On The Go Gaming Aug 9, 2021

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Do you ever feel nostalgic about those road trips as a child where you were allowed to bring your Gameboy or DS? Those were the best (maybe because you never had to worry about driving) because it was hours of endless fun with new and old games, accompanied by the gentle bumping of your car. Those were the days, Quick Droppers.

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On The Go Gaming Gear

Source: usatoday.com

As our lives get busier, it's hard to figure out when we can get in a bit of gaming every now and then. For those of you who enjoy gaming on the go, here are some of our favorite picks to help you incorporate more gaming into your day.

  1. Portable Charger Power Bank - For those days where you're playing games like Genshin Impact and suddenly you get that '20% Battery' notification, having a portable charger on hand is great. Especially for those at school or on the go where you can't get to an outlet, grabbing one is essential.
  2. TOZO T6 Wireless Earbuds - If you have a long public transportation commute, or even just some down time between classes, getting a pair of wireless headphones will allow you to get the most out of your gaming experience while not disturbing those around you with any sound. Wireless headphones also mean no tangling or caught wires while you're walking around.
  3. Wet Wipes For Electronics - As much as we all want to forget about it, we are still in a pandemic. On the go means you're likely still touching all sorts of public surfaces, and may not always have time to wash your hands in between. Keeping disinfectant wipes on hand ensures that there won't be any invisible gunk trapped on your phone, laptop, Switch, or other portable device.
  4. Game Carrying Case - We've all had those times where we've slammed our backpacks or bags on the ground without a thought about what was in there. Protect your gaming equipment with a sturdy, thick case. Plus, this will allow you to keep everything all in one neat little pouch.


EZ5 Wins VALORANT Super League Arena #2

Source: SuperLeague

EZ5 beat VIRTUOSO 3:0 in the grand-final of VALORANT Super League Arena #2. On the way to the final, EZ5 won against Able Esports 2:0, and Resonate, also 2:0. In turn, VIRTUOSO's path to the final match was more difficult. They managed to beat Synergy 2:1 and Brimstone Gaming, also 2:1.

The match started with Icebox, which in first half EZ5 won 9:3. VIRTUOSO lost two rounds in the beginning of the second half before taking the fourth round, but EZ5 thwarted their plans, completing the first map with a score of 13:4. The second map went slightly better for VIRTUOSO. Despite losing in the first half 4:8, they managed to come out ahead 9:8. But EZ5 changed their minds in time, taking a time-out and thinking about their game, and were able to win the second map, 13:10. The third map was played in the spirit of the second. Again, both teams played an equal game, the first half ended with a score of 6:6 before VIRTUOSO lost their confidence, leaking round after round,. The final score was 13:8 in favor of EZ5, and they became Super League Arena # 2 champions.

Match stats

Source: vlr.gg

Super League Arena #2 final standings:

1. EZ5 - $5000
2. VIRTUOSO - $2500
3. Resonate - $1500
4. Brimstone Gaming - $1000


Beta Begins for New Zombie Shooter, Back 4 Blood

Pre-purchase Back 4 Blood on Steam
Source: Turtle Rock Studios

The Left 4 Dead franchise had a massive impact on the zombie/survival horde shooter genre. Any game with zombies in it from the last 10 years was influenced from Left 4 Dead in some way. There has not been a game in that genre that has captivated us yet. When Turtle Rock Studios announced a new game back in 2019, gamers were excited to see a return to form.

Back 4 Blood prepares for release with a Beta. This past weekend people got access to this beta by watching popular streamers with drops enabled. You do have to have a Warner Bros. account set up and linked to twitch. Left 4 Dead was simple. You pick up weapons and items and fight through hordes of regular and specialized zombies through different locales. Back 4 Blood looks to take things to the next level. The commons and specialized zombies still exist, but they added gun attachments and stats to help personalize the player. You can play as either human or zombie with different perks for each you upgrade. A new card system is added where players can provide their characters offensive, defensive or supportive abilities such as boosts to shooting, health, mobility, and others. The game provides default decks, but the player is able to personalize it as they want. Back 4 Blood has multiplayer and co-op options to try out to really see all aspects of the game.

The initial response to Back 4 Blood has been unclear. People are trying to give the game a fair and appropriate feedback without comparing it to Left 4 Dead. Either way you can play the full game on October 12 on Windows, PlayStation, or Xbox.


Twitch, Xbox Reveal Second Indie Showcase

Source: Youtube

Following the massive success and fun from their last showcase, Xbox and Twitch are once again pairing up for a second wave of epic indie games. The second showcase will be online again, and will feature some brand new and upcoming titles that everyone will love. The last showcase featured games like Nobody Saves the World and The Ascent, the latter of which was highly successful following its recent release. The date for the showcase is tomorrow, August 10th, at 12pm EST/9am PST.

The current lineup is contains new releases like Rebellion, Chump Squad, and others, plus multiple updates from teams working on The Artful Escape, OlliOlli World, Library of Ruina, and RPG Time. The new showcase will also feature live game demos, as well as news on Xbox game pass. If you want to watch the showcase, be sure to tune in to Xbox's Twitch at the schedule time so you don't miss a beat!

Stay awesome, Quick Droppers!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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