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Esports are the backbone of the gaming world. That's why we decided to do an entire day of just Esports-related news for you all! Feel free to sit back, relax and read about the latest in Esports.

Today's Drop is a ~ 5 min read!


Skillz, Pick A Trend!

Source: Yahoo Finance. This is not investment advice.

$SKLZ has a small rally after the stock suffered a ~5% loss on June 6th. After yesterday's solid performance, it rose 8.71% on the day closing yesterday at $22.08. There is still optimism with respect to SKLZ in the coming months, but with a recent release of a short-seller report, this has some investors questioning their longevity and holdings with SKLZ.

$RBLX suffers a blow down just over 6% on market close for June 7th.  There is skepticism around the future success of the company as the world returns to what seems to be normal. With a massive part of it's user base comprised of youngins' stuck at home, investors may question how a return to normal – schooling, sports, and other hobbies, will impact future pricing. Keep your ears to the floor on this one.


The Baltimore Ravens Fly Into Esports

Source: Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens entered a multi-year partnership with Esports Entertainment Group (EEG) to host a variety of tournaments. They have already announced a Fortnite tournament that will be held from June 25th-27th, and a Madden NFL 22 that will be held later this summer. Upon doing this, the Ravens became the first NFL team to work with EEG. Players who sign up will receive an official Ravens Headband, and the grand prize is $500 and a VIP home game experience.

For those who tend to stay on the 'E' side of sports, the Baltimore Ravens are an American football team in the National Football League (NFL). They are one of the newest teams to have been formed in comparison to the rest of the teams, second only to the Houston Texans. We have seen in recent years more professional sports teams develop an Esports division. In 2017, the Golden State Warriors created an official Esports organization, The Golden Guardians. They currently have a League of Legends and Super Smash Bros. Melee team. As the trend continues, we hope to see more relationships between Esports and other types of sports.

If you are interested, check out their website. You can sign up and join a tournament, and potentially even win some money!


TSM Takes The Lead In LCS Summer 2021

Source: LCS

This weekend, matches were held within the first week of LCS Summer 2021, after which a new leader appeared in the league. The first week was opened by a match with Team Liquid and TSM. TSM beat their rival, and after this defeat Team Liquid rotated in their roster. Alphari was sent to the inactive, and a player from the academy, Jenkins, was taken in his place. Note that TSM won the next two matches against Evil Geniuses and the Golden Guardians, single-handedly topped the standings with 15:6.

However, the champions of LCS Spring 2021, Cloud9, were able to win only one match against all the same Team Liquid, losing two other matches and losing the first place. Dignitas and 100 Thieves also earned two victories in the first week. Together with TSM, all three matches were won by the guys from Immortals, who overtook Evil Geniuses in the standings.

Source: Liquipedia

League Championship Series 2021 Summer takes place from the 4th of June to the 29th of August. The top three LCS Summer 2021 teams will advance to the 2021 World Championship, which will take place in China this fall.


Hearthstone Grandmasters Contestant Ragequits Match

Source: nme.com

Hearthstone is a game that requires both luck and skill. More often than not, however, skill is far more important than luck. While the luck of the draw can often be the deciding factor of an intense match, having a deck that can withstand any opponent regardless of what is drawn is optimal. This is why decks like ramp decks, or decks that are focused on only one or two legendary cards, often don't make it up to the top tiers of the game. Unfortunately, however, a bad hand can quickly lead to a players demise, as seen in this incident.

Grandmasters player Zakarya 'xBlyzes' Hail was one of those dealt a bad hand in most of his games throughout the season. Before this match, he was already in mildly hot water due to missing one of his matches, as well as being accused of win-trading. The dramatic match in question was played against skillful opponent Grandmaster Frenetic, who had been given a stunning hand as he continued drawing throughout the game. Eventually, out of what seemed like frustration, xBlyzes quit the server rather than formally conceding in-game, forcing Frenetic to wait for the calls of the admins as they decided what was to go down. While it is frustrating that the game was lost due to a poor hand, the way that it was handled was fairly unsportsmanlike and childish. He tweeted multiple statements about how he was sorry he was mad, and that he wanted to die following the match.

Naturally, with his behavior, xBlyzes will not be continuing this season. We're hoping next season he'll do better with his sportsmanship, assuming he's allowed back into the Grandmasters tourney. For those curious, you can view the clip of what went down here.

We hope you enjoyed this Esports edition of our Daily Drop, and have a great rest of your Tuesday!

Daily Drop Credit: Founders, Anam, Mark, Carmine

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