June Ho'! Jun 1, 2021

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June is upon us, and we're hyped. With a new month brings new games, updates, and more to tickle all of our gaming fancies. We're looking forward to Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Mario Golf, but there are many more titles to come!

Today's Drop is a ~ 5 min read!


Gaming Crypto Updates

Source: Google Finance. This is not investment advice.

With the market closed yesterday, we're looking at some gaming crypto that went wild that day. It was a volatile day for the gaming crypto market, but these are some of the largest changes. With the surge in crypto popularity and the manipulation of the market with Dogecoin to try and become overnight millionaires, its no surprise that people are trying to jump on every crypto they can get their hands on. While not all of these are featured on larger stock apps, or even Coinbase, there's a change that their fluctuations may cause them to appear very soon.


Call Of Duty: Online Will Be Off Duty For Good

Source: thesportsrush.com

COD: Online will be shut down shortly. The game developers are attempting to push players from the online game in an attempt to move them towards the new COD: Mobile. The reasoning was mainly based on a decline in player interest within the past few years since its first release. Generally, a decline in interest can often result in massive cost increases for developers, mainly in the form of staffing and upkeep costs. This may not apply for things like one-shot single player games (think Super Mario Bros, Sonic The Hedgehog games, RPG's like Chrono Trigger or Octopath Traveler, etc.), but for an MMO that has a variable number of players, constant updates, and new matches every few seconds, upkeep can be costly. The hope is that players will start to stream towards their mobile version.

What's the takeaway from this? While COD: Online players may be disappointed by the removal of the game, removing the game will likely lead to a number of positives. For one, focusing on just one game will allow the developers to put more time and effort into updated content, bug fixes, and daily upkeep. It could potentially allow for a better gameplay experience and communication with the fanbase in the long term. However, it may also have the downside of limiting the player base if the current COD: Online players have difficulties switching over. Should this transition go well for COD, there's a chance that other games may follow in their footsteps and limit their games to certain platforms and versions.


Team Liquid Wins CS Summit 8

Source: VIE_Bet

Team Liquid beat FURIA 3:1 in the Grand Final of CS Summit 8. On their way to the Grand Final, Team Liquid had bested FURIA in the finals of the upper bracket. Team Liquid was then able to defeat their opponent 2:1. In the grand-final Team Liquid won the first two maps: Overpass (16:7) and Nuke (16:7). Unfortunately, they failed to sweep this matchup. FURIA managed to win the third map, Inferno (16:14). Luckily, on the next map, Team Liquid returned and defeated their opponent with a score of 16:5. The final of this tournament was won 3:1. Just look at how the players Team Liquid managed to win the 2v4 clutch. For the victory at CS Summit 8, Team Liquid received 1,600 RMR points, as well as $17,000.

Here's how much the other teams earned:

1. Team Liquid - 1,600 RMR Points + $17,000
2. FURIA - 1,500 RMR Points + $10,000
3. EXTREMUM - 1,400 RMR Points + $7,000
4. O PLANO - 1,300 RMR Points + $5,000
5. Extra Salt - 1,200 RMR Points + $4,000
6. paiN - 1,100 RMR Points + $3,000
7-8. Bad News Bears - 950 RMR Points + $2,000
7-8. Evil Geniuses - 950 RMR Points + $2,000


Was Catz 2 For The Wii A Secret Gem?

Source: Youtube, Christian MJ 

We know what you're thinking. What are we doing reviewing a children's Wii game from over a decade ago? Well, the reasoning is because you shouldn't judge a game by its case cover. Additionally, if we're being honest, this game was honestly legit. Unlike the DS version, which is more of a player's sim where the player owns and takes care of cats, the Wii version is an entire adventure. You start off as your own cat with two parents in a modest town. One night you and your best friend sneak out to visit a criminal wolf, Ivlet (pictured above in all his glory), in prison (because that's what friends do on a daily basis.) Naturally, you decide to give this evil guy an all powerful hat that causes him to go mad with power and destroy the entire town. Your goal is to repair the town to its former status and beat Ivlet for good.

The game has rather clunky graphics and animation, and the combat systems aren't great (essentially you can only throw rocks to attack things), but the amount of detail in this game is immense. There are multiple areas such as a volcanic area, an island area, an ice area (that requires special clothing and constant attention to body heat, similar to Zelda: BOTW), and more. Multiple different quests and NPC's are available in the game, allowing for hours upon hours of gameplay. Lastly, players can catch and collect multiple things, similar to Stardew Valley's system. Players can collect rare butterflies, zoo animals, fish, herbs and flowers, and fruits on their journey. The plot contains multiple boss fights, villain development, and character outfit customization throughout the game. Is it anywhere on par with a game like Zelda: BOTW, or even simple crafting and exploration RPG's? Of course not. However, it's honestly a game that contained a significant amount of content and adventure for what its subject matter is, and was a game that, back then, likely gave children of all ages hours of fun and adventure.

We hope you all have a great start to your month!

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