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Who knows where the future of PC gaming will lead us. Maybe one day we'll be able to physically step into the internet, immersing ourselves into the game on another level. At that point, will regular console games still be treasured? Too bad we can't predict the future to let you all know. Or can we? (We can't :/)

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DouYu? More Like Down-Yu

Source: Google Finance. This is not investment advice.

DouYu ($DOYU) - $DOYU fell almost 10% yesterday as investors continued the wait for information regarding its merger deal with Huya ($HUYA). $DOYU also recently partnered with BLAST Premier, renewing its media rights. The VP of BLAST Premier released this statement:

"Working closely with Douyu, we’ll be teaming up to put on the first-ever BLAST Premier event in China by giving one of the CS:GO teams in the region a chance at competing in October’s Fall Showdown via our Fall qualifiers."

With the recent news, it seems investors are getting rather impatient with $DOYU, as $HUYA actually went up about 3% in contrast to $DOYU's sharp descent.


Microsoft Reveals Windows 11, and That's Great News For PC Gamers


Microsoft has the world's two biggest gaming platforms—Windows for PC gaming and the Xbox. With the introduction of Windows 11, Microsoft is hoping to make combining the two a reality. Windows 11 was just announced yesterday, and has multiple different changes and improvements that we're interested in. The biggest features announced include:

  • The return of widgets
  • Translucent window design
  • Easier touch screen usage
  • Updated snapping features
  • Movement of the start button and task bar to the bottom middle rather than left
  • Ease of use with multiple monitors

That's all well and good, but what does the new update mean for gamers? For starters, Windows 11 will be using two of the Xbox's own improvements on their PCs. First, the company is adding their DirectStorage API, which lets games load data directly into your GPU’s memory. This can shorten load times significantly when it comes to gaming. If your hardware is supportive of gaming, expect to become less familiar with the spinning wheel on the loading screen.

The second addition is AutoHDR, which will allow players to turn on a high dynamic range far more easily than before.

Lastly, Windows 11 will have an Xbox app directly built into it, meaning that Xbox game pass subscribers will be able to stream video games through the cloud. This feature will also allow crossplay between the PC and Xbox. While there currently isn't an official release date for Windows 11, users can still preview the AutoHDR feature on Windows 10.


Aydan's Team Wins COD: Warzone Trio


This year's tournament had the best of 150 players, including popular streamers and content creators, with $300,000 in prizes on the line. Each elimination earns teams one point, and finishing in the top 15 gives teams a 1.5 multiplier to their score, while winning the match gives teams a 2x multiplier. The winner of the tournament was Aydan's team, consisting of Aydan, Huskerrs, and Rated.

From the very first game, the guys took the lead, finishing with 21 kills, but taking only fourth place. In the second game, Aydan, Rated and HusKerrs scored a few less kills (about 17), and died early, taking 10th place out of 50. The third game was the least successful of them all. The future champions had only 15 kills, finishing in 9th place. The next map came out a little better - 15th place and 11 kills. On the fifth map, the team's fans were already worried about the final result, since the team scored only 3 kills and took 31st place. But in the final game, the guys managed to score 24 kills, breaking their previous record for this indicator and scoring the required number of points needed to take first place. The total number of points for Aydan's team was 121.5. CHA CHING. $$$

The next World Series of Warzone event will take place in August, with the best European trios battling it out.


The First Official Paralympics Game is Here

Source: JP Games

From the creator of Final Fantasy XV, Pegasus Dream Tour from JP Games has arrived on IOS and Android. The game is set in a virtual city known as Pegasus City. Players can make an avatar called a Mine and roam the city to meet others and help develop Pegasus City. However the Mines are conditioned affects their performance. What they eat and drink, how they train at the gym and what competitions they participate all affect their performance in the tournaments. As of right now, the game offers boccia and the 100m sprint. JP Games already plans to add wheelchair racing, five-a-side football, and wheelchair basketball. The online function is ready immediately as well. Pegasus Dream Tour has nine real-life para-athletes appear as NPCs in Pegasus City too.

JP Games was founded by Hajime Tabata and he made a surprise move from a blockbuster title to a sports based mobile game; very different styles of game. Tabata met with Xavier Gonzales, the CEO of the the International-Paralympics Committee, and they collaborated on the creation Pegasus Dream Tour. The team was able to work with Epic Games' Unreal Engine to push the project forward.

The team worked hard to provide a socially responsible game, and it is something new experience for players to enjoy. You can download the game today on the Apps Store.


The Steam Summer Sale Is LIVE!

Source: Best Buy

The annual Steam Summer Sale has finally started! As always, there are discounts on thousands of games, and the Points Shop inventory has been updated as well. The Points Shop update will have new profile bundles featuring animated backgrounds, mini-profiles, avatars, and new color schemes.

What's new? There's a new sort of 'event' to the Steam Sale called "Forge Your Fate", where users can go through a series of 14 themed miniature-adventures scattered throughout the sale—sort of like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" embedded within a Steam sale. Each time a user completes an adventure, they will get a little animated sticker, and if all of them are collected, the user will score a new badge for their user profiles, earn Steam XP, and even make a challenge for the "world's most expensive Steam profile."

Here are some of our top picks for the sale so far:

  • The Witcher: Wild Hunt - 80% off
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 60% off
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection - 50% off
  • The Sims 4 - 88% off
  • Doom Eternal - 67% off
  • Dark Souls III - 75% off
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition - 80% off


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