Mega Monday Apr 19, 2021

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It's National Animal Cracker Day! Ok, listen that might not sound that exciting but have you ever had one of those things? Having those made you the coolest kid in preschool, hands down. Be sure you go grab some animal crackers today and appreciate them in all their beauty. Or enjoy some right now while you're sitting down to read our Daily Drop newsletter!


Amazon Cancels LOTR MMO


The game's hype was short-lived. Amazon had originally planned to release an all new MMO based on the Lord of the Rings series, and it was set to be out in 2022. This isn't all that surprising considering Amazon has yet to release any games, despite their game studios having been founded all the way back in 2014. It had been reported by the studios that they were "unable to secure terms to proceed with this title at this time" while working with the mega game corporation, Tencent. While some fans are disappointed, the failure of this game was somewhat inevitable due to the fact that the two corporations both wanted their fair share in the game, but were unable to make the sacrifices and compromises necessary for that to occur.

Amazon Gaming Studios is set to release their first game, New World, this August, so at the very least we all have that to look forward to. Here's hoping the game is a success!


One of the Biggest Games is Getting a Pt. 2


Bigger is better. Everyone knows the massive hit from 2017, Zelda: Breath of The Wild. It was the open world adventure RPG that raised the bar for every open world game that followed it. The map was massive-and we mean massive. Just when you thought there was no more world left to explore, bam! More world appears right in front of your face. From winter weather to foraging to a plethora of different environments, this game was a never-ending adventure that a lot of gamers still have yet to complete despite having had the game for over 3 years. If you haven't tried the first one, we highly recommend you play it and see just how much of a masterpiece it is. If you have played it, then we have some exciting stuff in store for you.

That's right, there's a sequel coming out. Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 has been confirmed by Nintendo. The game is set to be a sequel to its predecessor, however it hasn't been confirmed as to whether the game will have a completely different story or any new characters. It will likely be released on the Switch, and is speculated to come out late 2021. However, this is not confirmed, and like all predictions of release dates, this one may be pushed back quite a bit. Not much else has been released as of late, but there is a sequel trailer that was released in 2019, which you can find here.


Nintendo's Going Pro?


The Nintendo Switch may be getting an upgrade. The original console was the first to allow the seamless Switch from on-screen to hand-held gaming, and remains the favorite of many gamers following its release. Since then there have been many rumors going around about a Nintendo Switch Pro being released later in 2021. The company has stated that the Switch still has a few more years to go in its 'life cycle', leading us to believe that it could be a few years before there is any sign of a new console release. However, considering all of the success this console had, it's only natural to assume there is a Switch Pro, or even a Switch 2 on the way. This of course warrants a lot of discussion.

What possible improvements could the new console have? There is a lot of potential, such as a more sleek or even foldable design, similar to the Nintendo DS. Improved graphics, controls, and memory space are all on the table. They may try and copy the Xbox and allow for a Discord App and streaming feature on it.

How much would it cost? Considering that the price for the Switch at its release was $299 USD, it would be expected that the new Switch would be more expensive, in the range of $399-449. This however, would likely depend on the prices of other consoles closer to the time of its release, as the Switch 2 would need to be priced competitively.

What games would be released as Switch 2 exclusives? Nintendo generally opens a lot of its consoles with the release of Mario-related games, as well as RPG's, FPS games, and potentially even Zelda: Breath of The Wild 2. We personally can't wait to see what they have in store for the Mario franchise, especially after such titles as Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Odyssey.

As usual, be sure to take everything we say with a grain of salt. These are merely speculations and rumors that could change any moment. However, regardless of what happens in the future, we'll be on the edge of our seats waiting to see what new games and consoles come out in the future.

Enjoy your Monday Quick Droppers and we will see you tomorrow!

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