Mod Madness May 14, 2021

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'Mod' can be a lot of things. Thus is the struggle of the homonym (unless of course you know which mod it's referring to and what word it's short for) in the english language. Just to be on the safe side, we'll be taking a look at multiple definitions for the word 'mod' today. Before you read, guess which ones we chose to discuss first!


Dispersion Across Gaming Stonks

Source: Yahoo Finance; This is not investment advice.

Thursday was another crazy day for the market. The tweets mentioned by Elon Musk caused a cryptocurrency plunge, but Dogecoin was slightly saved after Coinbase stated they would begin featuring it.

Gaming stocks saw large dispersion between returns. Turtle Beach and Blizzard were in line with the market, while DuoYu and Roblox saw near identical percentage drops ouch. This drop in price, along with the day prior, has almost completely reversed the massive gain Roblox saw earlier this week. So why are stocks so volatile recently? It seems to be a combination of three things: companies reporting earnings, fear of inflation, shortage of gasoline (Colonial Pipeline cuber attack) causing prices to increase.


Would You Require An Exam To Be A Mod?


Discord has created an all new Discord Moderator Academy, or DMA for short. The academy has multiple different courses that can be taken in order to really understand the concept of moderation, as well as how to use it on Discord. Modding can be be a lot harder than most people think, as it often can involve a lot of supervision and real-time conflict resolution and communication skills. The biggest skill in modding is honestly just when to say enough is enough and kick, mute, or ban someone for their behavior. In order to gain access to the exclusive Discord Moderator Discord server or the Teenage Moderator Discord server, must pass the exam, which can be accessed through any of Discord's online courses. This server not only gives you access to the pros of modding, but allows users to meet senior developers and Discord engineers as well.

Is that all you get for passing? Nope! You also get sneak peaks to upcoming Discord content, access to a moderator showcase, seek help for your servers, attend moderation meetings, and meet with teams from the entire company. So, do you think you'll require a passing grade from the DMA when you accept your next moderator?


Chet Singh To Be TSM Team Lead

TSM has announced Chet Singh as the team's incoming head coach, replacing the outgoing Taylor Broomall. The organization said in a statement that Chet is a reinforcement for the upcoming Masters 3.

Source: TSM

The American coach was previously with NRG Esports. Under Сhet's leadership, the team won the Nerd Street Gamers - Monthly December. After VCT 2021: North America Stage 2 Challengers 1 - Qualifier, Singh left the team. Prior to Valorant, Chet worked as a coach in CS:GO. He was the coach of teams such as NRG, Evil Geniuses, 100Thieves, CLG and OpTiC Gaming. Together with NRG, he reached the semifinals of the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. He's joining TSM at a rather difficult time for the team. ReltuC recently left the band and was replaced by the well-known Braxton "brax" Pierce. The team had good results throughout 2020, taking regular prizes at all tournaments. However, the team has not done well in 2021 and continues to decline. In the qualifiers for VCT Masters - Reykjavík, TCM took a maximum of 5th-6th places.

TSM's Current Roster:

Braxton "brax" Pierce
James "hazed" Cobb
Taylor "Drone" Johnson
Matthew "WARDELL" Yu
Yassine "Subroza" Taoufik
Stephen "reltuC" Cutler (Inactive)
Chet "Chet" Singh (Head coach)

We wish the guys fruitful training and good luck on their way to Masters 3.


Sail The Seven Seas In Valheim


Adventuring through the seas in Valheim has always been great, but what if you could do it in your own custom ship? Yep, you read that right. Before you get too excited, this isn't currently a feature that the developers are adding, but rather a super cool mod created by an avid fan. Despite the fact that mods aren't directly from the developers themselves, mods are an incredibly important part of the gaming world. The development of mods often shows just how devoted players are to a game to the point where they would take the time to create and incorporate their own features into it by painstakingly taking the time to understand its inner workings. Games like Skyrim, Stardew Valley, Pokemon, and more, all have massive fanbases that have created stunning mods. Fans of Pokemon will often incorporate their favorite Pokemon that weren't included into the games, whereas Stardew Valley players will do anything from making a new tool that's easy to use to creating an entirely new area and NPC's.

The Valheim mod, ValheimRAFT, allows the player to entirely customize their sailing vessel. While it does require quite a bit of software to work, the results are totally worth it. The mod will allow for new custom pieces that can easily be placed on the ship, different shapes and textures, and more. You will start off with the basic build, but the mod will let your imagination run wild from there. It is said that some parts can be a little tricky to pick up and grasp, but hopefully with a lot of time and patience you can create the best of the best in shipping vessels and drop the jaws of your friends as you reveal your majestic ship. You can find the mod here along with information and comments. Happy sailing!


What franchise is Blizzard best known for?

Find out the answer on Monday! You're almost through the week, everyone! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a great start to your Friday:)

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