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Welcome to this week's Spotlight Saturday!

Every Saturday we will look to spotlight a different gaming company or organization. The style of these Daily Drops will be slightly different than our standard as they will focus more on connecting Quick Droppers (you all) with the organization we are covering. DM us on Discord or Twitter if you have any other groups you would like us to cover!

Today, we will cover - NoPixel

Source: NoPixel

Single Player and multiplayer enthusiasts seem to be at odds. The player experience is just so diametrically opposed to each other; single player focusing on the immersive experience: world-building, storyline structure, intriguing characters, etc., whereas multiplayer trends more towards competitive gameplay and a win-by-all-costs mentality.  And to be fair, who's to say which is better.  They are two sides to the same coin and ultimately, how we feel as players could differ by the day.

But what if I want both? Private servers have long held the key to the unifying the player bases, where we can still maintain the multiplayer/co-op experience of playing a game online, whilst maintaining a stable like-minded community around the games we all hold in high regard.  This is particularly appealing to the ever increasing streaming community.  As more streamers jump into the fray, content quality has become a major focus as a differentiating factor in who we allow dominate our viewing time.  And for these streamers, private servers offer a haven where content creators can interact with like minded individuals to offer a viewing experience that just can't be replicated in the public server realm.

Maintaining a private server is not always as easy as point and click however.  For some games, plug-and-play servers are pretty straight forward (think your standard custom game between friends).  But for many others, the general bounds of inherent game mechanics don't offer the flexibility desired by general users and content creators alike.  Prior to Classic WoW, private Vanilla WoW servers maintained by community enthusiasts  offered both absolute replications of the Vanilla WoW experience, but also introduced modified features, such as altered drop rates and spawn times, particle effects on items that traditionally had none, and even some new emotes convey our deep emotions.  But this even still is a light touch.  What if we wanted a near complete overhaul of the game mechanics, merely utilizing the base game as a construct?

Welcome to NoPixel


NoPixel is a Grand Theft Auto V RP server.  With a large emphasis on the role-playing aspect, urging players to "talk, act, and proceed as the character you are playing", NoPixel sports it's own team of developers and runs on the FiveM third-party multiplayer server system with custom scripts.  Multiple development updates have been pushed live over the life of the project, not the least of which NoPixel 3.0 recently released on February 5th.


NoPixel contains a myriad of features both leaning on stock GTA V mechanics as well as a slew of additional developments.

Character creation comes with the ability to select strength and weakness characteristics in addition to you standard appearance customization, while natural develpement of those characteristics will come with gameplay.

Communication is unique.  The server leverages the GTA V phones system, integrating its own proximity VOIP system, allowing you to speak to those around you, while also having private conversations without bounds.  The phones also give access to custom in game phone apps for interacting with the world, including a functioning Twitter clone.

There's no shortage of activities in the city.  As a free-willed citizen of San Andreas, you have the ability to make your living as a career criminal, squeaky clean civilian, or any gradient in between.  Occupations that will keep you on the right side of the law include, but are definitely not limited to: lawyer, driving instructor, salesman, mechanic, impound employee, hunting (better have your license), stripper, doctors/EMS, and more...  The ability to trade and exchange items in the alterior inventory system as well as the ability to provide services give flexibility to start your own business however you may see fit.

If the clean life ain't for your, there's more than enough criminal enterprises to dabble.  You can steal cars for scrap, rob nearly any store you can otherwise make purchases in, deal some drugs in your spare time, maybe even put together a squad and casually rob a bank.  If the heat of battle isn't your thing, opportunities are available to channel your inner Heisenberg with your own meth lab.  You can craft and sell your own firearms becoming a veritable arms runner.  You can even take jobs to rob houses in the dead of night.

Watch out for the police though.  NoPixel contains its own real-player police force, equipped with a dispatch system, NDW, police vehicles, and a fully functional department building equipped with weapons and resources.  If you're caught tiptoeing outside the bounds of a law-abiding citizen, you could be levied tickets, put on trial, and even incarcerated to cut your chops of which we're sure will be a long criminal record.

With your newfound gains comes the ability to make asset purchases such as homes and vehicles, both highly customizable and upgradeable, in addition to unique tool sets for the various civilian and criminal occupations.  All this wraps into a completely revamped financial system.  And such as any city with defunct and corrupt leadership, inhabitants even have the ability to vote their say in recurring mayoral elections.

Check out the NoPixel 3.0 Trailer.


All of this freedom doesn't come without a decent set of rules however.  In order to holdfast the RP environment, server admins have a distributed set of rules regarding conduct throughout the server extending beyond common parlance.  From player age restrictions to basic decency, the ruleset can be found on the NoPixel forum here.


Getting access to the NoPixel is no small feat.  There is an application process for whitelisting access to the server, however with the increase influx of applications, standard whitelisting has been discontinued.  There is still an option for donator whitelisting, but do note that donations do not guarantee access and there is still a 2 week to month long waiting period to hear back.  If getting in on the action tickles your fancy and you're willing to make a contribution, the Donator Whitelisting application can be found here!

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