Movie Monday! 🎦 Mar 15, 2021

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Good morning, Quick Droppers and Happy 🤨 Monday! We hope you all had a game-filled weekend, we know we did. With movies like Godzilla vs. Kong coming out, it's tough not to have movies on the brain. That's why we're taking today to look at movie inspired games and equipment. Before we do that, we have to share the news on Roblox, which just went public last Wednesday.

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Roblox goes public $RBLX

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Roblox ($RBLX) goes public last week with $38Bn market capitalization. Quick definition on 'Market Cap' - "Total dollar market value of a company's outstanding shares of stock" - thank you Investopedia. What this means that if you were to buy every share of Roblox, it would cost about $38 Billion. Yes, Billion with a B. If you have a brokerage account set up and are interested in investing in $RBLX the shares trade around ~$70.

Who develops Roblox games? Unlike some of their top public rivals $EA and $TTWO Roblox takes a different approach in development by outsourcing it to its players. This goes back to built by the people for the people (54% being under the age of 13) and let us tell you... it is working. Roblox online gaming platform has tens of millions games with nearly 33 million daily active users last year! This is up from 18 million the year prior.

What is Roblox company vision? In looking through the prospectus: "We built Roblox from the start as a single platform, single name, single focus company that would someday support billions of users. The ultimate “product specification” was always to model reality, based on the belief that the more accurately we could simulate the real world, the more utility we could provide. Looking forward, we intend to maintain this focus as a single platform company, even as we expand the ways in which we enable people around the world to play, learn, and work together." What is most interesting to us is not just the focus on single platform, but how Roblox is looking to "enable people around the world to play, learn, and work together." Can you say futuristic social gaming platform / metaverse? We're excited to see where $RBLX will go and how this will impact other companies that will go public, ahem.... Epic Games.  


Middle Earth: Shadow of War


Tolkien does it again. Based off of the legendary worlds of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth: Shadow of War (ME:SoW) is a seriously action packed adventure that will immerse you in the fantasy and legends of Tolkien's award-winning stories.

Open world RPG filled with hours of epic gameplay. Follow your main character as they travel through the game, completing large quests and gaining friends and enemies along the way. With a rich, engaging open world atmosphere, your journey will always be jam-packed with action and exploration. The game has a lot of detailed and unique features, such as night and day/weather cycling that will impact how reactive your enemies will be. The game is also equipped with multiplayer mode and mobile versions, so you don't have to go through your quests alone, or abandon them when you're on the go!

Improvements are always impressive! The game has high praise from critics, who cited its vast amount of improvement from its predecessor. The changes in the interactive roleplay allowed for a much more engaging experience than the previous version, which was more of a 'button-mash your way through' kind of game. Each intricacy that was placed in this version amplified the gamer's experience and allowed for a much more immersive and exciting feel to the game. If the studio paid this much attention to detail for this game, we can't wait to see what they have in store for the future!


Gaming Tech for Filming

Source: The Telegraph

Who said gaming tech was only for games? Movie producers are always looking for ways to up their flare, and gaming tech might just be the solution. The best way that studios have found recently is through something called 'virtual production', where the scene is filmed in a video-game generated environment. The tech originated during the height of the pandemic, when producers were frantically looking for ways to safely complete their movies without the dangers of significant on-set presence from their crew and actors. Using these methods, the cast and crew can distance by allowing the crew to remotely change lighting, sounds, visuals, and more. Directors will also be able to view this in a remote area, and in a 3D environment with a VR headset. Gaming technology is fast becoming one of the most innovative forms of its kind, and we hope that in the future it will be able to change much more than just the movie world.


Super League Gaming


An online gaming league with a flare. Gamers sometimes find themselves bored of playing on their own. The real fun lies in gaming with your friends and having a good time on a team, whether you win or lose. Super League Gaming helps build close connections with your gaming buddies by offering 24 different teams across the US. Each has its own stunning logo and design, as well as its own unique blend of fun-loving gamers ready to invite their newest team member. They host their own competitions, have free Minecraft servers, and more! If you're looking to meet new gamers and be part of your own gaming team, check out their website and sign up!

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