always things going on with Big Cheese TV stream. Whether you're playing a game with him, watching him tear up the battlefield or having a conversation, it is always a great time.
  • Beast - Big Cheese TV is a beast in video games. It doesn't matter if he is playing Among Us, FIFA 21, Outriders, or Warzone - he brings his A game. He's so beastly that even the "Arnold Schwarzenegger" wanted to play with him (check out his YT video).
  • Versatile - As we said, Big Cheese TV continues to switch up his streams and YT videos. Whether you want to see replays of his top matches, get gaming info, or have a good laugh - he has you covered!

Check out Big Cheese TV on YouTube!


Getting to know Big Cheese TV

Source: Big Cheese TV

1) What made you start streaming?

“My friends have been saying to be for years that I should do radio or I should do YouTube, things like that. I've always loved gaming ever since I got my first Nintendo and one day it dawned on me, instead of getting up for work every day and being like ' it's ok just get through this day and you can come home and game and chat to friends etc, why not do all of that for a living? And on top of it you can meet new people every day. From then on it was a no brainer for me. I'm doing this.”

2) Who is your favorite streamer and why?

“I think my favorite streamer is one of two, Stonemountain or Dr Disrespect. Dr disrespect because he's an absolute showman and his talents go far beyond gaming he's a brilliant performer. And Stonemountain just because he seems like such a nice dude. He's the type of streamer I think I can be , just down to earth building a following of great people and just being himself.”

3) What streaming equipment or software could you not live without?

"I couldn't live without a lot of my equipment, but my favorite piece of equipment is definitely my new mouse. I treated myself to an ASUS ROG Pugio II mouse. It's brilliant and the customization on it is so awesome!"

4) What is your favorite Big Cheese TV video?

"It's quite hard to choose a favorite video of my own. Recently, I have made videos on the game Outriders and I fell they are my best work yet as they are the most professional looking. The quality of my videos has taken a step up recently as I've learned a lot along the way and I managed to put it all into practice. I did however, recently film a podcast - which was exciting as it was my first podcast. My friend and I talked about warzone and what needs fixing etc. That was fun to make and I enjoyed watching it back, so let's say that one.

5) What are your goals in 2021?

"My goals for 2021 are to hit 1000 subscribers in YouTube and grow my community. By the end of this year I would really like to be in a place where my now dream career of full time YouTuber is in sight and I and I am determined to make this happen so watch this space guys!"


Big Cheese TV Games

Source: Big Cheese TV

Big Cheese TV is a variety streamer. More recently, he has played Outriders, Warzone, and FIFA 21.

Outriders - Big Cheese TV has played the demo a significant amount of hours and absolutely loves it. You can find some YT videos on his channel if you want to check that out. He's very excited Xbox just dropped the news that the game is coming to game pass at release

Warzone - His favorite mode is BR trios as he thinks it's the perfect amount of players for a squad. It's not too crazy, but also not quiet.

FIFA 21 - He plays mainly club mode, as there is "nothing like taking to the field with your buddies and creating amazing goals."


Big Cheese TV Equipment

Source: Big Cheese TV Streaming Equipment

The moment our Quick Droppers have been waiting for.... Let's take a look under the hood of the one and only Big Cheese TV streaming set-up. At first glance, how can't you love this with 4 monitors? We also can't let that Superman logo slip by either. Big Cheese TV knows how to do it right.

Short-list of equipment below

  1. Mouse: ASUS ROG Pugio II
  2. Headset: Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless High-Fidelity
  3. Elgato Stream Deck 15 key
  4. Xbox Series X
  5. Monitor: Class UltraGear 27GL850-B Quad HD 27" Nano IPS LCD

We were fortunate to meet BigCheeseTV early on in his streaming career and we love to see him succeeding on YouTube. Be sure to stop by and check him out here.

"Drop" us a message on Twitter or Discord if you have a content creator that you would like us to Feature in our Friday Daily Drop! Until next time... #DroppinOut

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