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Thursday has finally arrived, Quick Droppers! And that means we're just one day away from Friday (Sorry Thursday, we promise we appreciate you. You're not as bad as Monday). We're going back to the real basics this week with our TBT, and taking a look at some time-tested classics that will be forever held in our nostalgia-filled hearts.

Grab a cup of coffee and get reading. If you don't like coffee, try some tea. Time for the games...


Super Mario Bros (1985)

Source: Guinness Book of World Records

Calling all old-school gamers! That's right, we're kicking it old school with one of the first (and arguably best of its time) platformers out there, Super Mario Bros. While the modern version may have many cool new features, such as Yoshi, the powers to fly or throw balls of ice, and more, you may think this game is more outdated than the one version of Windows that erupts in a loud chiming every time it opens up. However, the original game made its mark in gaming history, allowing for Nintendo to really shine and develop as one of the top game developing companies out there today.

The graphics were impressive for that era, with clean lines and an array of colors that astounded those who had first gotten their hands on a copy. The mechanics were simple enough for anyone to pick it up and start playing, helping the game appeal to an extremely wide crowd of individuals who were new to gaming. The makers definitely knew what they were doing when they came up with this, too. In the 1980's gaming was still relatively new, and taking the time and effort to learn how to both work the game console and play the game was a real obstacle back then. Making the controls easy and simplistic helped to lower that learning curve and resulted in many more individuals picking up the game for a night of playing with their friends. No matter how many new platformers Nintendo makes, this one will remain forever loved.


NES Zapper

Source: Wikipedia

Whoever had one of these was the coolest kid in school. Back when consoles were still emerging and trying out new ideas and concepts, many were creating all sorts of additions for their console. NES was no exception, and had its fair share of special equipment for some of its different games. The NES Zapper was one such item, and was used for the various shooting games that were featured on the console. It came in a few different color variations and plugged into the NES like any other controller. It could be used as a gun while playing, and provided the player a more realistic feel when playing first person shooters or other war games. While it may look silly to us now (we say that like we didn't all have one of those steering wheels for playing Mario Kart on the Wii), back in the day it was a hot item, as the idea of having controllers that were realistic to an in game weapon were much more scarce. It offered a new experience for gamers and changed the way companies continued to develop new products from then on.


Space Invaders Championship (1980)

Source: Space Invaders

We're going waaaay back. One of the first national game tournaments ever was held in 1980, and was for the classic game 'Space Invaders'. If you don't recall, Space Invaders was a game with pixel-style graphics, were you played as a small ship trying to shoot the aliens that were coming towards you. The championship was not only one of the first gaming tournaments ever, but was a huge victory for women at the time, as Rebecca Heineman was the winner and the first national gaming tournament champion ever. Historically speaking, this event truly marked a new period in gaming history as the world of game tournaments began to form.


An Xbox Computer?

Source: xbox.com

Xbox has released news that they'll be getting a new Microsoft Edge browser on their systems, meaning you can stream games to your television. Players who once had to split between PC and Xbox may find that the new browser will let them have one device with all the features soon rolled up in a neat little package. The new browser is also reported to have better support for certain applications such as Skype and Discord, allowing players to stream directly from their Xbox. Unfortunately, the service doesn't have an input for a computer mouse, so players will still need to use a game pad in order to play and use the browser on their device. We hope that the new feature will be a total game changer in the streaming world, and are pumped for its release!

Thanks for reading, and we hope you are excited about the content creator covered in tomorrow's Feature Friday!

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