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It's national Embrace Your Geek-ness Day! That's very fitting for a newsletter about gaming and tech. The rise of technology has subsequently created the rise of the geeks, allowing nerds and tech masterminds to shine and show their abilities off. Be sure you all do the same and let your geek out!

Today's Drop is a ~5 min read!


Tencent-Backed $5.3 Billion Merger Blocked

Source: Google Finance. This is not investment advice.

In October 2020, Tencent($TCEHY) announced a plan to merge Huya($HUYA) and DouYu($DOYU). These two companies are the largest streaming service available in China right now. In 2019, $DOYU had more monthly active users than Twitch. When it was listed on the Nasdaq that same year, it was the largest IPO of any Chinese company at the time. $HUYA has a variety of genre and acquired the exclusive rights to stream professional League of Legends.

$TCEHY is a major stakeholder. $DOYU offered $5.3 million to merge with $HUYA. $TCEHY is a major shareholder for both companies, owning a third of each of their shares. This merge would have 70% of video game broadcasting and 80% of users, effectively having a monopoly over the online streaming field. The State Administration for Market Regulation criticized the merge for being unhealthy and problematic for the e-sports industry. This comes on the heels of China starting to question other companies, such as food-delivering and ride-hailing services, for anticompetitive practices.

$DOYU rescinded its offers after China’s market regulator blocked the merger. $TCEHY publicly respected the decision. They have been under scrutiny lately during their major acquisitions in the tech industry spanning video games and music among others. They are quickly becoming the biggest tech company in China and an influential force in the Esports scene.


Acends Wins VALORANT Champions Tour: EU

Source: valesports_eu

Acend beat G2 Esports in the grand final of VCT: EU Stage 3 Challengers 1 3:1. From their very first rounds, Acend showed that they wanted to win this final at any cost. Aced ended up winning the first half 8:4. G2 attempted to recoup, but cNed's excellent play on Jett buried G2's chances of winning, the final 13:5 on the first map. On the second map, Acend showed an even better game, completely destroying the opponent with a score of 13:2.

Only on the third map, Ascent, G2 finally started to show up. The game went poorly for them until G2 began winning round after round, which led to their victory with a score of 13:6. The same scenario played out on the fourth map with a score of 10:7 in their favor, giving Acend as many as six rounds in a row, which led to their defeat in this final.


The VCT: EU Stage 3 Challengers 1 winners are:

1. Acend - €15,000 + Challengers Playoffs
2. G2 - €10,000 + Challengers Playoffs
3. Guild Esports - €6,000 + Challengers Playoffs
4. FunPlus Phoenix- €4,000 + Challengers Playoffs
5-6. Team Liquid - Challengers 2
5-6. Fnatic - Challengers 2
7-8. Team BDS - Challengers 2
7-8. Rix.GG Thunder - Challengers 2

VCT: EU Stage 3 Challengers 2 will take place from the 28th of July until the 1st of August. The two best teams will secure spots in VCT: NA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs.


Fight Till the Endermen

Source: Minecraft

There's a new Minecraft Dungeons in paid expansions that allow players to journey to The End, home of the Endermen. Players will of course be destroying them and turning them into charming little voxel gibs. There will also be multiple new enemy types. The new expansion is set to launch on July 28th, and will also feature some brand new legendary gear.  While there is currently no price set for the expansion, it will likely follow the previous pricing of $6 that all the other expansions had. Along with the new paid content, the expansion will include a free DLC with the Gauntlet of Gales mission.

Mojang has made sure to let players know that "there's plenty more to come", however the new expansion is the finale of the Orb of Dominance story line. With how amazing the latest content has been so far, it's safe to assume that the next storyline will be a great one!

Genshin Impact 2.0 Update Details

Source: Genshin Impact

Is there anything that Studio Ghibli can't inspire? The whimsical, heartwarming stories and fabulous art style of Ghibli have once again permeated into the gaming world. Genshin Impact's new update features 3 new characters and a completely new area with multiple islands and archipelagos.

Genshin Impact 2.0 will be available on July 21st. It's named "The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia, and studio technical director for Genshin Impact, Zhenzhong Yi, has stated a few things regarding what players will be able to get from the brand new update.

"While Mondstadt believes in freedom and Liyue honors contracts, Inazuma and its ruler, Raiden Shogun, the Electro Archon, pursues eternity, but what makes the Archon with the power of the fleeting lightning seek eternity? As the story unfolds, this will be a theme that runs through your adventure in Inazuma."

He was also able to give us some more specific, and rather detailed, descriptions regarding the actual area and landscape.

"You may visit the Grand Narukami Shrine and Sacred Sakura on the mountain of Narukami Island or admire the blooming cherry blossoms and the magnificent Tenshukaku where the Shogun resides in Inazuma City. You may also witness the giant skeleton and the palpable aura of the Tatarigami at Yashiori Island, where the Raiden Shogun battled a great serpent, or traverse the desolate coastline where lies the ruins of war at Tatarasuna. You may also find yourself getting lost in the area shrouded in thunderstorms or stumble into huge mysterious underground areas and ruins hidden beneath the sea surface."

The art already looks stunning, and with the focus of this area being Electro (as opposed to Liyue's Geo and Mondstadt's Anemo), everything is subsequently highlighted in a lovely light electric purple. The last area update with the inclusion of Dragonspine left players wanting more, and this new update is sure to quench their thirst for exploration.

Catch you all on the flippity flip.

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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