Spotlight Saturday - Finalmouse Mar 13, 2021

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Welcome to this week's Spotlight Saturday! Did you know today is National Oreo Cookie day? That's right, get that glass of milk and let's start dunking!

Every Saturday we will look to spotlight a different gaming company or organization. The style of these Daily Drops will be slightly different than our standard as they will focus more on connecting Quick Droppers (you all) with the organization we are covering. DM us on Discord or Twitter if you have any other groups you would like us to cover!

Today, we will cover - Finalmouse

Source: Finalmouse

The gaming industry is rife with unique companies and organizations. Finalmouse is one of those organization that continues to push forward with an intriguing business model and product set. Since 2015, they've produced multiple highly sought-after gaming mice in the Ultralight, Ultralight 2, and the Air58, each developed in multiple colors and unique esthetic designs. The popularized honeycomb look and texture has been adopted my many other gaming mice companies, most notably for its aim at weight reduction making it one of the most utilized mice frameworks in the esports sphere, where shaving milliseconds in response time is paramount.

While hailed in high regard for their performance, each mouse has been released by various methods in limited quantities, making their already sought-after mice a rare commodity, truly activating the secondary market for these peripherals. While we at Quick Drop first recognized their popularity for their interesting designs and performance benefits, the brand has taken on an air of exclusivity, truly scratching the itch of PC players looking for no compromise on performance, style, and clout, sweetening the pot for the premium priced mice. Multiple big-name streamers use Finalmouse mice as their primary drivers, most notably Ninja, Summit1g, Tfue.

Although most recognized for their mice, they've also recently begun a game development venture in Aim Gods, a spell-based arena FPS. In December of last year, they held a $250k tournament to promote the title with multiple top streamers attending the invitational.

So far, the game itself has been met with mixed reviews. The interplay of castable skills with team-based FPS makes for a great arena game formula. They execution of the graphics and character movement mechanics do leave something to be desired, however. The game itself is rather fast paced challenging players to make real-time snap judgements on spell usage and movement, making the game a rough spectator sport for anyone looking to get into the know by watching some streams. But in our experience, the winning formula proved to be entertaining enough to look over the game's shortcomings. With a $30 price tag, the indie title isn't so out of whack, if maybe a little high, but as long as you're not expecting a AAA title, Aim Gods could provide a good amount of entertainment for friends on random off nights. If you're interested in checking it out, create a free account with their website here.


Legendary drop date announced

Source: Finalmouse Twitter

Until now the only way to obtain a Legendary mouse was through Twitch drops, yielding loot boxes that had a chance of winning a free mouse. But this March 23rd Finalmouse will be dropping the Legendary mouse for purchase on their website. The mice priced at $189 are advertised as weighing only 37 grams and contain next generation wireless, Finalmouse's first wireless mouse. The chassis is composed of magnesium alloy and being touted as the lightest structural metal on Earth. They're also claiming a battery life of 2 months and "latency speeds faster than any wired/wireless mouse in existence".

A very tall claim at a price point not obscene for these beautiful mice, we're looking to get our hands on some and try them out. The Legendary mice come in 4 different style variants and 2 sizes. The announcement video can be viewed here and contains a deeper dive on the mouse construction and approach philosophy to Finalmouse's attempt to outdo themselves.

The Legendary mouse of Zeus

Source: youtube

The Legendary mouse of Hades

Source: youtube

The Legendary mouse of Achilles

Source: youtube

The Legendary mouse of Ares

Source: youtube

All four mice are stunning and feature well paired two-tone color schemes while remaining sharp and elegant proving for another streamlined design without the cumbersome bells and whistles.

Being another limited release, there is some concern about availability for the hyped-up peripheral.  Given the limited quantities at a reasonable price, we're expecting them to fly off the shelves from enthusiasts, but we do reserve some concern for impact scalpers are going to have on the already limited supply.  Being a limited niche product in an enthusiast price point seems like an easy win for any scalpers looking to take advantage of the buying process.  To date we are unable to find any mention of how Finalmouse is planning on dealing with any potential scalpers, but in their defense, they have not communicated the extent of their supply for this drop.  Best to stay as in tuned as possible by following them on twitter if you're hoping to pick up one of these mythical pieces.  We know we'll be.

Enjoy the weekend - Quick Drop Squad out.

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