Feature Friday - Sweaty Pug Gaming Mar 26, 2021

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Welcome to this week's Feature Friday!

We will be covering the one and only, Sweaty Pug Gaming

After a small break, he's back with a vengeance! Okay not really, but Sweaty Pug Gaming is in fact back to streaming and doing what he does best: winning games and entertaining his followers! If you are looking to check out a variety streamer that slays in Fortnite, he just might be your dude!

Time for the three words to describe this legend: Involved, Comeback, Legit.

  • Involved - Sweaty Pug has been busy making a name for himself in the gaming community. He is the community manager for Gamerized, involved with Reload Gamez running Next Level Streaming, helping this one gaming newsletter(we think it's called Quick Drop Media?), participates as a DukeStars team member, and creates GFX/VFX. He is the definition of that friend that has 25 letters (credentials) after their name ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • Comeback - Sweaty Pug took a break from streaming to help get more involved in his communities and grow his network/socials in the gaming industry. If you ever need to get in contact with someone in the gaming world, chances are Sweaty Pug can make it happen.
  • Legit - "Too legit, too legit to quit!" He is as nice as they come and will do anything to help his friends/community. He is a legit human AND a legit gamer. Good luck beating him in Fortnite... Oh yeah, and Golden Eye on N64!

Check out Sweaty Pug Gaming on Twitch!


Getting to know Sweaty Pug Gaming

Source: Sweaty Pug Gaming

1) What made you want to start streaming?

โ€œIt began on Mixer, when I used to game with small bunch of friends on Sea Of Thieves. It started as a bit of fun simply to watch each others game play and the use of co streaming was a great way to create content. However, on mixer the streams took off so well it became a regular schedule.โ€

2) Who is your favorite streamer and why?

โ€œHmmm.. this is a real tough one! I follow and have chatted to some amazing people throughout my journey. I enjoy the Doc's and Tim's content but you will usually find me hanging in the Lord Val Gaming (LVG) community and tuning into Val's streams daily. Val's a top guy and makes everyone fell welcomeโ€

3) What gaming communities are you involved in?

"A fair few will know me as the Community manager of Gamerized LLC โ€“ I also run with Reload Gamez Next Level Streaming. (Time to Plug!) We are a community of content creators which is open to all to help get your name out there, you'll find us on all socials, so come and say hi."

4) Any special goals for the rest of 2021?

"Goals for this year: A fixed schedule! After the mixer closure I took some time out, 7 months, which I spent simply getting to know people and growing my socials."

5) What piece of streaming equipment can you not live without?

"I like gadgets and gizmos, however, I think it would be the Elgato capture and software that comes with it. The simplicity of been able to record footage for editing is great. I spend most of my time creating montages and VFX intros and this makes personalising your work so much easier."

6) What are your top 3 games of all time?

"Golden Eye on N64 (still have mine set up), Conflict Desert Storm on the original xbox and Sea Of Thieves."


Sweaty Games ๐Ÿ˜…

Source: Lance Pillay, Fortnite

Sweaty Pug is an absolutely 'sweaty' Fortnite player. You can catch his streams while he looks for world domination in this BR. He also frequently runs custom lobbies with his community, which is a fun way to try and stream snipe him(not that we've ever done that before or anything...) ๐Ÿ‘€

After getting his start on Mixer, we have no doubt that this legend will take the Twitch Fortnite community by storm. Whether he is getting Dubs or providing endless entertainment, it is definitely worth tuning in to his latest content.


Sweaty Equipment

Source: Sweaty Pug Gaming - Streaming Equipment

The moment our Quick Droppers have been waiting for. Let's take a look under the hood of Sweat Pug's streaming set-up. At first glance, how can you not love this with the fancy light? Sweaty did it right. Yes, we did just rhyme there!

Short-list of equipment below:

  1. Consoles: Xbox One + Nintendo 64
  2. Capture card: Elgato HD60 S
  3. Processor: AMD FX 6300
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 TI
  5. Mic: Razer Seiren X
  6. Camera: Logitech C920 HD Pro
  7. Headset: Razer Kraken Tournament Edition
  8. Epic Games Creator Code: I-AM-SWEATY-PUG

Sweaty Pug Gaming is not only a stand up gent, but he is a great content creator. Definitely check him out here.

"Drop" us a message on Twitter or Discord if you have a content creator that you would like us to Feature in our Friday Daily Drop! Until next time... #DroppinOut

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