Gaming Cyber Attacks Jun 28, 2021

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As The Gaming Industry Grows, So Do Cyberattacks

Source: Fox Business

The global pandemic has had massive effects on so many facets on our way of life. Some industries have grown while others declined. The video game industry has been one of the areas that have had a massive boon this past year. The global video game market is predicted to have a value of $175 billion by the end of 2021. However, any field of work worth that much money will always have people who would take advantage of it.

‌‌In the video game industry alone, there have been a reported 240 million web attacks in 2020. That is a 340% increase from 2019. The major ways these attacks happen is through "phishing kits" and "credential stuffing". Phishing kits are fraudulent email disguised as coming from trusted sources such as banks to acquire emails and logins.  Credential stuffing is taking old emails and passwords and applying them to other login requests. These cyberattacks were so prevalent that this information was sold for as little as $5.

‌‌Groups have started to rise on Discord to share these techniques and information to a large audience. Mobile games and web-based games are the biggest target from these attackers too. Proper cyber safety is essential to keep yourself safe on the internet, especially with gaming.


BIG Wins Gamers Without Borders 2021

Source: BIGCLANgg

Gamers Without Borders, a virtual festival consisting of a number of esports tournaments as well as live shows, concerts, and a learning platform, announced its return for the second year. The project is backed by the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS), with the $1.5 million charity CS:GO tournament hosted by ESL just one part of the month-long festival that will distribute $10 million.

BIG took victory over FURIA 2:1 in the grand-final of Gamers Without Borders. On the first map, BIG managed to squeak by FURIA, 8:7, but in the second map, FURIA showed an excellent cs, taking important rounds.  And when it seemed that the BIG would be able to transfer the game to overtime, FURIA was able to close out the match in the 30th round, leading in the series.

The second map started in the spirit of the first.  BIG took a confident lead, winning the first half with a score of 10: 5.  But FURIA showed their character again, catching up with the opponent and overtaking him.  BIG managed to push the game to additional rounds, winning the second map with a score of 19:16.

The third map turned out to be the longest and most spectacular. BIG were losing the entire game, but thanks to XANTARES' with 39 kills and seven clutches, BIG beat FURIA 22:20 on the third decisive map.

Gamers Without Borders Finalists:

1. BIG - $600,000
2. FURIA - $300,000
3-4. ENCE - $150,000
3-4. mousesports - $150,000
5-6. FaZe Clan - $100,000
5-6. NiP - $100,000
7-8. Dignitas - $50,000
7-8. MIBR - $50,000


Hot Topics -  Mental Health

Source: Wired

Since the advent of video games, the impact of they've had on our actions and mental health has always been a hotly debated topic. Addiction to video games is recognized as a problem people face and examples are plastered throughout the mainstream media, however the social and cognitive benefits of video games are important to recognize as well.

‌‌When it comes to addiction, there is not a massive difference between video games and other addictions. They all feed into the reward system of the brain. The more positive behaviors become reinforced, and we have a desire to acquire more of the positive behavior. Fortnite contains many great examples of addictive behavior qualities. A player can find games quick, enjoy multiple game modes, and earn relevant skins.  People can get entrenched in that kind of game for insane amounts of hours if not regulated.

However, the research around the positive effects on the brain is also growing rapidly. There have been articles about how video games can help people learn how to pay attention to details and multitask better. 3D games can help the brain's memory function and help with critical thinking.

‌‌Overall, the relationship we develop with video games is key. Good or bad, video games can be a tool that have an impact on user's lives, and by focusing on the positives with the potential pitfalls in sight, we can accomplish a lot of good.


Edifier GM5 Earbuds

Source: Edifier, GM5

Gaming earbuds go True Wireless. Check out more on the Edifier GM5 Earbuds below!

Main Features: 34ms Ultra-Low Latency, 40 hour playback time, ENC Dual-Mic Noise Cancellation, Bluetooth 5.2, Instant Pairing, Gaming and Music Modes

Not a bank breaker. Coming in at $69.00, these buds sport a stylish circular charging case and many other features. For the audiophiles out there, these pack a 12mm compact driver to provide an amazing level of bass enhancement. For those who connect to multiple devices or like to switch audio sources between your open game and music, the GM5's have you covered with built in mode switching. The earbud itself has a strong resemblance to the first generation of the Airpods, while boasting a black on black design.

Going for a swim? No problem. The GM5's are IPX5 Waterproof rated. Sweat it out on a treadmill or in a sauna and these won't be affected.

Easy Touch Control. These earbuds also have similar touch control with the Airpods, offering the ability to skip forwards and backwards, play/pause, switch audio modes, and offers touch support for call mode (answer, end, AND decline).

Pack a power punch. The earbuds last ~8 hours alone, and up to 32 hours when using the charging case. On the flip side, the earbuds take ~90 minutes to charge, or 120 minutes including the charging case.

We're super excited to get our hands on these and use them for mobile setups. Check out more here

Thanks for tuning in – We wish all Quick Droppers a solid start to the week as we near the end of June.

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