Spotlight Saturday - Glimesh Feb 13, 2021

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Welcome to this week's Spotlight Saturday! Did you know today is National Tortellini day? Let us help make your dinner decision easy for you tonight. Our favorite is tri-color tortellini.

Every Saturday we will look to spotlight a different gaming company or organization. The style of these Daily Drops will be slightly different than our standard as they will focus more on connecting Quick Droppers (you all) with the organization we are covering. DM us on Discord or Twitter if you have any other groups you would like us to cover!

Today, we will cover - Glimesh, an important Quick Drop Media partner.

Source: Glimesh.TV

When we mention streaming, what platforms come to mind? Here at Quick Drop, we immediately think of Glimesh.

In a time where streaming on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook feels like fighting over the leftovers in your fridge between your siblings, a need arose.

Enter Glimesh, a Next-Gen streaming platform built By the community, For the community. Glimesh helps solve many of the problems us streamers have come across in trying to garner exposure on these massive platforms. It is hard to compete with streamers that have grown at much faster paces on the platform and are constantly shown at the top of game feeds and genres as "recommended for you." What about the little guys and gals!? C'mon man. Well, you should be relieved to hear that Glimesh has your back, and we are excited to dig into this a little later.

To understand Glimesh, we feel the need to mention the main characteristics Glimesh was created around:

  • FTL: Where streamer and community interaction are at an all-time high of importance, sub-second latency streaming is extremely vital to the success and growth of streamers and content creators alike. The platform supports Faster-Than-Light streaming with no bureaucratic requirements so that you and your community can engage in a real-time environment
  • Transparency: At Quick Drop, we feel like Transparency is an extremely important characteristic in the gaming industry that will continue to grow. After all, what ever happened with Dr. Disrespect(WTF?) Glimesh does business in the open; They won't keep secrets from you, and a lot of decisions made are in part due to communication with their community. The platform hosts Weekly public team meetings where users can engage in Q&A, feedback, and suggestions to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Open-Source: All of the code for Glimesh is posted and available to the public on GitHub. For the savvy coders and developers out there, streamers and content creators can even go as far to create unique add-ons specific to their streaming channel.
  • Bootstrapped: We've all seen Puppets at one point in our lives and thought to ourselves, who is behind the curtain? Who is pulling the strings and calling the shots? Peekaboo – no funny business here. Glimesh has no venture capitalist funding, no investors, and no backing. Glimesh retains complete control of the platform.

Still thinking to yourself 'What is Glimesh? Why was it created?' Check out our interview with Glimesh staff as they dive into some of the same questions we had below.


Getting to know Glimesh.TV

Source: Quick Drop Media, Graphics - Explosivo,

A walkthrough of Glimesh with Founder Luke Strickland

1) What sparked the creation of Glimesh?

"Glimesh came out of the shutdown of Mixer. When Microsoft pulled the plug on the platform overnight, communities were left without a home, streamers were left without a paycheck, and technologists were left without a viable alternative to the "FTL" product Mixer offered. To us, this event was painful to watch and we decided then that streamers deserve better. We started working on an early alpha preview immediately to prove the technology and the business we wanted to build. We hosted a charity stream within a month that raised over $3,000 powered by our platform. Since then, we've been hard at work building the remaining features & scaling requirements for an alpha launch, and that brings us to today!"

2) What sets Glimesh apart from its competitors?

"We're not a dazzling hot new startup that has millions of dollars owed to its investors, so that means our customers are you - the streamers & viewers! We’re driven by innovation and committed to building real features that help grow and sustain our community. Our disappointment in the current live streaming technologies has pushed us towards building our own in-house technologies like our FTL & WebSocket-based API.  In addition, we do not require minimum metrics in order to enable your channel's subscription button, and all of our streamers are treated fairly on our homepages.

We are an open company, which means we do all our work in public. Our focus on transparency is fundamental to how we operate, not just something we talk about. This radical approach to running a business means that everyone is in the know about our financials, planning, development, and more."

3) What would you say are the platforms goals over the next 5 years?

Our first goal is simple: launch a bootstrapped live streaming site focused on equitable treatment and sustainability. After we get our alpha website out and open for everyone, we're going to switch our focus to gaining new audiences! Our long term goal is to grow the overall market of live streaming audiences by bringing real time live video to more and more types of content."

4) What are some of the exciting features that will be released on Glimesh as the community grows?

"There's a ton of new features we have in store after our alpha launch! Some of the ones I'm really excited about are clips & group streaming. Clips will be a similar concept to existing platforms, but we hope to modernize them for the ever changing social media experiences you have to keep up with. Group streaming is basically co-streaming but would support more complicated events like gaming competitions, one channel with many distinct cameras, and more!"

5) Since Glimesh was built 'by the community, for the community,' how are you currently prioritizing user feedback and suggestions to continuously improve the platform?

"It really starts with our Discord! Since we do all of our work in public, that means we actually use Discord to build the company and product. We have various channels that contain our in-progress work, and our community participates in real time with feedback, ideas, and complaints! Since we're also open source it gives anyone with some experience the ability to contribute new features to the platform."


Glimesh Platform Launch!?

Source: Quick Drop Media, Graphics - Explosivo,

When will Glimesh Platform launch? The moment we have all been waiting for (drum roll)... We spoke with Glimesh and are pleased to announce that they MAY have some big news coming about the launch next teaming meeting (Tuesday 7pm EST)! We know, We know - you were all hoping we would break the news here in the Daily Drop, but what fun would that be not seeing or hearing your reactions? We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday during their live team meeting -

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