Just Keep Playing Aug 18, 2021

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It's National Never Give Up Day! We know there's a game you've probably put down because there's that one level you just can't beat. Well today's the day to try, try again! All games are beatable with enough practice, just gotta keep pushing and you'll complete each one!

Today's Drop is a ~5 min read!


Study Looks to Find if Video Games Could Help Depression

Source: Seattle News

The University Of Washington School Of Medicine is looking for 207 participants between the ages of 66-75 to test the impact on video games in relation to depression and attention issues. This is the continued work of Patricia Arean, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral science.

A May study showed promise. The same team published a study examining the cognitive functions of adults ages 45-75. All the participants had to do was play video games for 20-25 minutes five times a week for a month. The results showed promise for technology-based therapy to improve cognitive function especially in adults with depression. The team used and MRI to track changes in the participants’ wavelength to help show changes in the brain function. Arean in collaboration with Dr. Faith Gunning at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York and Dr. Joaquin Anguera at the University of California, San Francisco are leading this new trial which is geared to a smaller age group of 66-75.

The new rise of technology-based therapy is at the heels of current methods not meeting the needs of the population. Late-life depression affects other parts of an individual’s function such as concentration, and the antidepressants or psychotherapy do not help at least a third of the individuals. This leads to persistent dysfunction and depression recurrence. Hopefully, we can continue to develop research based methods to help people, and it looks like video games can be part of that solution.


Alpine Esports Win Rocket League Eternal Cup

Source: Alpine_official

Alpine Esports beat Vibrance 4:2 (Default; 3:0; 4:1; 1:3; 3:0; 3:0) in the grand-final of Rocket League Eternal Cup. Alpine Esports won the first two matches in upper bracket before losing to Vibrance in Semi-Finals 1:3, and were forced to fight for survival in the tournament from the lower bracket. Still, they managed to reach the final, simultaneously beating B-Tier 3:0, Kansas City Pioneers 3:1 and Top Leah 3:1.

Vibrance, who was beaten in the semifinals, won against Top Leh in the final of the upper bracket, going to the final with a one-map advantage. Alpine Esports crushed the opponent on the second map 3:0 and on the third map 4:1, leading 2:1 in this final. Then Vibrance managed to even the score, winning the next map 3:1. Alpine Esports had the upper hand on the last maps however, sweeping twice 3:0 on a dry sheet and became the champions of the Eternal Cup.

Eternal Cup final bracket

Source: Liquipedia

For the victory in Shine Media Summer Showdown: Finals Alpine Esports won $3500, Charlotte Phoenix - $1750.


Fortnite Launches 'Impostor Mode'. Sus?

Source: Fortnite

The developers of Among Us were not impressed by Fortnite's new Impostor mode. Following the game's blow up back in 2020, many different developers began aiming to add elements like that into their own games.

The new mode starts with 10 players getting sent to a secret facility on the battle royale island called 'The Bridge'. There will be 2 'impostor' players trying to sabotage the  team's efforts to keep the facility running, and 8 players that will be doing their best to get through the facility and complete tasks. There will be tasks assigned to each player, and a progress bar on the top showing what percentage of the tasks have been completed so far. Once all the tasks are completed the players will win the game. Impostor players, however, can sabotage the different inner workings of the facility and kill other players. If all but one of the other players dies, the impostors win.

Sound familiar? It should, because that is the exact plot and gameplay of Among Us. Down to the completion bar and 'tasks'. The Among Us team was rather upset by the release of the new mode, wishing they could have potentially  collaborated with Fortnite on the Impostor mode. While Among Us isn't exactly a new game concept, it was still made widely popular by Innersloth. Not to mention that there really weren't any major noticeable difference between Fortnite's version and Among Us.

We're currently unsure how long Fortnite's new mode will last, but it is currently out for players to try.


A Controller That Makes You Faster

Source: SCUF Gaming

SCUF Gaming has just announced a brand new ultra-fast controller for the Xbox that will reportedly allow for even faster response times during gaming. The actual time that will be taken off of reactions speeds will be in the milliseconds, but that can mean a lot in the pro gaming world. SCUF is one of the top brands for controllers of all types, especially custom made controllers, so there's no doubt that this one's going to live up to its claims.

The controller is called the 'Instinct' or 'Instinct Pro', depending on which one you get. They are both compatible with any Xbox console, and are designed to save time between how long it takes players to actually press each button. While made similar to regular Xbox controllers, they feature 4 buttons on the back that players can map the face buttons to. This means that rather than a player shifting their thumb down to the pad from the joystick, they can hit the back 4 buttons instead, thus saving those precious milliseconds of time. There is also a great comfort grip, instant triggers, and removable joysticks.

If you're looking to amp up your response times and get super freaky fast at games, this controller might just be the place to start. The Instinct starts at $169.99, while the pro starts at $199.99.

Heck yeah, it's hump day! Just a smooth 2 more days till the weekend.

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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