Mod Moments Jun 30, 2021

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Who doesn't love a good mod? A game-altering mod, that is. Some of the best ways to play games come from mods. Even some of the features that have actually been implemented into games have been inspired by mods. What's your favorite game to mod?

Today's Drop is a ~4 min read!


Mod Much?

  1. Mario Odyssey but Gravity Changes Randomly
  2. Dodgeball Mod in Among Us
  3. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart(dunkey review)
  4. Roblox Games Made For Idiots
  5. Minecraft, But It's Impossible to Die


The Acquisition Arms Race is Ramping Up

Source: Sony

Sony announced two major acquisitions, Housemarque and Bluepoint. Housemarque is the company behind the newly released Returnal, and Bluepoint is the team who remastered the Demon's Soul. Both companies offer Sony diverse ways to further develop outstanding games.

Housemarque aids in Sony's vision to provide outstanding single player experience. Returnal may have not been the must buy game for the PS5 for everyone, but the game was still a commercial success to help provide a better future for the company. They will now have access to Playstation Studios resources. This is much more of a long term investment where they can continue to experiment with unique and different gameplay experiences.

Bluepoint brings on the Remasters. Bluepoint studios has been working closely with Sony for years now. They have been in charge of remastering games such as the Uncharted and the God of War series. They also helped port their games to other platforms such as PC. Bluepoint has been a long-standing partner with Sony, so this partnership is a natural decision to be made. Whether they continue to remaster and remake games or create new IPs is too soon to say.

Studios continue to be purchased. Sony and Microsoft have both been acquiring studios these past few years. In an interview with IGN, the head of Playstation Studios denied the competition between Sony and other companies with acquisitions, however it's hard to ignore the impact of these studio purchases for the video game industry.


Extra Salt Defeats Triumph in DreamHack Open

Source: HLTV

DreamHack Open June 2021 North America takes place from the 29th of June until the 3rd of July. The first place team will receive $35,000.

Extra Salt opens with a confident victory over Triumph. While their loss in the first half had fans worried about the outcome, the solid rounds that followed secured their victory. The team ended with a score of 16:14 in the first match.

In the second match, Extra Salt was unconditionally stronger than Triumph. They won the first half of the match with a score of 14:1, and continued their momentum with a second half score of 16:6. The 'man of the match' was Josh 'oSee' Ohm for finishing the two matches with an overall rating of 1.47.

Source: HLTV

Extra Salt will play their next match against the winner of the GODSENT /O PLANO match. Triumph, in turn, will fight for survival with the loser of the aforementioned pair of teams.


Console Gaming Ads?


Don't you just love those 3 min ads segments between your favorite TV shows? Yeah, neither do we #Ew. However, the company playerWON has come up with the brilliant idea of in-console ads, similar to television ads. They have apparently even signed a deal with EA to try and incorporate these ads into console gaming. If you're wondering, we do think this is a terrible idea. While advertisements have their place in the world, and are of course a great source of revenue and publicity for many things, there are some places they just don't belong. Gaming, of course, is one of those places. Recall just recently when Facebook tried to incorporate ads into its VR gaming and was met with insane amounts of backlash and bad reviews. Well, we think this idea is going to end up the exact same way.

The tech will apparently be implemented into about a dozen games by the end of the year. The way it works is that the player views the ad, and once the system sees that the ad was viewed in its entirety, it will give the player a 'reward' (gee, thanks.) The whole idea seems like something gamers really won't take to very well, though we'll see just how it does once the games and ads are released.


No Cheating!


The Epic Games store released a free anti-cheating and voice chat for game developers. The software will be part of the Epic Online Services Suite, and can be supported on almost any engine or console. The voice chat service itself is completely cross-platform and can be supported for both one on one and party chats in lobbies. Epic Games stated the technology has already been tested and implemented in Fortnite, so it's definitely a promising feature that has proven to be able to work with millions of players online at once.

As for the anti-cheating feature, it will also be available through multiple platforms and consoles, though it is definitely far from perfect. There are still instances where innocent comments and software can be labeled as malware and taken down, meaning that we will still need to be vigilant of cheating on our own. Both new tools will be great for developers who are in the process of creating widespread MMO's or games with crossplay.

Have a magnificent rest of your day, everyone!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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