Living In Color May 19, 2021

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Color can often make or break some games. The first color vector arcade game was released back in 1981, and was Atari's Tempest. The game may not have a wide following today, but it did pave the way for color technology in gaming. What game do you think uses color the best?


Quiet Day, but Good Day for Gaming Stocks

Source: Yahoo Finance. This is not investment advice.

Despite the dispersion between top and bottom gaming performers it was a relatively quiet day in the market. Investors continue to focus on companies reporting earnings, inflation (prices going up), and of course gasoline shortage. With that said, it is worth mentioning that gaming stocks outpaced the market yesterday and were up on average around ~2% on a day the market was down -0.85% #GoGaming.


Cloud9 Eliminated From Mid-Season Invitational

Source: Cloud9

Cloud9’s roster in League of Legends took 5th place in the Rumble Stage, ending their time in MSI 2021. In the second stage of the competition, Cloud9 won only three matches out of the ten played, paling in comparison to many of their competitors. Perkz and co managed to beat MAD Lions, RNG, and PGG only once throughout their run as well. As a result, Cloud9 didn't reach the Knockout Stage, and was subsequently eliminated from the tournament. The prize for fifth place in the Mid-Season Invitational 2021 was $17,000. Recall that the Mid-Season Invitational 2021 takes place from May 6th to May 23rd in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík. The prize pool of the tournament is $250,000. Booyah.

Source: Liqupedia

LCS Summer 2021 will be kicking off next month. This season's format will differ from previous seasons. The placements for the spring part of the season will remain and the teams will start the summer phase where they finished. For example, Cloud9 won 13 out of 18 matches, so they will start LCS Summer 2021 in first place.

Source: Liqupedia

The stakes are high with a prize pool of $200,000 and the best team will move onto the 2021 World Championship. We'll be sure to follow this season starting June 4th and running to August 29th.


Summer Games Done Quick Schedule Revealed


Summer Games Done Quick (GDQ) is fast approaching, and they just released their schedule of games. If you haven't heard of GDQ, it's a streaming speedrun event that happens multiple times throughout the year. Their speedruns are pretty amazing, and many of those participating are extremely skilled (with some even setting records). GDQ is also well-known because all money raised from its events goes to charity. The summer season's charity is Doctors Without Borders, which has proven an especially helpful charity during COVID.

The event will run from July 4th to July 11th, and will be completely online. Participants will all be competing remotely, and viewers can watch from anywhere in the world. If you miss any of the speedruns, they will all be recorded and posted to the event's Youtube channel to be viewed at any time. Games this season include the following:

  • Kirby Super Star
  • Dark Souls 3
  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
  • Doom Eternal

...and many more! Tune in during the week to see top speedrunners raising money and breaking records in some of your favorite games. The full schedule along with times, dates, and games, can be found here.


Foundry IV Forges Into Mobile Gaming With Color Collab, A Digital Coloring Experience


Foundry IV, a game development studio, announced their initial expedition into the gaming market with the release of their first product, Color Collab. A first-of-its kind digital coloring book for adults, Color Collab’s unique offerings and expanding list of features including tools, brushes, exclusive art, and competitions promises to be more than a coloring book, but rather, a digital experience. Steered by the art direction of Chris Nunez (Ink Masters, Miami Ink), the Color Collab team has assembled a league of world-class artists that will create exclusive art for the app, with new content being released on a regular basis. In addition to a powerful team of artists, Color Collab has enlisted a seasoned development team of forward-thinking game enthusiasts with one goal in mind: to develop a digital coloring book where the user experience drives most, if not all decisions.

Color Collab offers an appealing free to play experience for all users, including amateur and professional colorists, to learn and utilize basic tools that enhance skills in shading, blending, highlighting, to name a few. Users can augment their Color Collab experience by upgrading with an artist pack or a Color Collab PLUS subscription which includes in-game exclusive art pieces, tools designed by celebrity artists, additional artist bundles, tools, brushes, color palettes and more. Download Color Collab on iOS or Android today. For more information, visit

Be sure to tag us with some of your best art if you download Color Collab. Happy Hump Day! Droppin out.

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