Keep It Clean Sep 17, 2021

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It's National Clean Up The World weekend, and we're looking to partake in some dusting and sweeping, right? Well, no, that's not exactly what the holiday means. Instead, try grabbing some litter you find on the ground and putting it in its place (the trash), or getting something reusable instead of using the disposable version (such as a water bottle or lunch bag.) Whatever you do, keep it clean!

Today's Drop is a ~5 min read!


Video Game Spending Hit New Record for August

Source: Bloomberg

We have had another month where video game spending on hardware, content and accessories hit a new record high this past August. As we face economic re-opening, there were assumptions that these numbers would wane. However, the recent trends have shown that video games have preserved through recent events.

Console gaming continues to grow. Overall there was a 7% growth in the past year roughly equaling $4.4 million. These last 8 months had an increase of 13% compared to last year at the same time which is about $37.9 billion. This is massive considering last year at this time was right around peak pandemic where most people were staying at home consistently. Since the new consoles released this past year, hardware sales increased 45% coming out to $329 million. Consoles usually are not the revenue for companies, so they may reach positive profit margins sooner than usually. The Nintendo Switch is still in the lead with most consoles sold last month and the Sony Playstation 5 generating the most revenue. After 10 months, the PS5 became the fastest selling Playstation in history. Madden NFL 22 and Ghost of Tsushima were top selling games last month as well.

Video games consider to prosper, and the future of gaming looks bright. More games will be released soon, and the holiday releases will be right around the corner.


paiN Secures Spot In CS:GO BLAST Fall Showdown

Source: paiNGaming

paiN managed to win against Extra Salt in the grand-final of Fragadelphia Invitational Fall 2021 - BLAST Premier Qualifier. paiN has struggled against Extra Salt in the past, never clutching a match, but in their tenth meeting paiN overcame their prior trend. Extra Salt was able to win the first map, Inferno, 16:7. Although, paiN had more open frags, 12:11, Extra Salt won three clutches, paiN - zero. It was this indicator that decided the fate of the first map.

But on the second map, paiN beat their rival in all respects. They had more open frags, 16:6, and won three clutches, while Extra Salt managed zero. Extra Salt simply did not prepare for Vertigo, while paiN surprised the opponent by choosing this particular map.

The third map was dramatic. paiN won first three rounds, but after that were able to take only two rounds in the first half, and lost it 5:10. paiN showed their best game for defense, and even took the lead 15:14. But in last round Extra Salt opened A site, won clutch 2v3, and transferred the third map into overtime. After some round trading, the score was 17:17, until paiN made two successful rounds to A site in a row, which allowed them to seize the victory.

Thanks to this victory, paiN secured the spot at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2021, which will take place from 12th until 17th of October.


Ikea And ASUS Pair Up To Release New Line of Gaming Furniture

Source: Ikea

Sure, we all probably have a bit of Ikea furniture in our homes (one of our writers is currently writing this article from an Ikea chair!) However, Ikea's never really sat down and made a dedicated furniture line for gamers until now. The line is going to be called 'gaming range', and will be designed with the help of ASUS to really hit what gamers are looking for. While there's already tons of gaming furniture out there, we're really digging some of their new stuff.

Probably the most interesting of all of them is the peg board shown above, which works a lot like a tool shelf you'd see in a garage. With multiple attachments, it allows you to organize and save space in your room. From the looks of it, it's definitely something that could help gamers if they're looking to easily transition their setups between work and gaming.

While a lot of their furniture comes in that patterned gray and black as shown in the image above, it also comes in a really clean white. The white is really stylish and subtle while still allowing the furniture to keep its gaming functionalities. If you're interested, you can check out Ikea's website for their full list of furniture and pricings, we know we're eyeing a few pieces for our homes soon.


Upcoming MMO BitCraft Announced

Source: Clockwork Labs

Move over, Minecraft. Well, that may be a bit quick to state something like that, but we are still really pumped for the news of this new game. Created by Clockwork Labs, the new MMO looks absolutely gorgeous and promising. It's slated to be a large sandbox game where players can do anything from fishing to building to foraging. From what we saw in their newly released trailer, the game features a large and diverse world with multiple different types of terrain and environments to explore.

However, there are already tons of wonderful and well-known RPG's out there. So what makes BitCraft so special? The game developers have stated that there will be a very deep rooted skills system that will focus on things like economics, crafting, farming, and city building. The progression of skills is also varied and freeform, allowing users to level up whatever they want without feeling like they're going to be boxed into something they want to change later on. The game looks to totally change up what we all define as MMORPG, and that's a massive undertaking. However, it's definitely something that would be really interesting to see if it comes to fruition. With a promising trailer and great talk from the developers, you can 'bit' that we're excited for this one!

Have a fabulous weekend, Droppers!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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