Happy Birthday, Sonic! Jun 23, 2021

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Yep, today is Sonic The Hedgehog's birthday! How old is he turning, you might ask? Well, the big 3-0! Fun fact: Sega released over 200 games before Sonic The Hedgehog. In honor of his speedy spirit, try speedrunning one of your favorite games today!

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Tencent Takes Majority Share In Yager Games

Source: Google Finance. This is not investment advice.

Tencent ($TCEHY) - officially increased from a minority to majority stakeholder with the company Yager. After first investing in the company a few years ago, they have slowly increased their investment throughout the past few months. It is likely that this will allow for Yager to increase development output. $TCEHY continues to make minority and majority investments in the gaming industry.

For those wondering, Yager is a German video game developer headquartered in Berlin and founded in 1999. They have developed Yager (2003), Spec Ops: The Line (2012), Dreadnought (2017) and The Cycle (2019).

Turtle Beach Corp ($HEAR) - has been fluctuating near it's 5 year high. Their management is estimating a significant increase in revenue within the next year, and currently has a gross profit margin of 37%. Gross profit = Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold. What that means is if you buy a headset for $100 and on average their items cost $63 to make, this brings them to a gross profit of $37 for every $100 paid by a customer or 37% gross profit margin. #Maths #Finance

To try and spark this growth, $HEAR is entering into the video game controller market with their release this summer of the "Recon" controller available for $59.99

Source: Turtle Beach

They are also scheduled to release their "VelocityOne" Flight Simulation Control System later this summer for $349.99. Stay tuned.


Facebook VR Advertising Director Exits Following Controversy

Source: vrfocus.com

For those of you who recall the talk of VR advertising not more than a few days back, you'll be intrigued to know that it failed. Horribly. Back in May, Facebook announced it was going to be using Oculus' mobile app to test out new advertisements, hoping to break into that sector of advertising in gaming and make some revenue. While in the testing phase, users could choose to hide advertisements, as well as choose to not receive ads from certain companies.

Facebook's first gaming partner for this was Blaston, a shooting game from Resolution Games that was featured on the headset. Facebook also planned to try and run ads in other games as well, but Blaston was the first to take on the new idea. Unfortunately, the first run of ads caused Blaston to back out from the initiative within a week following a slew of backlash.

The game received massive amounts of feedback from users, claiming they did not like the advertisements and that they were getting frustrated with the new system. The game subsequently received dozens of 1-star reviews, enough to lower its rating significantly. The company has since stated that "we realize that Blaston isn’t the best fit for this type of advertising test. Therefore, we no longer plan to implement the test."

This news is bad for Facebook, as they have invested billions of dollars and have over 10k people on the VR project. Having their first partner walk out after just one week is a bad sign, and will likely result in a decrease in VR gaming should they continue the same approach to advertising as they have with Blaston.


Atlanta FaZe Wins CoD League Stage 4 Major

Source: CODLeague

Atlanta FaZe won against Dallas Empire 5:4 in the grand final of CoD League 2021: Stage 4 Major. The tournament kicked off with a sensational start when the Guerrillas emerged victorious in the Los Angeles derby following the Thieves dropping out. The Dallas Empire, who finished second, kicked off the tournament with a loss to Toronto Ultra. Following that, Dallas Empire won three matches in a row, including taking revenge on Toronto Ultra and reaching the final. Future champions Atlanta FaZe made it to the finals without losing a single time, beating Minnesota RØKKR and Toronto Ultra.

The final kicked off with a victory by Dallas Empire on Garrison. Atlanta FaZe responded with two convincing wins at Standoff and Garrison. Then Dallas won two more games on Moscow. Atlanta FaZe then defeated their opponent at Apocalypse 250:98.

Be sure to check out the prize money and final bracket below!

Call of Duty League 2021: Stage 4 Major Final Bracket

Source: Liquipedia

Call of Duty League 2021: Stage 4 Major Finalists:

1. Atlanta FaZe - $200,000
2. Dallas Empire - $120,000
3. Toronto Ultra - $80,000
4. Chicago OpTic - $40,000
5-6. New York Subliners - $20,000
5-6. Minnesota RØKKR - $20,000
7-8. Florida Mutineers - $10,000
7-8. Seattle Surge - $10,000
9-10. Los Angeles Guerrillas - $0
9-10. Paris Legion - $0
11-12. Los Angeles Thieves - $0
11-12. London Royal Ravens - $0

Call of Duty League 2021: Stage 5 will take place from the 1st of July to the 25th of July. 12 Teams split into two groups of 6 across three weeks. Home Series will be used to determine seeding in each Major for all 12 Teams.


Fortnite's Newest....Concert??

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite has been one of the most innovative games in the past few years. They pushed forward the Battle Royale genre and created unique experiences. In the past they had a Travis Scott concert in game and premiered a new track. Epic Games is doing it again with R&B group Easy Life.

An extravagant virtual music experience. Epic Games started with creating an in-game version of the O2 arena in London. It is a replica with added features that the players can enjoy. You can play in an obstacle course, hunt for treasure, and surf in a wave pool. Players get rewarded with new music tracks for the lobby and an in-game spray. The main attraction will be the U.K. based group Easy Life performance at happening within the O2. This concert is looking to be an immersive experience where you would explore six interactive places inspired by the tracks on the album, and the players can ride hoverboard or be eaten by a fish.

This is the first time the designers at Epic Games created an entire theatre from the ground up, and it looks fantastic. If you are interested and want to check it out, the event begins at 3:30pm ET on June 24.


Minecraft Is Getting A Super-'Sonic' DLC

Source: Sega x Mojang

If you haven't heard from the title, today is Sonic's 30th birthday! The game first game out in 1991, and was considered a fun and unique game that people had 'never seen before'. His interesting design and novel mechanics made his games some of the most popular during the 90's. In honor of his birthday, Minecraft will be launching a Sonic-themed DLC on its servers.

The DLC will include the works, from the famed 'Green Hills Zone' level (but blocky) and those wonderful rings we all love to collect in the game (but somehow, also block. If round things can even get blocky). Along with playing as Sonic, you can select other franchise members like Knuckles the Echidna, Miles “Tails” Prower, and Amy Rose. You can also take a free Sonic the Hedgehog character creator item. Finally, there'll be a two-week server takeover that will feature minigames and a “special” surprise on one of the weekends. Make sure you head over to Minecraft to grab some of these special prizes. However, some of them will be gone in just two weeks, so you gotta go fast!

Thanks for reading, everyone. Be sure to grab a slice of cake and celebrate the birthday of the gaming world's' most iconic blue hedgehog!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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