Get Excited! Sep 2, 2021

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Did you know the first week of September is international Enthusiasm Week? What do you have to be excited about this week? Maybe there's a party going on soon, or a big date coming up. Or maybe you're like us, and just getting pumped for new game releases. Either way, we hope you stay excited!

Today's Drop is a ~5 min read!


Tokyo Game Show 2021 Schedule Revealed

Source: Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is a yearly video game expo hosted in Chiba, Japan. The main focus is on Japanese games, but other hardware is also showcased. For 2021, the Tokyo Game Show is slated for September 20th - October 3rd. TGS will be online again, and the schedule was just released.

Some exclusive news is to be expected. Konami, Capcom, Square Enix, and Bandai are just some of the companies on the schedule. Konami is planning to reveal new information for Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. Ubisoft wants to show a special program. There are also rumors that Square Enix will provide more about Final Fantasy 16. One of the more surprising presentations is from Xbox. They confirmed that there will be "exclusive news and content to share". Surprisingly, Nintendo or Sony will not be in attendance. There is also a VR version of the game show. VR users will be able to visit booths and wander the gaming world. This is intended to be a trial run for future uses of VR for gaming conventions.  There are still many slots that are opened for other developers.

There are still a ton of mysteries around what to expect from TGS, which makes it exciting. Many of Japans big industry tech companies will be there, and they have been waiting all summer to drop some big announcements.


Squirtle Squad Wins VALORANT Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet

Source: KnightGG

Squirtle Squad won against Complexity 2:0 in the grand-final of Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet - August. On the way to the final, Squirtle Squad won against Teal Seam (2:0), DIVIZE (2:0) and Pittsburgh Knights (2:1). Complexity became their rival in the final. Those in turn, on the way to the final, beat Chobome Esports (2:0), Time Out (2:0) and The Mafia (2:1).

On the first map, Icebox, Complexity started 2:0, but then allowed the opponent to win seven rounds in a row, and lost the first half 3:9. Squirtle Squad managed to win Icebox 13:6, surprised the opponent. Squirtle Squad continued to leading on the second map, Ascent, and won the first half 8:4. But this time, Complexity seized the chance and managed to close the lead. They lost 9:12, managed to win next two rounds, but failed at the most important moment, leaving the victory in the hands of the Squirtle Squad.

Match stats


For the victory in Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet - August, Squirtle Squad receive $3,000, Complexity - $1500.


#ADayOffTwitch Makes Large Cut Into Twitch Viewership


Following the protest against hate raids, #ADayOfTwitch, the site saw a noticeable drop in viewers as members took a break from the streaming and watching. The protest was meant to get Twitch's attention and get them to change their site to prevent the spread of very rampant hate raids against minorities and the LGBTQ+ community. Specifically, users wanted these 4 things done in response to the protest:

"Hold a roundtable discussion with affected creators to assist with the creation and implementation of more proactive and comprehensive toolsets to combat abuse on their streaming platform.
Creative proactive protection to be implemented immediately, enabling creators to select account age of prospective chatters and allow or deny incoming raids.
Remove the ability to attach more than three Twitch accounts to an email address—currently, hate-raiders can use one email account to register unlimited addresses.
Provide transparency into the actions being taken to protect creators, the timeframe for implementing those tools, and the involvement of the Twitch Safety Advisory Council."

But just how different was the viewership from any other day? Well, according to the Twitch viewership tracker, there was a drop of about 1 million viewers from the previous day, and was the only day of the week to not surpass the 4 million viewer mark. In response to the drop in viewers, Twitch gave out this statement:

"We support our streamers’ rights to express themselves and bring attention to important issues across our service. No one should have to experience malicious and hateful attacks based on who they are or what they stand for, and we are working hard on improved channel-level ban evasion detection and additional account improvements to help make Twitch a safer place for creators."

We're hoping that those words will be followed by concrete actions to allow streamers and viewers a safer place to enjoy gaming in the future.


PUBG September Update Highlights

Source: PC Gamer

PUBG's update 13.2 will be releasing on September 8th for PC and September 16th for consoles. While there is a lot to unpack in this update, here are some key features we're looking forward to.

  • There will be a new addition of a P90 SMG weapon to Care Packages
  • The Porter pick-up truck exclusive to Taego. It's a Hyundai make, can sit up to four passengers, and it also has a new Trunk System feature. This feature allows players to place some of their items in the back of the it. Unfortunately, if the Porter gets destroyed, players will lose the items inside
  • The addition of Casual Mode, allowing players to learn and break things in. The mode will be exclusive to the Erangel map, where players can hang out in up to three matches of Casual Mode per day. Players can still collect XP, BP rewards, complete missions, etc.
  • The Taego map is getting an update to the mini-map layout with sunset options and overcast weather options are coming in, as well as the Crazy Night-themed Survivor Pass that's pretty crazy and will last eight weeks instead of six.

There will be a few other little tweaks and fixes in the update, but those were our personal favorites. We can't wait to try them out!

Keep on cruisin' through the week, Quick Droppers!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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