Feature Friday - LordValGaming Feb 5, 2021

Quick Drop Media

Welcome to this week's Feature Friday! Every Friday we will look to feature a different content creator. DM us on Discord or Twitter if you have other content creators you would like us to cover!

Today, we will feature - LordValGaming.

LVG is an extremely well rounded content creator and Twitch partner. He can often be found playing Destiny, but dabbles in Battlefield, Apex, and "Quick Drops" in Verdansk. He is frequently reviewing streaming equipment on YouTube, creating DMCA free music, and is active on all socials including his entertaining TikTok.

The three words we would use to describe LVG are: Exceptional, Destiny, & Streamjams.

  • Exceptional - LVG is one of the most well rounded content creators we know. He is by far one of the most friendly people you will meet and is always willing to help his community.
  • Destiny - LVG is truly second to none when it comes to his Destiny experience and knowledge. If you are ever looking to learn more about the game - he is your guy!
  • Streamjams - LVG's 369 DMCA free jams are lit. Our favorite album is Electricity. Fear not, you can find these jams on Spotify by searching "Streamjams" or Apple Music and YT by searching "LordValGaming."


Getting to know LVG

Source: LordValGaming

1) What made you want to become a streamer?

“I’ve always been a passionate gamer, but did not have the time to stream with my full-time hospitality job. Just under two years ago, I left my job to take on a less demanding schedule, so that I could start my streaming career. I've been fortunate by the support of my community to now stream full-time."

2) What streaming equipment can you not live without?

“My favorite piece of equipment is my microphone (Shure SM7B). As I always say, audio is the most important bit of content creation and a good microphone makes a meaningful difference."

3) What are your top 3 programs you use for streaming?

“1) StreamElements, 2) StreamElements OBS, 3) Move transition OBS plug-in. Reach out to me on Twitch if you want to learn more or need help setting some of these programs up.”

4) What advice would you give to someone looking to become a Twitch Partner?

"The first thing I would say is PATIENCE - things come at the right time and with perseverance and dedication you can make it happen. Do not take shortcuts."


Lord Val Games

Source: Steam, Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a highly rated online multi-player FPS. The Destiny 2 fanbase is excited about the 13th Season, which is expected to launch next week (in-game countdown ends Feb 9th). We've heard two armor sets and eight weapons will return from Shadowkeep and Forsaken, prior expansions.

It seems like the community is excited - LVG mentions, "With every season, we as guardians, get excited about the new content, weapons, and gear. We always have a great time when there’s a new challenge in destiny".

D2 can be a bit intimidating for first time goers, however, once you dip your toe in, it's hard to stop playing. This will likely end up near the top of your list of games to play with your friends. We recommend checking it out. Again, if you have any questions, go ask LVG. He is the Yoda of D2.


LVG Streaming Equipment

Source: LordValGaming Streaming Equipment

Streamers often get asked about their equipment, so we thought it would be worthwhile to share some of LVGs setup. While his gear is top of the line, he provides a list of builds for all streamers across price range 👉low to high end.

  1. Camera(s): Sony a5100 & Logitech C920
  2. Mic: Shure SM7B
  3. Mixer: GoXLR
  4. Stream Deck: Elgato
  5. Audio: Astro A50 & Shure SE215
  6. Capture Card: Elgato
  7. Boom Arm: Rode PSA 1
  8. Lights: Neewer

Quick Drop Squad's Take:
LVGs equipment is pretty top notch. We highly recommend stopping by his stream on (Twitch) and picking his brain on equipment. Whether you are a rookie, or an expert, we're sure he can help you.

We hope you enjoyed our first Feature Friday on LVG. Please keep us posted if you have any other content creators or professional gamers that you would like us to feature! Get excited for tomorrow's Spotlight Saturday (SS). As a reminder for SS we cover: companies/organizations in the gaming industry and Esports teams).

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