Let's Get Physical Jul 19, 2021

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Not everyone thinks of games as a physical activity, but there are in fact multiple games that can really give you a workout. The entire sector of rhythm gaming is often known for being heavy in movement, with games like DDR and Beat Saber making people move to the beat. VR games like Superhot are also popular and do need some movement as well. What game gets you moving?

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Monday Meme-ness


Physical Esports


A new Esport is on the rise, and it is in augmented reality. The team at AMROC FAB LAB in Tampa has organized a physical Esport called HADO.

Think volleyball combined with augmented reality. The basic concept of HADO is simple. You tag your opponent without getting hit yourself. However unlike dodgeball, they are not using balls. HADO is played entirely on a headset. Through the headset you see the field, your tools, and the other players. The only "real" part of the game are the people. Players' have access to a shield and a fireball for this game. This allows players to engage in a competitive sport that helps them stay physically active.

HABO has become a popular Esport in Asia, which is where AMROC has developed the game. They recently bought it to the Tampa Bay area, and in the future, they plan to market this on the corporate level to offer team-building alternatives and an accessible league for anyone to join and play. If you are in the Tampa Bay area the weekend of July 23rd, AMROC will be showcasing HABO at Metrocon - one of Florida's largest anime convention.


Source: IEM

Natus Vincere defeated G2 Esports 3:0 in the grand-final of IEM Cologne 2021. The match started on Dust 2 and NAVI's took and early lead in the first half. The second half of the map looked more like a carousel than a game, with both teams trading rounds on repeat. This continued until NAVI broke the mold and took a series of three rounds in a row to win the first map with a score of 16:11.

The second map was played in the spirit of the first, with the momentum passing from hand to hand. NAVI would win four rounds, then G2 took take a streak of five. This culminated in the final round, which saw two G2 players pushing mid, where they were killed and buried the team's chances for overtime.

NAVI kickstarted the third map with a five round win streak, but couldn't cope with their opponent's defense and broke down to lose the first half  7: 8. G2 won the second pistol and force rounds, only to losea series of six rounds and missed the chance to win at least one map.

The 'man of the match' was Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev for finishing the three map with an overall rating of 1.37.

Source: HLTV

IEM Cologne 2021 final standings:

1. NAVI - $400,000
2. G2 Esports - $180,000
3-4. Astralis - $80,000
3-4. FaZe Clan - $80,000
5-6. Gambit - $40,000
5-6. Virtus.pro - $40,000
7-8. Heroic - $24,000
7-8. BIG - $24,000
9-12. Team Liquid - $16,000
9-12. NiP - $16,000
9-12. FURIA - $16,000
9-12. Team Vitality - $16,000
13-16. mousesports - $10,000
13-16. Complexity - $10,000
13-16. Renegades - $10,000
13-16. Team Spirit - $10,000


Omno Expert, But This Game Sounds Epic

Source: Steam

One of the newest indie platformers, Omno, will be releasing later this month. OMNO is a platforming adventure game made by German developer Jonas Manke aka StudioInkyfox. This game has been in development for 5 years and has been developed solely by Manke with a rather successful Kickstarter back in 2018. Now, it's finally nearing its long awaited release date.

The game is in 3D and has multiple puzzles, obstacles, and of course, hidden secrets. The main character will be controlled with a lovely magical staff that can do things like allow flying, dashing, and other different actions. You can also surf on the staff in the more wide open areas in the game. The trailer shows off different NPC's, locations, art, and environments that you'll be experiencing in the game. The art style itself is very smooth and well thought out. The developer has come from an animation background, and his talent really comes through in the game's movements. He used the contrasts of sharp and rounded edges complimented with various shading techniques to create a really simple yet aesthetically pleasing game.

What makes this game so special? That's a question to be asked about a lot of games, but for this one, it's the fact that it was fully developed by just one person. Even some of the simplest mobile games may have needed a team of developers for it, so being able to achieve that by oneself is really astounding.

The game will be out on July 29th, and can be found on PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC.


Ubisoft Sued For Sexual Harassment

Source: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has recently been under legal fire over alleged sexual harassment issues throughout the company. The French workers union as well as two staffers have reported that it enables a culture of sexual harassment. Many of the claims state that Ubisoft has been tolerating misconduct because it's easier than addressing the actually issues going on.

The suit mainly targets the multiple current and former Ubisoft workers, such as manager Cecile Cornet (head of HR), Serge Hascoet (global creative director), and Tommy Francois (VP editor). The company chiefs were in hot water as well for being 'inherently responsible' for whatever happens within the company. Ubisoft has told other sources that it 'had no further details to share' when asked about the claims. The company had stated previously that it had already investigated every claim and 'taken appropriate response'.

Naturally, there were still multiple complaints that the company hadn't actually tackled the issues to the best of their abilities, because accused managers have all stayed in their higher positions despite all the allegations of sexism and racism made by the multiple staff members. It's still unclear as to whether the suit will actually succeed or not, or whether it will cause any changes in the behavior tolerated within the company. It is, however, clear that whatever the company was doing to try and stop these issues was not enough, and that if they continue there's a chance they won't be able to get out of any more suits.

Monday down. Only 4 more days till the weekend.

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