Spotlight Saturday - Gamerized Feb 6, 2021

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Welcome to this week's Spotlight Saturday! Every Saturday we will look to feature a different gaming company/organization or Esports team. The style of these spotlights will be slightly different than our Daily Drops, and more focused on connecting our Quick Droppers with the group we are covering. DM us on Discord or Twitter if you have other groups you would like us to cover!

Today, we will cover - Gamerized.

Check them out at

Gamerized is an all-in-one gaming social media platform that, you guessed it, prioritizes gaming as its main hub! From providing a platform for content creation, to sourcing artists and designers for up and coming streamers, Gamerized has it all. For the Facebook users out there, the transition to the Gamerized platform will be seamless!

The platform has introduced their music feature knows as Distro, where Gamerized has partnered with musicians to provide music onto the platform. The best part is, the content creator/artist still holds all the power – they maintain 100% of the rights to their songs and all of the money earned from sales! On the flip side, content creators now have extremely easy access to music for their streaming and video creation. The beauty of the Distro integration is the ability for artist and Content Creator to support each other as they grow on the platform.

To describe Gamerized, we feel the need to mention the main programs it has been designed to replace:

  • Spotify - As previously mentioned, the Distro feature brings musicians and content creators much closer in a working relationship all through the platform!
  • Facebook/Twitter - If you have ever been scrolling through Facebook or Twitter and are tired of the content that you are seeing. If you have ever wanted more of a gaming focus, this is your chance!
  • YouTube - The Gamerized platform not only allows you to post videos to your page and feed, but livestream your content as well. This will have integrations similar to YouTube,, and Twitch. Watching this content from Gamerized will even count towards your livestream view count.

One of the main founding reasons behind Gamerized was the need for a platform that focuses on and prioritizes the user experience. The best way to ensure you uphold that message is to constantly interact and discussion platform improvements with your community and users – and this is exactly how the team at Gamerized has been proceeding.


Getting to know Gamerized


1) What made you wake up one day and decide, Gamerized, this is it?

"I had decided that I was tired of being socially scattered across multiple platforms. It came to be way to much of a hassle to split efforts and try to grow on each platform. Efforts seem wasted when really they could all be focused on one main platform. The best part of it all, was that in minimizing the time needed to manage across my socials, I was able to increase my time and availability to actually play games myself. As a gamer through and through, that's when I knew I was onto something. I wanted to build a platform at a scale that has never been done before.  And since then in roughly 10 years, that vision has grown into Gamerized."

2) What sets Gamerized apart from other social media platforms?

"One of the main features that set us apart is our built in Distro — musicians and artists take ownership of their content and all associated revenues - 100%. These revenues do not just stop at the platform media level either - musicians have the ability to sign up for our record label, and you guessed it, they get all 100% of the revenue!  As a content creator on the platform, imagine having a built in music system and not constantly getting DMCA'd, while also being able to support up and coming artists! On top of the built in Distro, users can monetize their own videos, and we take no cut from you! Our focus at Gamerized is all about our community and user base. Our mission is to continue to give back to our content creators."

3) What are the platforms goals in the next 5 years?

"As a business, we would love to expand our team by 3-5 members in the short term, and even more from there on out! From a KPI standpoint, we're targeting pretty larger growth in that timeframe – and it is all made possible due to our amazing community helping spread the word!"

4) Are there features you can disclose that will roll out as the platform grows?

" Fast forward a few years – as a content creator, if there was a platform out there that had all your needs built into one – social, videos, music, file storage, streaming – what would stop you from moving to that platform!? Hopefuly you said nothing! Be on the lookout for our updates at Gamerized – our team is constantly developing and looking forward to releasing new features as the community grows."

5) How does Gamerized focus more on user experience and community engagement to allow growth on the platform?

"With our unique built in programs, users will be able to update their statues, upload photos, videos and music, partake in polls, and even search for jobs and source funding!  The possibilities are endless in our newsfeed. We feel that with these programs, users will be able to express more about who they are as Gamers and artists to capture new followers and grow their communities."


Spread the Love, for A Kid Again

Quick Drop Media and Gamerized are proud to sponsor the 72 hour 'Spread the Love' Charity Event ran by A Kid Again.

Source: A Kid Again, Explosivo, University Esports teams, Gamerized

The mission of A Kid Again is to foster hope, happiness, and healing for the families with a child facing a life-threatening condition by providing year-round cost-free, group activities designed to take their minds off their daily challenges while creating happy memories. Some of these Adventures can include: Sporting Events, Theme Parks, Zoos, Mini Golf and Arcades, Holiday Parties etc...

The Charity Stream will bring together 10 universities across 5 states to support the great cause. We can take this one step further and help to share this event once it is live

The event is held February 12-14th, 2021 - you can find and support this stream across several platforms and channels, but the main stream will be held here:

Quick Droppers, we are counting on you to help blow this up. Be sure to like, share, and retweet so we can knock this fundraiser out of the park!

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